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Season 11: Episode 16 - Jeff Uses the Power of Coup D'etat
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After Kevin decides not to use the Power of Veto, Chima tells him “good job,” because she did not want her nominations changed. Kevin says that he didn’t want to create more enemies in the House (namely Chima) and also wanted to ensure that Russell goes home this week. Unfortunately, Lydia takes Kevin’s strategy personally and thinks that it is “totally bogus” that her House BFF, Kevin, did not use the Veto to take her off of the chopping block. “That’s not okay in my book,” she fumes.

Lydia decides to go mope in the red room, where fellow nominee Russell finds her and offers a supportive hug. Russell knew that Kevin wasn’t going to use the Veto on him and from this point on, Russell decides, he has to find some other way to get into people’s heads so that he can stay in the house for yet another week. After Russell takes off, Jessie comes in. He is very nervous about the “Mystery Power,” which will allow one House Guest, chosen by America, to upset the house in some way. Jessie knows that the HoH and the Veto holder are the only two people who are truly safe, so he feels that he’s a target. “Why are you psyching yourself?” Lydia asks Jessie. “I’ve lost this game before,” he intones, “and I know what it feels like.”

Outside, by the pool table, Russell engages Jeff in a conversation about the Mystery Power. Everyone in the House is trying to figure out who the lucky person with all the power is, but only Jeff knows that he has the Coup d’état! “I love, love, love having this Mystery Power,” he says in the diary room. “Everyone is gonna be surprised when they figure out it’s me.”

Natalie has some suspicions. She reveals that she and Jessie think that it is highly likely that Jeff or Jordan have the Mystery Power, so they decide to spend the day outside in the backyard schmoozing with the cute couple. Natalie gets Jeff to play badminton, while Jordan turns down Jessie’s attempt to engage her in a game of catch. Jordan thinks it’s weird that Jessie and Natalie are so buddy-buddy with them all of the sudden. “There is something scandalous going on,” she says, “and I will figure it out—eventually.”
 A Conflict SimmersLater that night, Russell and Jessie play their own game of pool. Russell makes a play for Jessie’s vote, warning that the women are ganging up on the men and that Jessie is going to need Russell on his side in order to withstand the threat of the women. Jessie reveals that he learned a lot about Russell’s game when he chose Jeff over Jessie to play in the Veto competition. This irritates Russell, who knows that the only reason Jessie wanted to play for the Veto was to ensure his own safety against the Mystery Power. “Boo hoo,” Russell says of Jessie in the diary room, noting that this is a game. “Have Natalie give you a back rub.”
 The Clash of the House Rams!In the pool bedroom, Russell makes a final play for Michele’s vote. He tells her that the House needs to break up Lydia and Jessie, while keeping him is a good move since he is so widely hated. In the adjacent red room, Natalie overhears the conversation and immediately tells Jessie, who now wonders if Michele holds the Mystery Power. Jessie storms into the pool bedroom and reminds Michele that, just a few days ago, Russell was calling her crazy. Jessie gets into Russell’s face and tells him that he doesn’t know what is coming out of his mouth. Never one to back down, Russell jumps up and goes toe-to-toe with Jessie, telling him that he has every right to fight to stay in the House. The two get into a very heated exchange and Michele attempts to calm them down, but things stay tense as the inevitable stand off between the two House muscle heads comes to a head. “I’m playing the game to win.” Russell says.

Once things have calmed down, Jessie talks to Chima in the HoH Suite. They both agree that Russell needs to go this week. “I look forward to dancing on his grave,” Chima says, adding that she wants a 6-0 vote. She warns that if the Mystery Power is used, “you’ll see a side of me you have not seen before.” Is Jeff prepared for the wrath of Chima? She is “99.9 percent sure” that Jeff has the Mystery Power, and vows that there will be drama next week if Jeff uses it, and the drama will be directed at him.

