Season 11: Episode 15 - The Power of Veto Creates Friction
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

In the wake of Chima’s nominations for eviction, Lydia believes that the real target for the week is not her, but Russell, even though she knows that Russell could “lay on the schmoozing” this week in an effort to save himself. Russell is dealing with the fact that his supposed friends in the House just got him nominated, so he is sure his alliance with Chima, Natalie and Jessie is done. This proves to be an accurate assessment by Russell.

In the wake of the nomination ceremony, Natalie and Jessie congratulate Chima in the Red Room on giving such a brief and classy speech, and express their happiness regarding the nominations. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Russell tells Lydia that she will be there another week. Russell notes that he didn’t even consider putting Jessie, Natalie or Chima on the block last week when he was HoH. “Talk about backstabbing,” he says.
 The Mystery Power Gets to JessieWhile Jessie and Natalie are playing chess up in the loft, Jeff gets called to Diary Room. Jessie whispers to Natalie that he thinks Jeff is the Mystery Power holder for the week. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think that Jeff would save anybody if he did, in fact, have the power. Natalie and Jessie then go into the HoH Suite and continue the conversation with Chima. The women tell Jessie that he is overreacting, while Jessie says that he desperately wants to play for the Power of Veto this week. He knows that the Mystery Power holder can change up the nominations, and the only way to ensure his safety is to win the Veto. Chima announces that, if she gets to pick a player for Veto, she will choose Natalie. Natalie boasts that she would be a better player than Jessie anyway. Jessie is not happy!

Now that he is target Numero Uno for the week, Russell decides that he needs to mend some fences in the House, and starts with Michele. “What do you want to ask me, Russell,” Michele asks, as they play an awkward game of pool. Russell says that he didn’t agree with what Ronnie said to her when he was evicted, and then brings up the deal that Russell thought he had with Michele. Russell reminds Michele that, when he was the HoH, she told him that Chima was trying to get him out of the house. Michele says that she actually said that Chima MAY do that, but a flashback confirms Russell’s claim.  

Michele says that they are arguing over semantics as Russell keeps bringing it up and calling her a liar. Michele has finally had enough and storms off. So much for mending fences!

Michele goes up to Chima and Natalie in the HoH Suite and says that Russell is being a jackass. Chima is hardly surprised, and says Russell always picks a fight. Michele cries a little over how Russell called her a liar, which prompts Chima to reiterate her desire to toss all the men out of the House so there is an all-woman final five. Even Natalie is on board in terms of booting Jessie. The guys better watch out!

Michele leaves the HoH Suite and is confronted by Russell, who tells her she is a nutcase. More fence mending! He then tells her that Ronnie was right to have called her out the way he did on the last eviction show. Michele tells Russell that he needs to respect women as she walks off. This only hardens Chima’s belief that Russell needs to go. “Russell is an expletive,” she says. “Fill in the blank, America!”

 One SpEGGtacular Veto CompetitionChima calls everyone into the Living Room to pick players for the Veto Ceremony. Chima picks Natalie’s chip, which annoys Jessie. Russell gets House Guest’s choice, and effectively ends his relationship with Jessie when he chooses Jeff to play. Lydia also gets House Guest’s choice and chooses her bestie, Kevin.

After the players change into chicken costumes, everyone goes outside to find the backyard turned into a huge chicken coop. Jeff is not sure what to think, but sees a lot of chicken wire, individual “bacon” bridges, and tons of eggs! Veto Host, Michele, explains that the six chickens have been separated from their precious eggs and that their job is to rescue the eggs from the coop. The chickens have to weave their fingers through the chicken wire and move their easily broken eggs to the other side of the bacon bridge. The first chicken to get a dozen eggs from the coop to their egg stands will win the PoV.

Maneuvering the eggs through the wire and out of the coop is laborious and time consuming, which frustrates the impatient Jeff. Kevin tries to stay focused as Russell confirms that this win is crucial for him. As the players weave their eggs up through the chicken wire, Lydia realizes that she, Russell and Kevin are in a three-way race for first place. The player definitely out of the running is Natalie, who is embarrassed by moving only two eggs. Kevin takes the lead when he moves through 11 eggs. Russell notices Kevin’s speed, and starts shouting in an attempt to throw Kevin off of his game. “Don’t let it fall, buddy,” Russell taunts. The needling takes its toll on Kevin, who admits to changing up his rhythm and slowing down a bit. This allows Russell to catch up to Kevin. “O.M.G., I never shook so much in my life,” Kevin admits.  In the nail biting conclusion, Kevin moves through his final egg. He wins the Veto!

