Season 11: Episode 1 - Welcome Back
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

It’s time for another amazing season of BIG BROTHER!

What Clique did you stick with in high school? Were you in the In Crowd or the Out Crowd? For the eleventh season of BIG BROTHER, a new crop of HouseGuests will get to relive some of the greatest moments and most embarrassing escapades of their high school lives as they all compete for the $500,000 prize!

Host Julie Chen explains that this season of BIG BROTHER the HouseGuests have been secretly assigned into four groups, or “Cliques,” where they will have to compete together. While there will still be only one Head of Household—or HoH—the weekly winner’s Clique will be immune from eviction. So just like in high school, being in the right Clique definitely has its advantages.

Meet your new HouseGuests!

It’s the opening day of the summer terms at the BIG BROTHER house, and the first HouseGuests make their way into their new home for the next few months. Ohio video gamer Ronnie, Georgia bikini model Laura, California MMA fighter Russell and “Blackanese” graphic designer Kevin are the first to experience the very environmentally sensitive house. Kevin thinks Ronnie is “an adorable geek,” which is fine by him since he speaks “Geekinese.”

Next up are L.A.-based writer Chima, SoCal surfer dude Braden, Tae Kwon Do champion Natalie and teacher-slash-DJ Casey. Casey thinks Braden is “an interesting cat” who he describes as a “Spicoli dude.”

The final group includes Southern belle waitress Jordan, Chicago ad guy Jeff, neuroscientist Michelle and tattoo-covered makeup artist Lydia. Lydia isn’t sure about the swimming pool-themed bedroom she nicknames the “Splish-Splash Room,” but Jeff is fine with sharing his sleeping space with three ladies.

It always starts with a pop!

Everyone gathers for the iconic BIG BROTHER meet-and-greet and champagne toast. Lydia thinks Kevin is a lovable and amazing character, while beefy Russell admits he’s going to have to learn to like the geeky Ronnie. Casey is slightly disturbed at Chima’s habit of laughing at her own jokes, while Chima and Jordan notice that Jeff is a Midwestern hottie. Michelle gets the lying started early when she downplays herself as just a “lab assistant” and not a super-smart PhD. But the biggest whopper comes from Natalie, who tries to pawn herself off as an 18-year-old high school graduate, not a martial arts champion of 24. A skeptical Kevin doesn’t buy this for a minute. Kevin (plus anyone with fairly decent eyesight) notices Laura’s ample cleavage, which may set a BIG BROTHER record for size. Casey is feeling his age and jokingly begs the 20- and 30-somethings to not vote his 40-year-old tail out of the house.

So when does the game start? Now!

As soon as the champagne toast is over, Julie chimes in and reminds them the BIG BROTHER mantra, expect the unexpected. Julie reveals that for the first time, the HouseGuests will be assigned to competing Cliques! But who is in what high school-themed Clique?

Be thankful the competition wasn’t “The Swirly”

The HouseGuests make their way outside to find the back yard transformed into a high school locker room and gym. Laura is excited to find out which Clique she is in, but is surprised to see all of their names emblazoned on individual toilet seats dangling from the air, along with large, uncomfortable looking diaper-like contraptions. Laura quickly realizes she is in “The Popular” Clique with Jordan and Braden, while Russell, Jeff and Natalie find themselves in “The Athletes” Clique. Jeff assumes Natalie is happy with her assignment since she “is just out of high school” (Yeah, right!). Casey is in “The Offbeat” Clique with “God bless em, the gay dude and the tattoo chick,” as he describes Kevin and Lydia, respectively. No surprise that Ronnie and Michelle make up the “The Brains,” but their fellow Clique member Chima says back in high school “I was popular.”

Julie chimes in and announces it is time for the first HoH competition of the season! The object of “The Wedgie” simple; climb into their “underwear” and hold onto their toilet seat for dear life. If they let go, they’re out. While the win gives a Clique a distinct advantage for the week, the winner of the competition will not be the HoH. In fact, no one in the yard will be HoH! So who will become the most powerful person in the house? A mysterious 13th HouseGuest!

It turns out BIG BROTHER has brought back a quartet of former HouseGuests, one each representing the four Cliques. Season Five runner-up Cowboy is representing The Offbeats, Season 8 player Jessica is up for The Populars, Season Ten’s Brian is teamed with The Brains and fellow Season Ten HouseGuest Jessie is aligned with The Athletes. So the winning Clique not only gets immunity, they get a fourth player to help them dominate the game!

The HoH competition begins as the HouseGuests are pulled up into the air by their wedgies. Talk about a collection of groans and painful faces! Ronnie is worried this may hurt his chances of having children, while Casey notes the guys are at a disadvantage in the competition because the women don’t have the “obstacle” men have. Think about it…

Michelle drops first, followed by fellow Brains Clique member Ronnie, leaving Chima fending for herself. “I don’t mind being on The Brains,” she fumes. “I just feel like I should have better team members.” Julie then announces things are about to get worse with the “Super Wedgie.” The four potential HouseGuests in the studio now get a chance to assign thirty seconds of yanking and shaking to the Clique of their choice. The Athletes get a minute of Super Wedgie, while The Populars and Offbeats get thirty seconds each. The Brains are spared!

The Super Wedgie shaking quickly dislodges Lydia, followed by Jordan and Kevin. This leaves Casey the sole “Offbeater” left competing. Jeff is the next to drop, followed by Chima! With the Brains out of the game, Brian’s hopes for going back into the house are dashed! Cowboy faces the same fate once Casey drops. Suddenly the game is a two-way race between The Athletes and The Populars.

Welcome back, I think…

Jessica and Jessie watch closely as The Populars and The Athletes struggle to hold on. Laura drops, but later admits she let go because she has no desire to make herself more of a target. A cocky Natalie tells Braden he should drop since he is competing against her and Russell, but Braden says the two of them equal about half of him! Turns out Braden is lots of talk when he falls, making The Athletes the victors!

Jessica says goodbye and good luck to an ecstatic Jessie, who relishes the chance to redeem himself in the game. Julie then announces to the HouseGuests the HoH is someone that’s familiar to them. Lydia guesses Jessie almost immediately. Laura notes the game is now officially on while Russell realizes it’s good to win this competition but his team is now the one to beat. The HouseGuests rush into the Living Room and wait for their new HoH. Cheers erupt when Jessie strides into the house, but will they still be cheering when he reveals his first two eviction nominees? Will Natalie’s lies mess up her game? Will Kevin overuse the word “Blackanese" all summer? The competition really gets rolling this Sunday at 8 pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS!