Season 11: Episode 6 - Ronnie Faces a Crucial Choice When a Nominee Wins PoV
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Laura and Jeff find Themselves on the Block
In the wake of the Nomination Ceremony, Laura has come to the conclusion that Ronnie is definitely the rat. “He fooled me into this,” she says, but consoles herself with the knowledge that she hasn’t been evicted yet. Jeff says he didn’t care for Ronnie’s speech, but concedes the Head of Household is playing a good game. Ronnie says that the first part of his plan is in place, but that the second part depends on the right person winning the Veto so that Ronnie can backdoor Russell.

In the Have Not room, Laura cries to Jordan about being nominated. “I’m just upset they are getting the best of us,” Laura says. “They are getting the best of everybody, especially me,” Jordan replies. In the bathroom, Jeff tells Ronnie that he got the best of him. Ronnie denies this and says that he has a bigger plan. Jeff says he doesn’t want to know anything.

Jeff may not want to know, but Ronnie figures that Laura would like to be in the loop. Outside, Ronnie asks Laura to believe that he has a master strategy. “Both of you can stay,” Ronnie says. “If that happens, we’re in control.” Laura nods, but has secretly had enough of Ronnie’s lies. After Ronnie leaves, Laura tells Casey and Jordan that Ronnie is a liar and that all he is doing is covering his own back just in case she wins the Veto. Casey and Laura agree the old Sicilian adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” certainly applies in the BIG BROTHER house.

Russell Loses his Cool
After a day of hard strategizing, Russell opts to take the evening off and have a few drinks. He comes outside and hangs out with his house adversaries Laura, Casey, Jordan and Jeff. When Russell insists that they should be able to take an hour to distance themselves from the game and to eat and enjoy some booze, Casey feels that this is a sign that Russell may be reaching a breaking point in the game, since he appears to be “tired of all the whispers.” Russell goes inside to get some more to drink and stumbles upon Michele and Natalie talking over some game strategy in the kitchen. He loudly tells them that there’s no need to dedicate every second to strategy. In the bathroom, Lydia overhears Russell, and assumes that he is talking to her. Lydia yells back that she wasn’t talking about the game. Russell suddenly snaps and starts screaming at Lydia! Everyone is stunned, especially Lydia, who is sick of Russell telling her what she can and cannot say. Watching the whole scene unfold, Casey is delighted—if Russell wants to blow his top, it just helps Casey stay under the radar.

A little later, Natalie conspires with Jessie. Is their Athlete clique-mate, Russell, putting a target on their backs? Jessie tells her that as long as Russell is on their side, it doesn’t matter. Natalie still thinks that Russell is a liability, and confesses that if Russell shouts at her the way he did at Lydia, that she won’t fold like Lydia, but will fight back. Jessie is fine with Russell’s antics, because it keeps the focus on Russell and off of Jessie. Natalie isn’t convinced.

The Ugly Truth
Upstairs, Ronnie consoles Lydia in the wake of Russell’s attack. Through her tears, Lydia gets right to the point with Ronnie and suggests that they back door Russell. “Can you imagine how different this house will be,” Lydia asks. “Options, options,” Ronnie says.

A little later, Chima and Casey finally get their reward from last episode’s luxury challenge. They enter the HoH Suite, which has been turned into a screening room complete with candy, popcorn and sugary drinks. Jordan and Natalie are jealous that Casey and Chima get a break from the game and a chance to see the Columbia Pictures’ romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. Casey says that, in a perfect world, he’d be sitting next to his wife rather than “The Wicked Witch of the West, Chima.” As for Chima, she doesn’t care as long as she gets to watch the film’s co-star Gerard Butler. “Please give Gerard Butler my number,” Chima pleads in Diary Room. After the screening, both Chima and Casey are grateful for the break in the game.

The Big Brother Mint
Ronnie calls everyone together for the Veto Competition player selection. As HoH, Ronnie is pre-selected to play in the competition, along with the two nominees. Three other players are selected by random draw. Lydia hopes that Russell, Jessie and Natalie will sit this one out, but her hopes are dashed when Ronnie randomly selects Russell and she selects Natalie. Jeff picks Casey. With Russell playing, there is a chance that he will win the Veto and upset Ronnie’s plans to back door him. Is Ronnie’s plan going astray?

