Season 11: Episode 9 - The Power of Veto Shakes Up Jessie's Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

In the aftermath of the nomination ceremony, Michele explains that she and Jordan are on the chopping block as part of a big plan to back door Ronnie out of the BIG BROTHER House. Jordan admits that she does not really trust Jessie with this plan. Jordan is right to be wary! Jessie admits that he has no intentions of putting Ronnie up, because Ronnie has done nothing against him personally.

In the pool bedroom, Jeff consoles Jordan and tells her that she is fine this week because everyone wants Ronnie out and, even if Ronnie somehow wins the Power of Veto, then Michele is the one who will go home. “Don’t have a pity party for yourself yet,” he pleads. Michele comes in and Jeff tells her pretty much the same thing (minus the part how she is the one to be evicted over Jordan in a worse case scenario, of course).  

“I’m having really complex trust issues,” Michele admits later. “When it comes down to actions I don’t feel anyone would stick their neck out for me.” In another conversation, Ronnie tells Michele that, if she can pick someone to play the Veto for her, she should pick him. Michele laughs at this to his face, and confides later that she would never pick Ronnie to play for her since he is the back door target. She also tells Russell how amused she is by Ronnie’s offer.

Ronnie goes upstairs to the HoH Suite to see how he is currently faring. According to Jessie, Ronnie is no longer enemy No. 1 in the House, but Ronnie is still worried. Jessie tells Ronnie that Casey, Jordan and Jeff want him out, with Casey acting as “the tip of the arrow.” When Jessie and Natalie say that they will see what they can do, Ronnie tells Jessie that he “is his brother from another mother” and Natalie is “his sister from another mister.”

Jessie then goes on a full-court press to campaign to target Casey for back door eviction. Chima gets on board right away, with Kevin and Lydia agreeing with the plan as well. Jessie is very satisfied with himself (surprise!). “Braden went home because of me, Laura went home because of me,” Jessie says. “Casey is going home because of me. I’m picking people off left and right in this place!”
 Casey Speaks the Truth About a DareIn a game of Truth Or Dare, Kevin has to cuddle with Jessie, which gets all the House Guests giggling. Next up in the game is Ronnie, who gets the dare of hugging Casey for 20 seconds. Everyone yucks it up when Ronnie attempts the hug, but Casey is not laughing. Casey sees this simple game as a sign. “Two days ago, Russell is chasing Ronnie around the house and tonight, they think it is funny for Ronnie to give me a hug,” he says. “I thought Ronnie had left a bitter taste in people’s mouth. Maybe he is making his way back into people’s hearts.” Casey, you are onto something!
 Picking PlayersJessie calls everyone into the living room to pick players for the Veto Competition. Jessie’s worst-case scenario is for Casey to win the Veto Comp, while his best-case scenario is for Casey to sit on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Casey still thinks that the ultimate goal is to back door Ronnie! Jessie and the two nominees automatically play and they each pick a player randomly from the draw bag. Jessie randomly picks Jeff, but then Michele picks Casey! Jessie is not a happy camper. Jordan’s pick reveals  that Chima is the sixth player. Jessie then picks one of his two house besties, Natalie, to host. His other house bestie, Lydia, looks peeved! Jessie has his hands full with these two.
 When Pigs FlyAfter the six players put on pink jumpsuits and pig noses, everyone goes outside to find a huge BIG BROTHER-style pigsty, complete with a stinking pit of smelly mud. Everyone else seems appalled, but Jordan explains that she is excited. “I love getting dirty like that,” she admits. Host Natalie explains that the object of the game will be to collect “truffles” that are buried in the pigsty. Each individual truffle has a number value from one to ten. Players will bring back truffles one by one to their platform in order to rack up points. There’s a twist to the game, however.  Some truffles contain prizes instead of number values, but each player may only retain four truffles, so choosing to keep a prize may cost valuable points.  

Natalie lines up the players and has them swing from ropes into the mud pit. Michele notes that the mud is nasty, but she’s willing to do anything to win the Veto. Chima says that her strategy was to stay clean, while Jordan admits that she wouldn’t even mind if there was real poop in the mud! During the game, Casey stumbles on a truffle that features a House margarita party, which he thinks “can do nothing but bring positive vibes my way.”

At the end of the game, Natalie reveals that she has six envelopes which may contain additional points, negative points, or any number or surprises. Who is willing to gamble and accept an envelope? Everyone grabs an envelope except for Chima and Jordan.

Time to reveal the truffles! Jessie grabbed a $2,500 truffle, but also three other truffles that gives him a combined score of 26 points. His envelope also gives him another five points, earning him a total of 31 points. Jordan is up next. She garners 24 points, which leaves Jessie in the lead. Jeff scores 27 points, but his envelope contains a negative five points card! He is out of the running too. Chima’s value totals a mere 25 points. Casey reveals his score next.  He reveals the margarita party, which has everyone cheering, especially Jessie, who says Casey is “game over!” Casey has 22 points, but what’s in his envelope? Natalie tears it open, and Casey sees the letters “B,” and “A,” on the card. He thinks a trip to The Bahamas is in his future, but, when the entire card is revealed, it turns out that he has to wear a banana costume for the entire week!

This leaves Michele left. She has 28 points from her truffles, so it comes down to her envelope. Natalie opens up the envelope to reveal—seven additional points for Michele. She has won the Veto! “It was my time in the spotlight and I was loving it,” she says. “Fine,” Jessie bitterly mutters under his breath.
 Casey Gets PeeledCasey’s banana suit garners laughs and sympathy from much of the House. Michele notes that at least his arms and legs are free. Casey apologizes to his sons, and notes that he looks less like a banana and more like “a big pencil.”

The game continues despite funny costumes, however. Michele goes up to Jessie, who congratulates her on her Veto win. Jessie tells her that the mob mentality wants Ronnie out of the house, but he’s steering away from that move. Michele immediately thinks that this means that Ronnie and Jessie are now working together and, from Jessie’s hints, she knows that Casey is now the target.

Later, Kevin and Lydia talk about Jessie’s pitch to them for voting out Casey. The more they think about it, the more uncomfortable they get. Lydia and Michele share a similar conversation, which Jordan hears. Jordan then tells Jeff, who tells Casey that he is a potential target this week. Casey can’t believe what he is hearing, and decides that he is not going to wait until he is on the block. He heads right upstairs to talk to the HoH. Casey tells Jessie that there are ten people in the House, and Jessie is No. 10 on his list to go home. Casey then warns Jessie not to trust a liar like Ronnie. Jessie is left with some food for thought—and the food is a banana!
 The Veto CeremonyMichele gathers everyone for this week’s Veto Ceremony. Jeff does not feel good about the ceremony because he is afraid that two people he really likes in the house will wind up on the chopping block. Casey hopes that Jessie sees that he can be trusted, while Ronnie cannot.

Michele quickly announces that she is saving herself, which means Jessie has to name a replacement nominee. Jessie notes that he won the HoH this week, which means that he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor. “Move your feet, you got a new seat,” Jessie says—to Casey! As Casey moves into the nominee seat, Ronnie breaks into a huge grin. “Why are you looking at me like that,” Jordan says to Ronnie. “I’m not looking at you,” Ronnie shoots back.

“There are winners, and then there are people that hate the winners,” Jessie says with a sigh. “Guess what,” Ronnie asks. “The force must be with me because I’m still standing, baby!” Casey warns that everyone may see an “angry fighting banana” for the rest of the week.

So who is the next House Guest to be evicted, Casey or Jordan? And what is the huge game-changing announcement that is sure to rock the House Guests? Find out live on July 30 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!