Season 11: Episode 4 - The First House Guest is Evicted!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

A Nail-Biter Vote Sends Someone Packing
“What the hell is going on here?” That’s what Braden asks when he finds himself on the chopping block after the Veto ceremony. Lydia is ecstatic when Russell takes her off the block, while the other eviction nominee, Chima, takes a deep breath and holds on to the knowledge that she’s supposed to be the pawn for the week. Ronnie is stunned that he didn’t get nominated, while Jeff refers to Braden’s nomination as “definitely a shot at me.”

Braden’s fellow Popular clique-mate, Jordan, is so upset that she cries when Braden gets nominated, something that an irritated Lydia notices. Jordan feels that the Athlete clique (Russell, Jessie and Natalie – sans estranged clique-mate, Jeff) is controlling the game and slowly picking their enemies off one at a time. Jordan has a point; Russell admits that he used the Veto to get a strong player and the leader of the Popular clique on the block and out of the house. Jordan worries that, without Braden, she and Laura will lose their leader and become a “hot mess.”

Gotta Love the BIG BROTHER Fights!
Braden tells Russell that he’s bummed about the nomination, but has a feeling that Lydia threw him under the bus to save herself, a move that was unnecessary since she had the votes to stay. Russell wonders how Braden knows this, and decides to push his buttons to make sure he goes home this week. Russell goads Braden just enough to get him really angry at Lydia, and subtly hints that Braden might want to approach Lydia about her betrayal. Oblivious to Russell’s tactics, Braden approaches Lydia out in the yard and lashes out at her, calling her a “skank,” among other things. He accuses Lydia of throwing him under the bus, which Lydia denies (a flashback reveals that Lydia most certainly did throw Braden under the bus in her conversation with Head of Household Jessie). Braden taunts Lydia by telling her that she should get a tattoo that says she “got evicted for stabbing people in the back.” He also pulls Kevin into the fray, which seems to be the last straw for Lydia. From the pool, Jeff shouts to Braden that he should stop being so derogatory, but Jeff’s comments seems to fall on deaf ears as Kevin and Braden continue to shout back and forth.

Fuming, Lydia storms into the house and targets Braden’s allies—namely, Jordan. Lydia demands to know why Jordan cried when Braden got nominated, but not when Lydia was nominated. Lydia claims that Jordan seems to care much more about Braden. Jordan says that she was just sad to see her clique-mate nominated. Lydia is having none of it and freaks out at Jordan, with Kevin performing a smack down assist. Jeff rushes in from the backyard in an attempt to defend his ally, Jordan. Kevin yells at Jeff for not doing enough to stop Braden from making inappropriate remarks. “I defended you,” Jeff yells back. “What did you want me to do, drown him?” Once again, Jeff finds himself being attacked when he feels that he is already an outcast. Like Braden, Jeff can’t understand why Lydia – who had enough votes secured to stay in the house - had to take herself off the block.  They feel that she “sold her soul” to Russell and his crew for nothing. Lydia finally gives up on the argument. “I’m done,” she screams as she goes to the HoH Suite. “Lydia is closed for the rest of the damn day!”

Jordan Makes a Stand
Things are looking bleak for the Popular clique, but Jordan has a plan. She talks to Laura—who is tired of “freakin’ bullies” like Russell and Natalie running the house—about what they need to do to keep Braden in the house. The magic number is six votes. They know they have Jeff, so all they need is Ronnie, Michele and Casey. A conversation with Ronnie reveals that he is all for keeping Braden, and he promises that he can “completely control” Michele. Braden’s fate now lies in Casey’s hands. In a Recycle Room conversation, Jordan and Laura talk to Casey about his plans for the week. Casey realizes that he is now the swing vote. He admits that he feels powerful, but says “in the end, I have to do what’s best for me.”

Host Julie Chen touches base with the House Guests right before the live vote. She asks a chesty Russell if there is trouble in his Athletes Clique, alluding to his previous fight with Jeff. Russell notes he doesn’t expect a “postcard for his birthday” from his clique-mate Jeff. Julie then asks Jeff what he feels about Russell. Jeff at first defers, and then says they have to make it work since “we’re not going anywhere.”

Up in the HoH Suite, Jessie tells Julie that he is a bigger target this summer than he was last season, but that he learned from last season’s Brian not to be spinning too many deals and schemes during the first week in the House. Julie asks Jessie to name the brains behind The Athletes. Russell has a very strong mind, “but I’m not going to sell myself short,” Jessie says. “You never do,” Julie quips.

Time for the Vote
Before the vote, the two nominees each plead their case one last time.  It’s Braden’s turn first. He goes the traditional route, telling everyone that they are incredible, he’s apologized for his mistakes, yadda yadda. Things get interesting when Chima stands up and announces, “it is amazes me how short some memories are,” before ripping into Braden and calling him out on his bad behavior for the week. With that, the voting begins. Russell and Natalie vote to evict Braden, while Jeff and Jordan vote for Chima. So far, a tie. Kevin votes to evict Braden, while Laura targets Chima. Still a tie! Lydia votes for Braden before Michele and Casey vote for Chima. This leaves Ronnie—he votes to evict Braden. It’s officially a tie!

The Head of Household has to break the tie. Jessie stands and announces that he’ll be sending Braden packing. Outside, Braden tells Julie that he thinks Ronnie, Michele or Casey made it a tie. Julie reveals that it was Ronnie, who Braden then calls “sinister” and “hidden.”

Big Brother Homecoming
It’s time for the HoH Competition. As outgoing HoH, Jessie can’t compete and sits on the sidelines while the rest of the House Guests are lined up by clique. Julie explains that this week’s competition requires the House Guests to guess answers to a fan poll. The answers will always be one of the four cliques. One member of each clique plays in each round.  Any House Guest who buzzes in with an incorrect answer is immediately eliminated. A right answer earns the House Guest the right to continue playing the game and the opportunity to eliminate someone from an opposing clique who also played in that round. First question: which clique does America think would most likely skip school for a zit? Laura answers “Popular,” which is correct, so she chooses to eliminate Chima. Second question: which clique does America think would misspell “athlete?” Jeff correctly answers, “Athletes” and eliminates Kevin. Laura correctly guesses “The Offbeats” would skip prom and eliminates Russell. Casey guesses the next question and eliminates Natalie. Laura then guesses incorrectly and is eliminated. Casey scores next and eliminates Jeff, while Lydia eliminates Jordan. It’s between The Brains and The Offbeats! Casey and Lydia are eliminated, which leaves Brains Michele and Ronnie as the final two. Ronnie guesses correctly and becomes the new Head of Household!

Who will Ronnie nominate for eviction? And how will the House Guests react when a past winner returns? Find out On Sunday, June July 19 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!