Season 11: Episode 2 - Jessie Enters the House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Jessie enters the house and makes his presence felt to everyone. The House Guests get a taste of their first eviction nominations

A newly crowned Head of Household, Jessie, walks into the house and yells out, “where’s my Athletes at?” As Jessie and The Athletes exchange bro-like handshakes and backslaps, Kevin looks on with disdain. Kevin admits he “hates” Jessie, whom he considers a meathead. Lydia recognizes Jessie as the kind of guy she doesn’t mix well with, and makes it her goal for the week is to find common ground with the new HoH.  

Chima is irritated that The Athletes get a fourth player, because, of all the cliques, they need an additional member the least. She notes that her Clique needs help because they “suck.” Unlike his clique-mate, Chima, Ronnie feels he knows Jessie’s weaknesses in the game. “I can definitely outthink Jessie,” he says.

What color is Lydia’s nose? Brown!
Lydia makes small talk with the inaugural HoH, whose muscles are “epic,” in her opinion. If they had a toga party, Lydia says to Jessie, “You would be Zeus.”  Russell makes note of Lydia’s compliments and notes that she is “definitely playing the game.”

In the storage room, Jessie pulls aside Jeff and asks him to help Jessie out by spying on the other House Guests and helping Jessie decide who should go home this week. Jeff defers, saying he doesn’t have that much more of a sense of the house than Jessie has. Jeff continues to dodge Jessie’s request, admitting later in Diary Room that he does not want to be responsible for nominations since that should be Jessie’s problem.

Everyone takes a break from strategizing as Jessie invites all of the House Guests upstairs to see his HOH suite. The House Guests crowd around as the door opens to reveal a very chic room, which Kevin calls “super Zen.” Jessie compares being the first HoH to “kissing your best friend’s girlfriend,” because it is exciting but “the repercussions after might not be in your favor because everybody hates you.”

Ronnie makes a move
Ronnie is all business when he goes upstairs to talk to Jessie about making an alliance between The Brains and The Athletes, which he describes as ”revenge of the Nerds all over again.” An old pro in the HoH suite, Jessie gets right to the point and asks Ronnie if he wants to make a deal. Ronnie says that his clique-mates don’t really have any game and that he can play them to secure votes for Jessie. Ronnie also says that their alliance would be unexpected in the house. Jessie likes what he is hearing and says that they have “no worries” between them.

Over a game of chess, Jessie scopes out his fellow clique-mate, Russell, who feels that “everyone is too nice right now.” Jessie tells Russell about his conversation with Jeff and about how Jeff didn’t seem to think that the game had really started. Russell says that they all have to start rolling, and points to Lydia as someone that they should keep an eye on. Jessie is impressed by this observation. Russell feels that, if they stay aligned in the game, “there is no one who can stop us. No way.”

Chess is the game of the day in the house, as Jessie goes head-to-head with Natalie as Lydia, Laura and Kevin observe. Laura tries some flattery on Jessie, who sees the move as a “desperation compliment.” Jessie makes one final move, putting his clique-mate, Natalie, in checkmate, but the über-competitive “recent high school graduate” Natalie insists she has not lost, and refuses to shake Jessie’s hand, calling the game over. As the game breaks up, Jessie goads Natalie for being a sore loser. “Anybody else want to play this poor sport,” he asks, as Natalie insists she didn’t lose. Jessie goes outside and mocks Natalie with a big “L” to the forehead. Natalie taunts Jessie, pointing out that she won the HoH competition that earned Jessie his spot in the house, while Jessie is the true loser, having been evicted last season. Jessie confides later that he sees a lot of his attributes in Natalie who, like him, never concedes defeat.

Setting up the nominations
Jessie lets Natalie in on his alliance with The Brains, a move that she wholeheartedly supports. Meanwhile, Ronnie tells Chima about the deal. In a meeting in the HoH Suite, the four of them hash out the plan for nominations, at which point Jessie and Natalie bring up the subject of using a pawn. Ronnie is quick to suggest Michele, since he has no desire to go up on the block. Chima isn’t comfortable either, but she notes that acting as the pawn may be what it takes to earn the trust of her new alliance. 

Rave, Big Brother Style
Jessie comes out of the Diary Room to announce what everyone thinks will be the food competition. However, this season, instead of just playing for food, the House Guests will be competing to be part of one of two groups, the “Haves” or the “Have Nots.” They don’t get the details, but the clique who loses the competition will face the harshest living conditions in BIG BROTHER history. Now for the fun part! The House Guests are told to put on crazy spandex outfits and paint themselves in trippy day-glo colors, which Lydia calls “awesome.”

The House Guests go outside for the first Have and Have Not Competition, where the yard has been turned into a rave-like dance floor. The Athletes chillax during the game in the “VIP section” since they are exempt for the week. Jessie explains that on the dance floor are neon-colored lanes with four sets of plastic tubing that spell out the word “have.” The object of the game is to connect the four letters with plastic tubing so that a stream of “rave juice” runs through and makes their psychedelic wheel spin. Jessie warns the them that the last team to complete the task is in for “a bad trip.”

Ready, set, glow!
The Brains are confident that they can win this since it is a puzzle. Lydia is impressed with her clique-mate, Casey, who uses his teaching and coaching skills to keep The Offbeat team moving. Jordan has trouble understanding fellow Popular clique-mate, Braden, who uses complicated terms like “90-degree angle.”  Casey notes that The Offbeat clique was really taking a commanding lead just as the other cliques  started to fall apart, particularly The Brains, who basically have to reset their whole system. The Offbeat team finishes first, followed by The Populars. The Brains come in last, setting themselves up as this week’s Have Nots!

Princess Chima gets dethroned
Chima is okay with slop but is appalled by the newly stripped down Have Not Bedroom, which she describes as something out of an “insane asylum.” Michele thinks Chima is being a big crybaby as Casey notes “princesses are not used to sleeping on cement slabs.”

Back to working Jessie
The House Guests have an impromptu bikini contest, in which Michele makes a surprise showing! Jordan sports a sexy teddy but professional model Laura is the house favorite, even if Jessie seems a little jealous. Laura tries to engage Jessie, but the HoH notes that he “ain’t buying what she’s selling.”

Later, in the HoH suite, Lydia tries her best to work Jessie with a massage, but all Jessie reveals is that he thinks she is smart.

In an HoH Suite conversation, The Athletes discuss their options. A Brain is going to go up as a pawn, but who should go out this week? Jessie likes the idea of Laura going up, but Russell and Natalie feel that Lydia should be the one to go. Russell feels like he is running Jessie’s game, but Jessie insists that he is playing for himself and not for his clique-mates.

Time for the nominations!
Jessie calls the House Guests together for the first nomination ceremony. Since The Athletes are exempt from nominations this week, Jessie pulls Natalie, Russell and Jeff’s keys out of the block immediately. He begins the nominations by announcing that Michele is safe and hands Michele her key. Michele pulls Braden’s key, who then pulls Ronnie’s key. Jordan is named safe, followed by Kevin and Laura. The last safe House Guest is Casey, which makes Lydia and Chima the first nominees of the season.

Jessie says that he respects Lydia and Chima as competitors, but “it doesn’t matter if you go out the first week or five weeks from now—only one person can win.” Chima says that she knows she is a pawn, but concedes that pawns do tend to go home. A tearful Lydia feels that she is being picked on and doesn’t deserve this. Jessie says that this is the beginning of a long cycle of saying “I’m your friend” before stabbing people in the back. So how will the Veto competition impact Jessie’s nominations? Can Lydia or Chima get themselves off the block? Find out Tuesday, July 14 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!