“It is so about time that Kevin won something in BIG BROTHER,” Kevin says of himself, before realizing that he has a big decision on his hands. Saving Lydia from the chopping block is a no-brainer emotionally, but game-wise he has to think about it. Russell is not happy about losing. “I need to come up with a new plan,” Russell says. “It’s me against the world, baby.”  
 Friendship vs. The GameAfter his win, Kevin does a happy dance with Lydia in the bathroom. Lydia assumes that Kevin plans to use the Veto on her, but Kevin breaks the news that it may not be in their best interest to use the Veto because it will piss Chima off. An unhappy Lydia wants to know what Kevin would think if the tables were turned. Later, in the diary room, Kevin says that he has come a long way without creating enemies, but he is also under pressure to take a friend off of the block. What does he do?

In the storage room, Russell decides to target Jessie in his last stab to stay for the week. He warns Jessie that the women are uniting, while Jeff is targeting him—Russell is his only hope! Jessie is less worried about Russell going home and more worried about being targeted with the Mystery Power. Jessie wastes no time in sharing this revelation with Jeff. Jessie points out that Russell is throwing Jeff under the bus, and that Jeff would be wise not to trust him. Jessie also tells Jordan the same thing and warns her that Russell lies. Out in the hammock, Jeff and Jordan agree that the suddenly friendly Jessie is freaking out.
 Another Chima/Russell Blow UpRussell is done being nice to Chima, and it shows. When Chima chides Russell to get moving out of the shower, a fight ensues in the kitchen. When Chima calls Russell a “terrorist,” Russell yells at Chima for using a racist comment, while Chima argues that she is calling him a terrorist specifically for terrorizing everyone in the house (a flashback serves as a reminder that Russell spent some time taunting the recently evicted Ronnie when he was the House pariah). Natalie tells Russell that Chima didn’t mean it that way. Russell and Chima then trade a series of insults as they goad one another. “You’re going home,” Chima yells, adding that Russell can’t handle being evicted by a woman.
 The Luxury RewardEmotions ebb and flow in the House and soon, Chima, Russell, Jordan, Jessie and Natalie retire to the HoH Suite to see their screening of the Paramount Pictures’ feature film The Goods starring Jeremy Piven. Russell and Chima start bickering but Natalie, Jessie and Jordan all ask them to quiet down so that they can enjoy the movie. Everyone calms down and gets into the comedy. Outside in the yard, the Have Nots mope, but Jeff points out that at least they can work on their tans. “That was good,” Russell says, after the movie. “Jeremy Piven, I take my hat off to you. I laughed non-stop throughout.”

Later that night Lydia tells Russell that Kevin is not using the Veto to take her off of the block. Russell reminds her that no one is your friend in the BIG BROTHER House, which is a revelation to Lydia when it comes to Kevin. This causes some strife between Lydia and Kevin, and requires the friends to talk about the Veto in the Recycle Room. Kevin doesn’t know why Lydia is talking about his Veto to Russell, while Lydia doesn’t understand why Kevin isn’t going to use the Veto on her. Kevin tells Lydia that this is a difficult decision to make.
 The Veto CeremonyKevin admits that he is basically gambling Lydia’s life in the game, but he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Chima. In the diary room, Chima reveals that she will question Kevin’s loyalty if he uses the Veto. Kevin calls everyone into the living room for the Veto Ceremony and, after brief pleas from Russell and Lydia, announces that he is not using the Veto. Lydia decides that she needs to think of a new nickname for Kevin instead of Sugar Bear. “How about Poopy Bear?” she asks. Russell compares the House to the unpredictable sport of wrestling, while Jeff aptly points out in the diary room that nobody is safe this week because he has the Coup d’etat. “The choice is mine,” he says. Who will be evicted from the House this week? And will Jeff use the Coup d’etat to upset the nominations? Find out live Thursday, August 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!