Season 11: Episode 5 - Ronnie Nominates Two House Guests for Eviction
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

The 5-5 tie eviction vote and Jessie’s subsequent tiebreaker vote sent Braden packing and minds racing. Jordan and Michele know that someone is lying; there were six solid votes to vote out Braden’s fellow eviction nominee Chima, so someone switched at the last minute.

Of course the flipper was Ronnie but, moments after the eviction, he starts suggesting that Michele was the one who changed her vote! All Chima knows is that she never wants to be the pawn again. It’s the beginning of a momentous week for Ronnie when he wins HoH, ensuring immunity for his Brains clique. Always ready with a Star Wars reference, Ronnie says that getting his key from outgoing HoH Jessie was like Emperor Palpatine dubbing him “Darth Ronnie!”
  Laura is onto Ronnie! Jeff can’t figure out who the rat is, but Laura is convinced that it is Ronnie. IN a conversation with Jordan and Jeff, Laura posits that Ronnie is playing both sides of the house. “I promise you on my life,” she insists. Almost on cue, Ronnie walks into the room. “Ronnie, why is this game so stressful,” Laura asks, as if she didn’t know the answer to the question.

Later, Ronnie is in the Recycle Room with Natalie, Russell and Jessie. He tells them that the other side of the house is sweating bullets. Russell admits that he first thought Ronnie was a dork, but now sees that he’s “the mastermind in the house.”

Laura tells Chima, Natalie, Kevin and Michele that they need to watch Ronnie, since he is playing them all against one another. “I know Ronnie is the rat,” she says. Chima and Natalie go into the Recycle Room and tell Ronnie what Laura said. This is an opportunity for Ronnie, who notes that Laura made a huge mistake by confiding in Ronnie’s allies and it “makes it easier to put her up.”

Soundtracks and Kitty Pictures
Ronnie announces his HoH Suite reveal and opens the door for his fellow House Guests.  Everyone is excited to see pictures of Ronnie’s family, but they all notice a super cute shot of his wife and their pet cat, Molly Kitty (in matching Santa Claus hats). Ronnie is also excited to get the soundtrack to the musical Legally Blonde. “Hey, whatever puts a smile on your face, Ronnie,” a bemused Jeff says.

Later that night, Ronnie comes outside to find the Popular clique, along with Michele and Casey, theorizing about what could have gone wrong in the plan to evict Chima. Again, Ronnie insists that he cast his vote to evict Chima (liar!). When Casey makes it clear that he thinks Ronnie was the one who changed his vote, Ronnie shoots back that Casey is paranoid, and warns that the person doing the finger pointing is often the one responsible for the misdeed. Casey says that he knows he didn’t do it, but also realizes that he is making himself a target by calling out the HoH.

Good Morning BB!
Ronnie announces that it’s time for the season’s first luxury competition. For this competition, two lucky House Guests will have a chance to screen Columbia Pictures’ romantic comedy The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. The House Guests go outside and find the backyard dressed up as a morning show-slash-game show set.  Ronnie has another announcement—this competition is being hosted by Big Brother 10 winner, Dan!

Dan explains that there will be one male winner and one female winner. Each sex will have to guess answers to questions posed to House Guests of the opposite gender to see “who knows the ugly truth.”

The guys are up first. They are asked which tattoo would Lydia not want to see on her new hunky boyfriend—his ex-girlfriend’s name or the logo of his favorite boy band? Lydia comes out wearing a muscle body suit and reveals that the girlfriend tattoo would bug her more. Jessie and Casey are correct, while all the other guys are wrong. Jordan is next. The guys have to figure out which pick-up line would work better on her at a bar. Kevin, Casey and Jessie all guess the correct answer, while Ronnie, Russell and Jeff guess wrong.