Host Julie Chen checks in with the House Guests and asks who among them is nervous about the Mystery Power.  Everyone raises a hand except Kevin. Julie takes the opportunity to ask Kevin how hard it was not to use the PoV on his friend, Lydia. Kevin admits that it was not an easy decision, but he thinks that Lydia and he are back on good terms. Lydia confirms that she still loves Kevin and that this can only make them stronger. Julie also asks Jeff if the BIG BROTHER experience is more difficult than he expected, and Jeff says, “Absolutely.”
 The Other Side of ChimaChima has no problem speaking her mind in the House, but what does her family think of her game play? In Nevada, her grandmother Florence explains that, when Chima’s mother was in the Navy, Chima lived with her for about a year. Chima’s friend, Kimberly, reveals that Chima is a “girly girl that likes to be treated like a princess,” which is not exactly a surprise to the other House Guests. Florence and Grandpa Bill watch Chima’s fight with Russell, an incident Florence does not enjoy. “There should be some civility,” she insists.  Kimberly thinks that Chima can win as long as her pride doesn’t get in the way. When it comes to Chima, “what you see is what you get,” Florence says.

Up in the HoH Suite, Julie asks Chima how things went so wrong so fast with Russell. Chima says that Russell was “spreading lies around the House” and acting like a bully. “It was inevitable I found out about these things,” she says, which made her and Russell enemies. Chima also says that she has no regrets over what she said to Russell when they were fighting. “Everything he said to me was above and beyond what needed to be said,” she argues. “I met him face-to-face.” Chima also explains that she mulled over the Mystery Power, but ultimately had to put the threat aside and get on with her HoH week.
 Coup d’étatAs Chima heads back to the living room, Julie chimes in and reminds the House Guests that one of them has the Mystery Power. “If the holder would like to use it, please stand up,” Julie says. Jeff stands up! Jordan looks shocked as Jeff says, “welcome to the party.” Julie explains that the Mystery Power is the Coup d’état, which allows Jeff to overthrow the HoH and change one or both of the nominations. Julie then asks Jeff if he would like to change one of the nominees. He says yes, and asks Lydia to move to a new seat while Natalie takes her place in the nomination chair. Julie asks Jeff if he would like to change the second nominee. He says yes, and replaces Russell with Jessie! Before taking one of the green chairs, Jessie whips off his long-sleeved shirt to reveal a t-shirt with a picture of himself on it! “You guys have run the house and haven’t felt the feel of the block,” Jeff says. “Feel the pain a little bit. Enjoy.”

Julie explains that Chima and Jeff are not voting in the elimination, but both will be able to play in the upcoming HoH Competition. Natalie gets to plead her case to stay, but refuses to say anything bad about Jessie as she explains how loyal she has been to her allies. Jessie notes that this was his worst-case scenario, but congratulates Jeff on the best move he’s made so far in the game.

Time to vote! Lydia opts to evict Natalie, while Jordan votes to evict Jessie. Russell votes to evict Natalie, while both Kevin and Michele vote to evict Jessie, which seals his fate in the game! We have our first Jury Member!

Outside, with Julie, Jessie says that it is no surprise that he is out because America didn’t like him last season, either. Julie calls Jessie on his lack of game play and his marathon sleeping sessions, but Jessie says that he knew he was doomed with the Mystery Power. He once again congratulates Jeff on a great move as Julie consoles him with the revelation that he made it farther this year than he did last year.
 The New HoHOnce again, the power is up for grabs. Julie explains that this competition is called “Hit the Road,” in which the object is to correctly guess the answers to questions about past competitions from the summer. The three possible answers are HoH, Have and Have Not, and Veto. House Guests play head-to head. If they answer correctly, their opponent is eliminated, and the winning player then gets to pick the next two players. The cycle continues until there is just one player standing.

Thanks to a random draw, Lydia and Kevin play first. Kevin answers the first question correctly, eliminating Lydia. He then picks Jeff and Russell to play. When Russell answers incorrectly, he is eliminated. Jeff chooses Chima and Natalie to play next. Natalie is eliminated and Chima picks Jeff and Jordan to play. Jordan is eliminated and Jeff picks Kevin and Chima. Kevin answers correctly, eliminating Chima. Michele and Jeff play. Michele eliminates Jeff before eliminating Kevin. She is the new HoH!

Who will Michele pick for eviction? And will Chima bring her wrath down on Jeff? Find out Sunday, August 15 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!