Big Brother
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Season 19: Episode 35 - Episode 35
Posted on Sep 10, 2017 11:00pm

A series of flashbacks reveal what happened leading up to and during the dramatic Double Eviction night. Paul planned to have a fake fight with Josh after Jason's pending eviction to cover Paul's involvement. After the staged fight took place, Paul convinced Alex that Raven and Kevin should be nominated; even though she wanted revenge on Josh and Christmas, she agreed because she needed allies. After Josh won the Veto Competition, he let Head of Household Alex choose whether to use it in order to make amends with her.

After the emotional Double Eviction events, Josh is freaked out to see Paul is faking sobbing in front of Alex. Paul asks Kevin to throw the HOH Competition under the pretense Christmas will win. Paul tells Josh everyone will throw the HOH Competition to him. The Houseguests are excited to learn it's "BB Comics" week and get to watch "The Revengers" trailer featuring Big Brother alumni. At "The Revengers" Head of Household competition, Josh wins. Josh is reluctant to go along with Paul's plan to nominate Alex, knowing Paul is a bigger threat. At the Nomination Ceremony, Kevin and Alex are nominated.