Season 11: Episode 17 - Jessie's Eviction Devastates Some House Guests and Energizes Others
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“When Jeff stood up, I was in complete shock,” Jordan says, in reaction to her house BFF announcing his use of the Coup d’etat. “Thank you, America. You put it in the right person’s hands.” Russell says he was speechless when he found himself off the chopping block. “I was dead in the water and I’m back.” Chima feels differently about Jeff’s use of the Mystery Power. “I am pissed, I am livid,” she seethes. She points out that she looked “prim and proper” sitting during the Live Show, but what she really wanted to do “was wring his neck.” Jeff explains that his number one goal was evicting Jessie and putting up Natalie, “his little lap dog,” to ensure that Jessie went home. After Jessie is nominated, Chima tells Jeff that he is being power hungry. “You are disloyal, fine,” she spits. “You made a deal with the devil.” Jeff is having none of it. “I didn’t make a deal with anybody,” he shoots back. As the two fire accusations back and forth at one another, Jessie quietly states that Jeff made a good move. Chima warns that the target is now off of Russell and squarely on Jeff’s back. “You don’t control anything,” Jeff says to her. He explains how he was going to be voted out of the house sixth, and he had to change things up in order to ensure his safety. Jessie’s eviction had a major impact on Natalie, who sobs that Jessie was nothing but decent to her. “He is a great, great, great guy,” Natalie says, as she argues that “the ugly get rewarded” in this game while the good get punished. “It’s just not right,” she adds. Chima is also uncharacteristically emotional in the diary room as she mourns the loss of Jessie. “To leave unexpectedly is kind of like a family member dying,” she says through tears. Kevin, however, does not share in the outpouring of grief. On his way out of the House, Jessie, dissed Kevin by not saying goodbye, something Kevin definitely noticed. “He is exactly what America thinks he is,” Kevin says, calling Jessie “self involved” and an “egomaniac,” among other things. “I personally was happy to see Jessie go.” Chima and Lydia console themselves in the moments after Jessie’s eviction. “I couldn’t even stand up,” a devastated Lydia says, explaining that she couldn’t even give Jessie a hug goodbye. “Jessie didn’t get into my head, but into my heart.” As Chima starts in on Jeff again, Jeff turns around and reiterates that this is a game. Chima lashes out, and reminds Jeff that he lied because he said he was going to vote Russell out. Jeff says he didn’t actually get to vote, so he didn’t really lie. Chima tells him that she doesn’t want to argue “semantics.” Michele’s Big Win Michele is excited to have won her first Head of household competition. It is clear that Michele’s win makes for a wild card week in terms of nominations. Chima says that she was “happy, but a little distraught at the same time. I thought I had Russell out of the door. Maybe Michele will come through for us.” Chima is not alone in this feeling, because Russell himself admits that he “is nervous as hell” over Michele winning HoH. Kevin notes that this is the biggest question mark in the game, because who knows what’s going through Michele’s head? After the HoH competition, Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell hang in the kitchen. Russell thought he was leaving for sure and Jordan says that she too was completely fooled. Michele is impressed, because it showed Jeff is willing to make some bold moves in the game. Jeff notes Jessie was walking right to the final four, and his move opened up the game to everyone in the House. Russell warns Jeff that he has made himself a target, while Jeff points out that the rest of the House Guests are having a pity party in the red room. And what a pity party it is! Natalie tells Chima that she worries she will go up on the chopping block. Chima is annoyed that people who were calling Michele crazy last week are now in her ear giving her advice. “I believe in karma,” Chima says, vowing to get HoH next week and follow through on her plan to evict Russell. Natalie wants to pitch Russell as a nominee to Michele. Welcome to Michele’s Room Despite all the drama, everyone pulls it together for Michele’s HoH Suite reveal. Lydia is amazed at a picture of Michele with bleached-out hair and a bright blue streak. Natalie tells Michele that her husband is cute, while everyone gushes over her stuffed rats. Jeff finds it funny that Chima, Lydia and Natalie are now acting as if Michele is their best friend. “Now they love rats,” he says. After everyone leaves, Jeff and Russell hang out outside on the patio. Russell tells Jeff that, if they