The guys are asked what Chima would be more likely to do to a cheating ex—egg his car or take his best friend on a trip to Australia? Jessie guesses the egging, while everyone else answers incorrectly. Question four: would Laura reject a bald guy or a guy with a hairy back? Everyone guesses hairy back correctly except Kevin.  Question five: would Michele be more likely to choose a surgeon or a firefighter to be her boyfriend? This produces a tie, with four points each for Casey and Jessie. The deciding question is Natalie’s; would she be more upset if her date to Hawaii brought stuffed animals or a picture of his mother? Casey guesses the picture of mom and Jessie guesses stuffed animals. Natalie reveals that the picture of Mom would be the deal breaker for her, which means that Casey has won a seat at the movie screening!

It’s the girls’ turn next to guess what the guys would answer. Would Jeff prefer to date a football fan or a not-so-bright cheerleader? Jeff comes out dressed as a cheerleader.  Natalie guesses right, but everyone else guesses wrong. Would Jessie prefer a girl with junk in her trunk or a nice set of high beams? All the women correctly guess junk in the trunk. Would Kevin write his boyfriend a laugh-out-loud limerick or a love poem in a personalized greeting card? Kevin picks limerick, which Laura and Chima guess correctly.

The biggest laugh comes when Ronnie reveals he’d rather have his wife dress up as a sultry star princess at a comics convention rather than in sexy lingerie at a hotel. Ronnie comes out in a gold bikini and a doughnut wig! Laura chooses wrong but everyone else gets a point. Would Casey do a robot dance or a rump shaker to get a girl? Michele, Laura and Natalie correctly guess robot. Natalie is now in the lead! Would Russell end a relationship if his girl turned off the prize fight he was watching or made him watch her favorite musical multiple times? Chima, Michele and Jordan correctly guess musical. This leaves a three-way tie between Chima, Michele and Natalie, which is broken by a question from Dan: how many minutes would Dan wait before going in for a kiss on the first date? Dan reveals he’d wait 243 minutes, which makes Chima the winner.

As the winners of the competition, Chima and Casey have a decision to make—which clique is sleeping in the Have-Not Room for the week? Casey wants The Athletes to be the Have-Nots, but Chima wants it to be The Populars. When Casey protests, Chima reminds him that her clique-mate is HoH for the week and that it would behoove Casey to let Chima have her way. Casey backs down from the very adamant Chima. Ronnie notices Chima is not making any friends in the Big Brother House.

Nominations On the Horizon
Laura and The Popular clique (plus Casey) make their pitch to Ronnie. They stress that if any of them go up on the block, even as a pawn, that they are sure to go home. Jeff can’t understand why Ronnie and the rest of the house is so scared of Russell, who Ronnie is hesitant to put up. Ronnie suggests they back door Russell, but The Populars still worry that anyone from their group who is the pawn is going to go home.

Later, Ronnie has a similar conversation with Jessie and Natalie, but lets them know that The Populars want to back door Russell. Jessie pledges to Ronnie that Russell is not gunning for him. After Ronnie leaves, Jessie tells Russell that Ronnie is scared of him.

So, Who’s up on the Block?
Laura is very nervous about nominations. She is not sure if she is going up, but she is sure that Ronnie is the rat! Casey sees Ronnie as the king manipulator in the house and is on edge over the nominations. Russell admits that Ronnie is hard to gauge, but warns that, if he goes up, it will be a “dog fight.” Ronnie calls everyone inside for the ceremony. He reminds them that his clique-mates, Chima and Michele, are safe from eviction this week. Ronnie reveals that Jordan is safe.  Casey, Lydia and Natalie’s keys come next, followed by Jessie and Kevin’s key. That leaves one key left—the last safe House Guest is…Russell!

Jeff and Laura are nominated. “I wanted to stand up and say, I told you so!” Laura says. Jeff says it hurts to be nominated, but this move shows that if there is one person playing this game 100 percent, it’s Ronnie. While Laura went up because she has Ronnie figured out, Ronnie reveals that Jeff is a total pawn. If all goes well, the Veto will get used this week and Russell will be the replacement nominee. Can Ronnie manipulate the game to get his way? Will Russell find himself up on the block? Find out Tuesday, July 21 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!