Season 11: Episode 14 - A Surprise Guest Charms the House Guests as Jeff Keeps His Special Power a Secret
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Ronnie’s dramatic eviction certainly makes waves in the house, especially with Michele. She describes him as “bitter” and relishes the fact that Ronnie, the “BIG BROTHER Encyclopedia,” didn’t even make the Jury House. Lydia is sad because, after counting out the very close vote, she realizes that her supposed buddy Jessie voted for her to leave over Ronnie. Jeff is delighted that Ronnie the rat has finally gone. “Things are rolling my way,” he says. Jessie mourns the loss of Ronnie, who Jessie describes as “a wing man, and a very good wing man he was.” Outgoing Head of Household Russell learned something from the way the votes were cast—his supposed allies Jessie, Natalie and Chima were not on his side, since they voted to keep Ronnie. Some House Guests are surprised that the Mystery Power was not used, but the secret Coup d’Etat power-holder, Jeff, is biding his time. He wanted Ronnie to go anyhow, and he has another week to use the power to shake up the nominations. Chima says her Head of Household victory means that Natalie and Jessie are definitely safe along with her for the week. Russell hates this turn of events, but says he is ready to kiss some ass to save himself. “My new favorite ass is Chima’s,” Russell grouses. Lydia is expecting to go up on the block a third time because Chima’s closest friend in the House is Natalie, Lydia’s arch nemesis. Chima may be excited, but Jeff notes in the Diary Room that she shouldn’t get that worked up since he is really in control for the week when it comes to nominations. While Natalie and Chima loudly talk about how it would be stupid for the power holder to change up the nominations, Jeff notes that they are stupid because he is sure that he will use it wisely. Reveal That HoH Suite! Everyone comes upstairs to see Chima’s HoH Suite, complete with baby pictures and shots of her family. Chima reads a letter from her mom, who has been sick, but the letter reveals that her prognosis has been improving. Chima takes strength from this news, which she calls “very encouraging.” Soon after, Chima has a conversation with Michele about sending Russell home. Chima notes that Jessie and Natalie are in her ear about keeping Russell, but she needs to do what’s right for her. Chima reiterates her belief that a woman should win the game in the end, and that she doesn’t want to nominate two women and see one of them go home. Russell then gets his chance to supplicate himself in front of the HoH. Russell apologizes and notes that he has to mend their relationship, stressing that their problems have been more personal rather than game-related. “I lost my cool,” he says. “What more can I say?” Chima admits that she has trouble with trusting Russell. The conversation ends with an awkward hug between the two. “I don’t trust him on a personal level,” Chima says later, “I have to decide if that’s enough to put him up.” A Major Revelation In a conversation in the Recycle Room, Chima reveals that she was the victim of a violent crime, having been raped by a serial killer about ten years ago. Everyone is stunned as Chima describes how she was able to fight her way through the ordeal, despite the fact that her attacker had a gun. “I didn’t escape unharmed,” she explains, noting that she had to have two surgeries on her face. “Some women don’t talk about it,” she says, “I had my moments, but it didn’t destroy me.” Kevin notes that this is one of the things that make Chima so strong, while Jeff realizes that they sometimes get too caught up in the game, and he thinks that they need to spend time to truly look at their fellow House Guests as people. In the Red Room, Jordan tells Jeff that she is worried that they are going to go up on the block. Jeff tells her that she is paranoid, and that Russell is the target. Jordan thinks that Russell and Chima are now buddies, which Jeff does not believe. Jordan then reveals that she thinks Michele has the Mystery Power. Jeff tells her that they will be fine. Later Jeff reveals that it’s tough keeping his Coup d’Etat power a secret, especially from his closest ally, Jordan. An Unexpected Guest The House Guests are hanging out when they hear a strange noise. Could that be a doorbell? It is! Natalie and Kevin run to the front door to see who could be visiting them, and in through the door walks TV and movie star, Jeremy Piven! Fellow Chicago-native Jeff is excited to see him, while Chima notes that it is energizing to meet someone new. Jeremy gathers everyone in the living room and banters with them before explaining that they will be competing in a luxury competition where the winners will get a special screening of his new feature film, The Goods. But wait, there’s more! One of the members of the