Season 11: Episode 7 - A Second House Guest is Evicted
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Ronnie's Scheming Finally Catches up with Him
Russell is absolutely relieved when Head of Household, Ronnie, nominates Jordan for the chopping block after eviction nominee, Jeff, uses his Veto to save himself. Kevin notes that the Popular clique is done. “They are clearly not popular in the BIG BROTHER House,” he says. Ronnie says that Jordan going up on the block will ensure that his perceived threat, Laura, will definitely go home but Casey thinks that Ronnie allowed himself to be bullied by Russell, whom Ronnie had said he was going to back door out of the House. “What were you thinking, dude?” Casey steams.

Naturally, Jordan feels completely betrayed and fooled by Ronnie. Laura notes that the House would be stupid not to send her home, since she is a smarter and a stronger player, but she’s “not dead yet.” Outside, Jordan gets some consolation from her House BFF, Jeff. Jordan says that Jeff “kinda reminds me of me, but just a boy version of me.” Wise words! Is there more than just personal affinity going on here? The pair sure seems like a potential showmance, but they once again just share their “like” for each other and fall short of sealing the deal with any public display of affection. Will they ever kiss?

Laura Makes Her Case
In an HoH Suite conversation, Laura tells Ronnie that leaving Jordan in the game keeps her and Jeff strong. She argues that Jeff would be easier to persuade if Jordan was gone. Ronnie finds this deal interesting, especially when Laura throws in the promise that she won’t go after Ronnie next week. Always the master gamer, Ronnie decides to consider Laura’s offer.

Soon after, Ronnie callas Kevin, Natalie, Chima and Lydia up to the HoH Suite to float a trial balloon; would they consider keeping Laura and voting out Jordan? Lydia and Natalie both shoot that idea down quickly and reaffirm that they will vote out Laura. With that battle lost, Ronnie can’t help himself and makes another scheming move to damage his rival, Russell, by throwing him under the BIG BROTHER bus. He decides to fabricate a story! Ronnie tells them that Laura said that Russell would be working to help her stay in the House. When Lydia and Chima take this opportunity to slam Ronnie on not putting up Russell for eviction (a move Ronnie now says he should have made) Natalie takes off to tell Jessie what Ronnie said about Russell.

Jessie is shocked to hear that Russell is working to get Laura the votes to stay, and confronts him about it. Russell immediately smells a rat when Natalie reveals that Ronnie was the one who was spreading this rumor. “It’s getting ridiculous,” Russell says of Ronnie’s scheming ways. Jeff and Jordan overhear the conversation and, when Laura comes out into the backyard, Natalie and Jordan confront Laura, who adamantly denies saying anything about Russell in her conversation with Ronnie. Laura says, “Let’s just end this now and calls all the House Guests outside.” Ronnie gets cornered by Russell and Laura and, instead of defending himself, says nothing. “I’m not being put on the spot,” he stammers. Russell jumps on this, and insists that Ronnie explain what is going on. Ronnie refuses to respond. Ronnie retreats upstairs as the rest of the House Guests agree that Ronnie’s lying has been fooling them all. From the balcony, Ronnie tries to engage Russell, but he’s having none of it. Russell repeatedly calls Ronnie a liar, which Ronnie denies. Russell then calls in all the House Guests and a good old-fashioned pile on ensues as Laura and Russell call out Ronnie on his manipulation. “Lies, vicious lies,” Ronnie responds as Russell hurls insults at him. Ronnie, who has been standing at the balcony like Evita, finally retreats to the HoH Suite where he mutters to himself that he should have put Russell up on the block when he had the chance.

Ronnie on the Defensive
Since Ronnie was outed as “the master manipulator,” Casey notes that the HoH has holed himself upstairs, coming out only when necessary. Ronnie timidly leaves his retreat for a mandatory Diary Room session, only to find Russell right on his heels, hurling insults during his entire walk to Diary Room. Russell reveals that he is going to torture Ronnie all day long, calling him a “liar,” a “schemer” and “ratty ratterson.”  In the Diary Room and up in the HoH Suite, Russell’s taunts take their toll. Ronnie cries as he holds a picture of his wife and his beloved pet Molly Kitty (in matching Santa Claus hats) and admits how much he misses his wife, who would know what to do in this situation. But Russell’s antics might be going too far. As Jessie and Natalie play chess, they whisper about Ronnie’s self-imposed isolation while Natalie suggests that what Russell is doing is not right. Is sympathy already growing for Ronnie?

Feeling the Mood in the House
Host Julie Chen asks Natalie what things are like in the House now. Natalie says that things are tense and crazy but the House Guests seem united as one, except for “one particular person.” After Julie shows them what they all looked like in their crazy costumes from the last Have and Have Not competition, Michele remarks that Jeff wore his cheerleader outfit best, while Kevin feels Casey rocked his drag costume.

After Ronnie goes up to the HoH Suite for a private conversation, Julie asks the outgoing Head of Household if he took too much of a risk by playing both sides of the House. Ronnie says that he is truly aligned with The Athletes, so he is only playing one side. Ronnie stands by his decision to keep Russell, and also notes that there is an underlying tone of sympathy growing for him after his isolation, which he says was nowhere near as tough as getting through video gaming marathons.

Time for the Vote
After Jordan and Laura give their final speeches, it’s time for the eviction vote. Jeff and Jessie both cast their votes to evict Laura, but Natalie throws a wrench in the plan and votes to evict Jordan, snickering that this will “spice things up.” The rest of the House votes to evict Laura. If Natalie wanted to create mischief, it seems to be working immediately. As Laura settles herself on the couch next to Julie, Jeff whispers to Jordan about that single vote!

Julie asks Laura why Ronnie went after her, and Laura answers that she was an easier target than Russell. She’s glad that Ronnie has been outed as the rat and thinks that the House Guests would be stupid to keep him next week.

Sting Like a Bee!
For this week’s HoH competition, the House Guests must manipulate a skee ball-like launcher that hurls a wooden ball into buckets. Julie explains that the competition, called Buzzworthy, requires the House Guests to launch their ball into a field of buckets in the shape of a honeycomb. If they get their ball closer to the center of the honeycomb, they get a higher score. Each House Guest gets to fire one ball at the honeycomb and the House Guest with the highest score wins HoH for the week.

Michele is up first and scores a 4. Jessie knocks her out of the lead with a 6. Kevin, Natalie, Lydia and Russell all score lower than Jessie and are eliminated. Chima and Jordan both choke, but Jeff scores a 6, tying Jessie. After Casey’s ball bounces out of competition, it is time for a tiebreaker. Jessie again scores a 6! Jeff looks like he’s going to hit the center of the honeycomb, but his ball ricochets off a bucket, killing his chance at a win. Jessie wins HoH!

How will Jessie handle his second time as the HoH? Is Ronnie doomed, or will he be able to game his way back to safety? Find out Sunday, July 26 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!