Season 11: Episode 11 - Jeff Cuts a Deal With the New HoH
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“I never thought getting a diploma would hurt so much,” Chima says. “Can I just get my G.E.D.?” Chima isn’t talking about just any diploma—she is talking about the huge foam diploma that whacks all the House Guests during the endurance Head of Household competition. The House Guests are all hung suspended in the air in the backyard as they spin around and around. Jeff feels that he is eventually going to get sick from all the spinning, but Russell admits that he is too busy thinking about what the dissolution of the cliques means for his game. He realizes that winning the HoH this week is the only way to guarantee his safety. Natalie felt that she was sitting pretty before the cliques were dissolved, but she is very disappointed to find that layer of protection is now gone. Chima, however, couldn’t be happier to shed The Brains, Michele and Ronnie. “See ya later, dorks,” she says with a smile. Things get more challenging with a series of “rainstorms.” Most of the House Guests dread the freezing water, but Ronnie notes that he’s been suffering through cold showers all week, so “this is nothing to me.” For Natalie, this has made the HoH competition “the amusement park ride from hell.” For Jeff, it is “do or die time,” because, with Casey gone, the only true ally he has in the house is Jordan. Natalie is still fuming over Casey’s very volatile exit from the house, where he got into it with outgoing HoH Jessie and yelled at Natalie to keep quiet. “He definitely didn’t leave with class,” Natalie says. Everyone is trying to figure out who was the lone vote to evict Jordan but the culprit, Russell, is not saying anything. “Casey got me thinking I need to play this game for Russell and not for a team,” he says. “He is absolutely right.” The game really gets going when Kevin falls to the ground! Lydia falls soon after. Jessie—who is not competing as the outgoing HoH—reminds them that the first five players to fall get a chance to pick one of five “graduation gifts.” Kevin picks box No. 5, and finds that he has won $5,000! “I’m broke, okay,” Kevin says, noting that the greedy side of him said “yes!” while the Big Brother side of him realizes this could make him a target. Lydia is up next. She picks the box that wins her a 42-inch flat screen TV! Jessie is not happy, and thinks that Lydia and Kevin’s “gifts” will make both of them targets. Russell states that he is here for the real prize, and vows to hold onto his rope “until they cut me off.” The spinning is starting to take its toll, as the backyard is filled with a symphony of gagging. After a particularly tough body blow from the diploma, Ronnie is the next one down. The dizziness finally takes its toll on Natalie, who struggles to stay up, but ultimately spins off her perch. Adding insult to injury, both Ronnie and Natalie pick boxes with nothing in them. The Deal With only five players left in the competition, Jessie is getting more concerned, since all his eggs are now “in the Chima basket.” Jessie gets a little happier when Jordan falls out of the game, and is impressed when Chima starts bouncing around like a pinball after a couple of very strong knocks from the diploma. As the fifth player to leave the competition, Jordan takes the last box, which reveals that she is the “Have” for the week and, after the competition, she will pick the three players who will be the “Have Nots” for the week. After Chima finally falls, Jessie reveals that he feels like he “pulled my parachute and nothing came out.” This leaves three players left—Michele, Jeff and Russell. During a break in the spinning, Jessie whispers to Russell to make a deal with Jeff and offer up Ronnie as the one to go home. Russell then motions to Jeff—do you want Ronnie out? Jeff whispers back that he does, but says that they should wait to make a deal until after Michele is out of the game. The spinning resumes again and, after a diploma whap, Michele finds herself dangling upside down from her swing. She falls off, leaving Jeff and Russell as the final players! Russell reveals that he is fine with Ronnie going home because, earlier in the week, he listened in on a conversation of Ronnie’s in which Ronnie told Lydia that he had no deal with Russell and was playing for himself. “Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie,” Russell says. Russell then sends everyone else inside so that he and Jeff can hash out a plan. Russell swears on his dad that he won’t nominate Jeff and Jordan for eviction. After a few moments, Jeff makes his decision. “All right, I’m out,” he says as he drops. Russell is the new HoH! Russell gives Jeff props for competing on his level, while Jeff hopes that Russell will keep his word. “Finally I get to do what I