The House Guests come outside to find the back yard transformed into a mint, with bags of coins and an automatic coin counter dominating the space. Host Lydia explains that the players will be asked to collect different dollar amounts using a single denomination. During each round, the player with a number furthest from the target amount is eliminated. The winner of each round will have the chance to grab one of three moneybags. One bag contains $5,000, another contains a slop pass and one bag is completely empty. If a player chooses to take one of the three bags, that player will be removed from the Veto competition.

“Let’s start counting,” Lydia yells. Jeff and Laura both feel that they have to win this competition. Lydia announces the first round requires the players to collect $100 in quarters in two minutes. The players run to a wall spitting out hundreds of coins. Using buckets, they collect what they think is the right amount. After the coins are counted, it is revealed that Ronnie is the farthest from the target amount with $607.75, while Jeff is the closest with $87.50. Ronnie is eliminated, which makes Michele think that the HoH threw the competition, but Ronnie swears that he simply messed up his count, which embarrasses him. Jeff opts not to choose a prize bag and remains in the game.

For round two, they must collect $75 in dimes. Laura’s total is furthest from the target, while Jeff wins for a second time! He again skips the chance to grab a prize bag ad chooses to remain in the game.  Round three requires the remaining players to collect $40 in nickels. Casey is eliminated while Natalie wins. She opts for a bag and leaves the game to Russell and Jeff. Natalie pulls the bag holding the slop pass. For the final round, Russell and Jeff are asked to collect $10 in pennies. It’s Jeff’s moment of truth. Russell collects $8.59, a solid number. But Jeff collects $10.97—Jeff wins the Veto! “It feels fantastic to finally prove myself,” he says, while a bummed Russell notes that if Ronnie puts him up on the block, it will be “the dumbest move of his life.”

Ronnie’s Next Move
Lydia and Chima encourage Ronnie to just put up Russell for eviction when Jeff inevitably uses the Veto on himself. Kevin is scared, but the girls tell him that this is their chance to do what’s right. Ronnie calls Laura upstairs, and she insists that she will perform whatever song and dance she needs to in order to appease Ronnie and stay in the game. She swears to keep Ronnie, Kevin and Lydia safe next week if she gets HoH, but confides later that she has been lied to so much in the House that she doesn’t feel obligated to keep promises to anyone.

Ronnie then talks to Chima and Natalie about the plan to back door Russell. Chima is all for it, but Natalie runs right to Jessie to see how he feels. Ronnie tries to convince Jessie that now is the time to get rid of Russell, but Jessie notes that Laura is the biggest liar in the house. Jessie says that it is Ronnie’s decision. Ronnie reiterates that he doesn’t want to have any regrets next week. So, what does Ronnie do?

Time for the Veto Ceremony
Jeff comes out of the Diary Room and gets ready for the Veto Ceremony. “I think it would be crazy not to use the veto,” Jeff says as he looks at the Memory Wall. Outside, Russell plays pool, awaiting his fate. He’s convinced that Ronnie sees him as a threat and that he is a likely candidate for nomination. “At this point, The Shotgun cannot trust anyone,” Russell says. Jeff calls everyone inside for the ceremony. There are no shocked faces when Jeff uses the Veto on himself. Ronnie gets up to name a replacement nominee, and says it is “unfortunate” that he is in this position. Ronnie then announces that Jordan is going up on the block! Russell is all smiles as Chima looks very unhappy. The meeting is over. “I feel betrayed by Ronnie,” Jordan says. “I was blind by it.” Laura now feels sure that everything Ronnie says is a lie. Ronnie reveals that Jordan went up as the replacement nominee because that will ensure that Laura—who is totally on to his game—will go home. Jeff says that the ceremony is “bittersweet” for him because, if Jordan goes home, he’ll feel responsible. Jessie says that it would have been okay for Russell to be nominated, but he wants Laura out. Which of the two nominees is going home—Laura or Jordan? And who will be the new Head of Household? Find out on Thursday, July 23 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!