both get nominated, he would play for the Veto and then turn around and hand it to Jeff! Keeping things calm, Jeff tells Russell that’s not going to happen. Russell worries that Michele is hard to read, and anything from her is a 50/50 crapshoot. “I hope it doesn’t come up snake eyes,” he says. Russell makes his way up to the HoH Suite where, once again, he and Michele try to hash out their differences. They both say all the right things to one another, and eventually hug it out. Things seem better between them, but Michele intends to keep an eye on Russell, because “he is a little sneaky snake.” Jessie’s Irish Wake During dinner, Natalie comes upon an unexpected surprise; a bottle of wine that Jessie had saved from his HoH days. This prompts a series of boozy, whiny toasts during which Team Jessie mourns the loss of their House ally. Outside on the patio, Russell, Jessie, Jordan and Michele are amazed at the outpouring of emotion going on in the Dining Room. “Dude, the guy is alive,” Jeff says. “Relax. We’re playing a game.” Russell goes on to say that they are acting like Jessie was a saint. As Lydia gets even more weepy and sloppy, Kevin sits back quietly. “O.M.G., “ Kevin says in amazement in the diary room. “These girls are acting like Jessie got hit by a Mac truck and was killed.” Kevin can’t believe that Lydia has forgotten that Jessie voted for her eviction and Chima has forgotten that Jessie nominated her. Amazingly, Chima fondly remembers Jessie as someone who never spoke ill of anyone else. Back outside, the rest of the House Guests are still shocked about what’s going down inside. “Did he turn water into wine?” Jeff asks sarcastically. Serving Up Some Casseroles Michele gathers everyone in the living room to explain the Have-Have Not Competition. This week, the House is working to get food for every day of the week and the chance for some luxuries. She explains that they are breaking up into teams of two, but they will all win or lose things as a group. When everyone goes outside, they find two huge slides running into two giant pools of “casseroles,” in addition to a huge table with trays of real casseroles. Kevin realizes right away that they may be eating some nasty concoctions! Michele explains that each team will slide down the slides and then run to the casserole trays, where they will have to taste the various trays and find the two batches that match. The team must then put the two trays on their corresponding podium. Each podium represents a day of the week or a luxury. Michele likes that they are all working together, even if some occasional bickering erupts during the competition. After everyone slides down the slides and eats the nasty casseroles, Michele reveals what they matched correctly. When they mess up the first pairing, Jeff worries they will all be on slop all week. Although Monday was a loss, everyone is excited to find out they have food for Tuesday through Sunday! Things get better when the House finds out that they have won the use of a Bar-b-que grill and hot showers for the week! The only thing they miss is a steak and lobster feast. Kevin is shocked that they did so well, but he’s taking the win. “Good for us,” he says. Working the HoH Natalie makes her pilgrimage up to the HoH Suite to see where she stands with Michele. Natalie warns Michele that Russell is not on her side, and what he said to her can’t be forgiven. Michele says that there is one person she wants to send home, and she has two prospective pawns. Natalie admits that this is fair and that Michele has to do what she wants. Chima makes her own pilgrimage, but Michele has bad news for her when she says Chima won’t like her picks for eviction. “So not Russell?” Chima asks. Like Natalie, Chima also warns Michele about Russell. “You’ve been forewarned,” Chima says. “He may be your end game if you don’t put him up.” Time for Nominations Michele calls everyone into the dining room for eviction nominations. She stresses that her nominations are purely strategic, and not personal. Jordan’s key comes out of the box first, followed by Jeff’s key. Russell, Kevin and Lydia then find that they are safe for the week. Natalie and Chima are this week’s nominees! Michele tells Chima that she is one of the fiercest competitors in the House and that she respects her as a strong woman. “I see you in the final two,” Michele says. “I want to be in the final two, and I don’t see you taking me.” Michele apologizes to Natalie, but tells her that she needed someone else in the other nomination spot. Russell loves the nominations and notes that karma is a bitch. Natalie says that she now has to prove how strong she is. Chima says she really doesn’t care if she is nominated. 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