Season 11: Episode 8 - Jessie Gets His Second Turn as the Head of Household
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Jordan is relieved that she was not evicted, but she is still sad that her friend and clique-mate Laura is gone. This now leaves Jordan as the sole surviving member of the Popular clique left in the BIG BROTHER House. Casey says that seeing Laura go was tough, but he hopes that everyone is still targeting Ronnie for eviction this week. Casey is all about sending “the rat packing.”

Ronnie thinks that he had a successful Head of Household week, considering that he got Laura out but the down side is that everyone in the house hates him right now. While the House has ideas about who should go home this week, Jessie is quick to tell his allies, Russell and Natalie, that his nominations are going to be about him and what’s good for his game this week. Casey wants Jessie to keep his eye on Ronnie as a nominee. “It’s an easy week, Jessie,” Casey pleads in Diary Room, “stick to the script!”

Kevin is the first to notice that Ronnie may have a much easier week than the House is expecting. Immediately after Jessie wins HoH, Kevin catches Ronnie muttering “Thank God” to himself. Is Jessie’s win good for Ronnie’s game? Kevin fears the worst and notes that Ronnie is dangerous and needs to go home. Kevin is onto something—in Dairy Room Ronnie argues that Jessie winning HoH is his best-case scenario for the week.

Jessie is Playing for Himself
In the bathroom, Natalie and Russell pull Jessie aside to figure out where he stands on this week’s nominations. Russell wants to know if they are sticking to the plan, which means following the House consensus and evicting Ronnie. Jessie reiterates that he is going to do what’s right for him. “As far as I’m concerned, Ronnie is solid,” Jessie admits later. It turns out that Russell has a secret of his own—he initially wanted Ronnie out (and had been tormenting Ronnie for days with all the House Guests watching) but, in Ronnie’s final hours as HoH, Russell struck up a secret deal with him. Russell says that he will continue tormenting him but they will secretly be aligned. Talk about playing every single angle!

For his part, Ronnie is still isolating himself from the House. While everyone relaxes outside on the patio, Ronnie is alone reading the Bible. Natalie comes in and tells him that he should start hanging out with everyone. Ronnie tells her that he will try when Natalie reveals that he is safe for the week. Things keep looking up for Ronnie. “I don’t feel absolutely secure, but there’s hope, and that’s all I need,” he says.

Reveal That HoH Suite
Jessie’s HOH Suite solidifies Jessie’s love for himself, Jordan says, noting the HoH’s oversized physique “impresses some girls, but not me.” It apparently impresses Lydia, who is also enamored by a picture of Jessie’s “dangerous” motorcycle.  

Later that night, Casey hangs out with Jeff and Jordan. They discuss Ronnie’s need to be evicted. Casey notes that Jessie would be silly to change the plan for the week. Natalie comes outside and joins the conversation. Natalie listens as Casey argues that it is in Jessie’s best interest to nominate Ronnie for eviction.

Ever the lap dog, Natalie runs upstairs to Jessie and tells him exactly what Casey said. Jessie is not happy with what Natalie is reporting. Natalie prides herself on having great influence on Jessie, and Casey’s blabbing only helps her with her own motives. “I’d be ecstatic to see Ronnie stay and Casey go,” she says.

While Lydia takes her “Kindergarten crush” on Jessie to another level with some major hammock flirting, Ronnie is on a mission to “kiss some butt to rebuild some bridges.” He apologizes to Michele for lying to her, but she thinks Ronnie is working his “sad puppy dog” shtick in order to stay in the house for another week.

Is There Enough Jessie to Go Around?
Jessie and Lydia hang on the patio couch and Lydia coyly requests a kiss. Jessie kisses his hand and then pats Lydia’s cheek. “How romantic,” Lydia jokes. Things cool down considerably when Chima, Kevin and Natalie come outside. Lydia decides to get water as Jessie volunteers to rub Natalie’s aching shoulder. “I was sitting there,” Lydia whines when she returns, seeing Natalie in her place. “Jessie is a hot guy,” Kevin says. “Lydia is into Jessie, Natalie is into Jessie and Jessie is into Jessie.”

After Lydia, Chima and Kevin go inside, Natalie tells Jessie that Lydia doesn’t like her and is jealous of their relationship. Jessie reveals that it is tough being him sometimes. “It’s not a good thing to be ridiculously good looking,” he sighs.

Lydia and Natalie aren’t the only women in the House concerned about Jessie. Michele makes her way up to the HoH Suite to find out where she stands for the week. Michele tells Jessie and Natalie that they have a loyal vote in her, but Jessie is not impressed with someone who only feels compelled to talk to him when he has power. Michele tries to make her pitch but Jessie later dismisses her as a “horrible car salesman.”