winning team will also win a cash prize! After Jeremy leaves, the House Guests go outside to find the backyard transformed into a huge junkyard/used car lot, which Chima says looks like something out of the old sitcom “Sanford and Son.” Chima explains that as HoH she will not be playing, so the House can split into two four-member teams. Jeff, Kevin, Lydia and Michele are the “Ties”, while Jordan, Russell, Natalie and Jessie are the “Shirts”. Chima explains that the object of the competition is for each team to fill their vintage station wagon with as many items from the junkyard as possible. Each of the items are assigned a number of points, or “cars,” with the larger, bulkier items bringing in more cars. They have five minutes to pack their station wagons, and in the end the entire team has to fit in the car as well. To raise the stakes, one member of the winning team will walk away with big payday, while the losers will be the Have Nots for the week. Chima isn’t playing, but if she picks the winning team she will have a chance to receive the payday prize, and will get to enjoy the screening of the Paramount Pictures’ movie The Goods. Chima picks the Shirts as the winners. Start Stuffing! The teams run like crazy people into the junkyard and start grabbing the odd collection of stuff, which includes everything from a plastic showman to a giant red high heel. Jessie notes that he had “no problem bargain shopping” when he grabbed items the other team had collected, but had not yet put in their car. Lydia finds this very frustrating. The Shirts wonder why Jordan is spending so much time stuffing a teddy bear into the car at the last minute because it is only 17 points, but Jordan thinks it is more than worth it. Meanwhile, Kevin struggles to fit himself in the station wagon, but realizes the only way in is to put his face right by Lydia’s butt. Once the five minutes are up, the teams begin counting their “cars.” The Ties rack up 399 cars, a number that worries Jessie and the Shirts. Jordan begins unloading items from her team’s van, and everyone realizes it is going to be a close call. With one item left, the Shirts need seven points to win. The last item out of the van is the 17-point teddy bear, and Jordan’s persistence puts them over the top making the Shirts the winners! Now it’s time for the payday. Each of the Shirts, plus Chima, grabs a commission envelope, and whoever picks the check with the highest amount wins the cash prize. Chima’s check comes out to $8,500, while Natalie’s cashes out at $9,999. Jessie’s check comes to $7,500, while Jordan’s check is $5,000. The last to pick is Russell, who opens his envelope to reveal a $10,000 check, making him the winner. Although he is excited, Russell admits that he had to keep his emotions in check because he didn’t want to make himself any more of a target than he already is. One Ugly Love Triangle The Lydia-Jessie-Natalie triad of jealousy is continuing unabated. Lydia tries to spend time in the bathroom with Jessie to discuss game play, but Natalie comes in and breaks them up. Jessie then goes upstairs to say goodnight to Natalie and Chima in the HoH Suite, but all Natalie wants to hear is what Lydia said to him. Natalie warns Jessie that if Lydia puts her up on the block, Natalie is blaming him. “Let her know the second she screws you or I it will be World War Five in this place,” she announces. “Let me do what I need to do this week,” Jessie says, “and then I’ll never talk to her again.” Jessie mopes downstairs for a while before going back up to the HoH Suite, where he tells Natalie and Chima that he has no one else in the game except the two of them. “I’m not going to piss you off,” Jessie says. Natalie notes that if Lydia is Jessie’s friend, she should also have Natalie and Chima’s backs as well. Chima does not like this fighting between Natalie and Jessie over Lydia because if Natalie and Jessie stop talking, their alliance would be over. Because of this, Lydia going home this week would only help their game. Nomination Time Russell is worried about the nominations, along with Michele, Jordan and Lydia. Chima calls them into the dining room for the Nomination Ceremony, and wastes no time in revealing that Natalie and Jessie are safe. Kevin and Michele’s keys are pulled next, followed by Jordan and Jeff’s. Lydia and Russell are the nominees. Lydia sees her nomination as “Momma Bear Chima protecting Baby Bear Natalie.” Russell has a lot of built up anger about the nominations, but he intends to win the House Guests over with kindness. Jessie is worried about who has the Mystery Power, while Jeff notes that he is the one who will ultimately decide who is leaving this week. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will they us it to save Russell or Lydia? Find out Tuesday, August 11 at 9 pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!