want,” Russell says triumphantly, promising to “knock some people on their asses.” Jordan Lets Fate Decide Because she can’t decide whom to put in the Have-Not category for the week, Jordan decides to just pull names from a graduation cap. Natalie’s name is pulled first, but she’s not that upset because she has a slop pass she can use. Kevin is picked second, while Jessie finds out that he is the third “Have Not.” Jessie grouses about how there is no way he would lose a food restriction competition, but Lydia is having none of it. “Fine,” she snaps. “Be a big baby.” In the red room, Jessie tells Natalie about the deal that Russell made with Jeff. At the same time, in the Kitchen, Jeff tells Jordan that both of them are safe for the week. When Russell walks into the red room, Natalie is all over the HoH, telling him that Kevin and Lydia should go up this week because they fell early and won prizes. “I’ll listen to what they say,” Russell reveals later, “but I’m not going to do whatever they want.” Later, in the recycle room, Ronnie wants to know what the deal is. Jessie lies to his face and says he doesn’t know. Ronnie hopes that he will win the “mystery power” host Julie Chen announced on the eviction episode. One House Guest, chosen by America, will get to change out the eviction nominees but must keep the power secret until right before the actual vote. “Please America, I promise I’ll use it for good,” he says, pointing to Natalie and Jessie. “This good!” The Softer Side of Russell It’s time for Russell’s HoH Suite reveal! Everyone is excited to see pictures of Russell’s friends and family, but Russell is particularly interested in reading a letter from his pops. He learns that his dad is recovering rapidly from neck surgery and gets some good life advice that translates to the game. “I can only hope I am making my dad proud,” Russell says. A little later, Russell and Jeff hang in the HoH alone. Russell notes that they had a rough first week with one another but wonders if they can secretly work together this week. Jeff is impressed by Russell’s connection to his family and feels that they could be a good team. Has a new alliance been formed? Squid and Squash While the “Have Nots” bemoan their two allowable foods for the week—squid and squash, Lydia makes a bee line for the HoH Suite. After her obligatory flirty time with the new HoH, Lydia gets to the business of throwing people under the bus. She goes with Jessie and Natalie, who she says are talking smack about Russell. “I definitely want to do damage to the Natalie-Jessie alliance,” she says. Right after Lydia leaves, Natalie, Jessie and Chima come up to the HoH Suite. Russell wastes no time telling them what Lydia said about them. “That’s a blatant lie,” Chima fumes. “That’s part of the game,” Russell says. Jessie notes it is interesting Lydia said this only after Russell got HoH, while Chima dismisses Lydia as a “bipolar drama queen.” The last House Guest to supplicate himself is Ronnie, who tells Russell that he could have nominated Russell when he was HoH, but chose not to. Ronnie tells him that his allegiance will always lie with him, Natalie and Chima. Like Natalie, Ronnie pitches Lydia and Kevin as nominees this week. When Ronnie directly asks if he is in any potential danger, Russell lies and says, “oh, no.” Ronnie is glad to hear this, but doesn’t know if he should believe him. That’s smart, Ronnie. Just call Russell Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Lydia has a feeling in the pit of her stomach that things may not go well for her today. Kevin notes that his $5,000 prize is a good excuse for Russell to nominate him. Jeff has put his trust in Russell, which is still a surprise. “I might have just made an ally in this house I didn’t think could be made,” he says. Russell calls everyone in and begins the nomination ceremony. Jeff’s confidence stays strong when Jeff’s key is the first one pulled from the box. Chima is safe next, followed by Jordan. Michele’s key is third, followed by Natalie and Kevin. Lydia and Ronnie are the nominees! Russell tells Ronnie that he chose him because Ronnie slapped him in the face when he talked to Lydia. “I heard what you said verbatim,” Russell announces, calling Ronnie a snake. He also notes that if you want to catch a snake you need to be a mongoose. “Well, I’m a mongoose,” Russell says. Lydia notes that it is not a happy time getting nominated, but she’ll do what she has to do to stay. Ronnie is not intimidated by Russell’s mongoose analogy. “What you don’t realize is I’m a king cobra, and sometimes the king cobra kills the mongoose,” Ronnie says. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Power of Veto winner save the King Cobra, or side with the Mongoose? Find out Tuesday, August 4 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!