A Big Brother Keg Race
Jordan is tired of being a Have Not for the week. Besides being on a slop restriction, she is reduced to cold showers and sleeping in the very uncomfortable Have Not bedroom, which is by far the most uncomfortable room in the House. For this week’s Have Not Competition, Jordan is determined to do well. When Jessie announces that it’s time for the competition, he reveals that only one player from each clique will compete. Jordan is the default for The Populars, while Chima goes up for The Brains and Kevin plays for The Offbeat. Once again, The Athletes are exempt because of Jessie’s HoH win.

The House Guests go outside to find the backyard transformed into a race track-themed playing field. The Athletes get to hang out at a college-themed tailgate party, while the three players, Jordan, Kevin and Chima, straddle individual motorized kegs. Jessie explains they must take huge foam “ice cubes” and toss them into the opposing players’ barrels. To make things more complicated, the players also have to wear “beer goggles,” which severely impair their vision. Kevin is feeling the pressure because he does not want his clique to be Have Nots for the week.

Poor Jordan mixes up the rules and tosses a cube into her own barrel. “Sweetie, that’s not the object of the game,” Casey sighs. Things get complicated when the players are sprayed with foam, which further limits their vision. Jordan kind of likes it, since the foam feels good. Besides targeting the brains, Kevin takes time to knock cubes out of his own barrel in a attempt to secure his clique’s safety.

Time’s up! Jessie begins counting out the cubes. The Offbeats have 12 cubes in their barrel. Not bad. Jordan—has 11 cubes in her barrel, which means that Jordan, as the only person left in the Popular clique, is safe from being a Have Not for the week. But what about The Brains? With 13 cubes in their barrel, they are the Have Nots for the week.

Jessie reveals that, when they go back in the house, the Have Nots will find something special for the week that they can eat in addition slop that was chosen for them by America. Natalie thinks that it will be cool, but Ronnie is worried. His attitude changes when he sees a tableful of cabbage and cocktail weenies. Ronnie loves cocktail weenies, but Chima is not impressed. “America, you suck, that is what I have to say.”

The Claws are Out
With everyone moving around thanks to the change in Have and Have Nots, bed assignments are shaking up. Lydia notes that everyone has either changed beds or shared with someone else, except for Natalie. When Chima asks where Jordan (who is moving out of the Have Not Room) is sleeping, Lydia suggests Natalie’s bed. Natalie shoots that down and says that Jordan should sleep with Jeff. “I don’t get why I have to give up my bed,” Natalie says. Lydia and Natalie get into it, but Lydia ends it with a “fine, I’ll stay up all night then.” Outside, Kevin wants to know what exactly Lydia thinks she’s doing. He warns Lydia that this is not the week to get on Natalie’s bad side, considering how closely aligned she is with Jessie, the HoH. “Disaster, warning danger,” Kevin pleads. “Don’t give them an excuse.”

Up in the HoH Suite, Natalie tells Jessie that she did not like Lydia’s attitude and felt singled out by her accusations. Natalie tells Jessie to tell Lydia not to talk to her. “You can’t act civilly,” Jessie asks. “No,” Natalie answers. “If I win, I’ll put her up.”

Jessie goes downstairs and asks Lydia to come talk. Lydia is fine talking to Jessie, but sees no need to talk to Natalie. “I don’t know what women want, I don’t know what women think,” Jessie says, noting that Lydia and Natalie are playing two different ways. Either way, this split between them sucks for Jessie.

Time for Nominations
Casey notes that he will be happy if Jessie nominates Ronnie but, if he doesn’t do that, Jessie is adding another target to his own back. Ronnie says that, two days ago, he would have thought he was sure to be nominated but now, with Jessie as HoH, he feels as safe as he possibly can at this moment. Michele says that she is worried because she feels that no one would care if she walked out the door. Jessie reiterates that he’s going to nominate the people who make the most sense for his game.

Everyone congregates at the dining room table. Jessie reminds the House Guests that the Athletes are all automatically safe for the week before pulling Chima’s key from the block. Chima pulls Kevin’s key, while Kevin pulls Casey’s key. Lydia’s key pops out next, followed by Ronnie’s key! Jordan and Michele are Jessie’s nominees for eviction.

Michele hopes that she is closer to The Athletes than Jordan is, while Jordan hopes that she and Michele are both pawns in Jessie’s bigger plan. Jessie would love to win the Veto so that he can secure all the power for the week. An ecstatic Ronnie notes that he was a dead man walking until Governor Jessie called and pardoned him from certain execution.

Who will win this week’s Veto Competition? And will they use it to save Michele or Jordan? Find out Tuesday, July 28 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!