Season 11: Episode 13 - Ronnie Makes a Dramatic Departure and One Lucky House Guest Gets the Power of Coup D’etat
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Veto holder Michele is happy to leave nominations “as is,” because her goal for the week is to make sure nominee Ronnie goes home. Jordan notes that it will only take four votes to boot Ronnie. With Jordan, Jeff, Michele and Kevin all gunning to get Ronnie out, it seems certain that he’s going home over the other nominee, Lydia. Ronnie directs his ire at Michele, whom he feels has “no loyalty to anyone but herself.” Outside, after the Veto Ceremony, Kevin tells Lydia that she is definitely safe for the week, but Lydia knows that she could very easily go home instead. Paranoia, Table for One As Michele and Jordan engage in an innocent conversation about reading while lounging in the backyard, Russell works out nearby. He asks them if he is interrupting a sensitive conversation, but both of the women tell him that they weren’t discussing the game or him in particular. Russell doesn’t buy this and, a few minutes later, he confronts Jordan about what the conversation was actually about. Jordan calls out Russell for his paranoia, and lets him know that she was definitely not scheming. Upstairs in the HoH Suite, Russell tells Michele that Jessie, Chima and Natalie are definitely pissed at him for putting their ally, Ronnie, on the block. Michele then reveals to Russell that those three have all talked about back dooring Russell, particularly Chima. Russell is stunned, but chalks it all up to Chima’s jealousy of his budding alliance with Michele. A little later, Jessie comes upstairs and assures Russell that Chima is not out to back door him. He goes on to say that he has never heard Chima mention Russell’s name as a potential nominee (a flashback reveals this to be a lie). Downstairs, Russell tells Natalie that he is trying to figure out exactly who is lying to him. Ever the lap dog, Natalie runs to get Chima so that she can talk to Russell directly. Chima is not happy to have this conversation, but Natalie reminds her that they need to make nice with Russell so that he remains oblivious to their secret scheme to back door him out of the house when the time comes. Chima goes up to the HoH Suite and, when Russell interrogates her on what she said, Chima suggests that they call up Michele and get everything sorted out together. When Michele gets the command to come up to the HoH Suite, she knows that this probably is not going to be good for her. Chima confronts Michele on what she said about her, and Michele denies ever saying anything about Chima, which shocks Russell. Later, in the diary room, Michele is irritated at Russell for spilling the beans—she told him that in confidence to help both of their games, and he wastes the information. “Thanks a lot, you jerk,” Michele fumes. Quick to cover her tracks, Michele spins a story about how Russell is just being neurotic and misconstrued what she initially said. This works, as Chima starts to question Russell’s motives and then accuses Russell of fabricating all of this as part of his own lying scheme. This gets Russell mad at Chima, and the pair begins bickering amongst themselves. Russell gets so mad that he throws Michele and Chima out of the HoH Suite. Chima is pissed! As she goes downstairs, she and Russell get into a heated shouting match. The bickering continues downstairs as they throw insults and accusations at each other. Things get so heated that Natalie pulls Chima into the kitchen while Kevin holds the sliding glass door closed, confining Russell to the backyard and Chima to the house. As she cools down in the red room, Chima announces that Russell is going home, while Michele notes that Russell has made this “the season of the rat, part two.” Ronnie Makes a Stand Ronnie knows that he has three votes (courtesy of allies Jessie, Chima and Natalie), but thinks he might be able to squeeze out one last vote and keep himself in the game. In the bathroom, he tells Jessie that he thinks he can convince Jordan to give him a sympathy vote. Jessie isn’t so sure, but tells Ronnie to take his best shot. Ronnie goes into the pool bedroom, where Jeff has other plans for the evening that have nothing to do with the game. Jeff is hoping for some intimate romance time with Jordan, now that the budding couple has started getting more affectionate. Jordan is enjoying Jeff’s kisses when Ronnie enters and spoils the mood. Besides talking about the game, Ronnie passes gas, which kills what little is left of Jeff’s hope for a romantic encounter with Jordan. Jeff hopes Ronnie goes out of the House this week, so that next week he can make his moves on Jordan without Ronnie getting in the way! Tension as Usual Host Julie Chen checks in with the House Guests, and asks Jordan what she thought of the spat between Chima and Russell. Jordan replies that she just wanted to stay out of the way, but admits that it was very entertaining. Julie also has a conversation with Russell from the HoH Suite. Russell admits that he did let his emotions get to him this week, and that he did apologize to Chima for the very personal things he said. He also admits that next week will be a challenge once he is no longer HoH. Ever the charmer, Russell thanks Julie for being such a good host and compliments her on being so beautiful. Julie appreciates the praise but is quick to inform Russell that buttering up the host gets him nothing in the game! Who Holds the Coup d’etat? After 12 million votes, America has finally chosen the House Guest to get the special power that can overturn the HoH! And the lucky House Guest is—Jeff! In the diary room, Jeff reads the Coup d’etat announcement, which informs him that he has the option of using his power this week or next week to change the nominations for eviction. Jeff promises America that he will use the power to turn the house upside down. Julie then tells the House Guests that the winner of the “mystery power” has been secretly named and, at this point, he or she can use the power to take Ronnie and/or Lydia off the chopping block. Jeff keeps quiet, and Julie notes that the power could still be used next week. With that done, Julie instructs Lydia to make her final pitch to stay. Lydia makes a standard speech before Ronnie gets his shot. The tears start flowing as Ronnie thanks BIG BROTHER for this opportunity to be a House Guest, which has been his dream. It seems like he’s going out on a high note when he states that his wife always tells him to try and see the good in people but, when it comes to Michele, that seems to be tough. After telling her that he is trying to be nice, Ronnie calls Michele “the worst human being I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.” Wow! The Fourth Evicted House Guest is… From the secrecy of the diary room, each of the House Guests casts their vote to evict. Kevin votes to evict Ronnie while Natalie, Chima and Jessie all vote to evict Lydia. Ronnie’s goose is finally cooked when Michele, Jeff and Jordan vote him out of the house. On the way out the door, Michele tells Ronnie that she never had ill will for him. “Be quiet,” Ronnie intones before giving Michele his best community theatre, back-to-the-cheap-seats finger point. “And scene!” Outside, Julie calls Ronnie out for making some huge miscalculations in the game. Ronnie cops to some, but notes that he was loyal to his House allies while Michele was loyal to no one but himself. In his goodbye package, Kevin gloats that Ronnie left the house before him, while Chima vows to get revenge by targeting Russell. Michele gives it back to Ronnie when she tells him that she hates him and all of his manipulation. Some Friendly Advice After Ronnie has gone, Julie explains that the House Guests have been receiving unsolicited advice from fans. Last night, Kevin was in the backyard when he noticed a pedestal with a huge button. Kevin proudly proclaims that he skipped reading any instructions and decided to just “hit the bitch.” Suddenly, the House hears messages, songs, and raps from fans about what they should and shouldn’t do in the house. Some messages are informative, some are annoying and some are funny. Once the House Guests are outside for the HoH Competition, Julie explains that they are being asked true/false questions about all the advice they received. The rules are simple; you answer incorrectly, and you’re eliminated. Keep answering correctly and you’re the new HoH. Everyone correctly answers true to the first question and stays in the game. Michele and Lydia are eliminated with the second question, while Jessie is eliminated next. Jeff and Jordan answer incorrectly, leaving Kevin, Chima and Natalie in the game. Kevin and Natalie choke on the last question, making Chima the new HoH! Julie calls everyone back into the House, where Chima announces that she wants to thank Ronnie for helping her with a tutorial last night so that she was prepared for today’s game. “I couldn’t have done it without him,” she says. So whom will Chima nominate for eviction? And is Jeff likely to use the Coup d’etat to shake up the House? Find out Sunday, August 8 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!