Season 11: Episode 18 - Chima is Ejected from the House by Big Brother in the Most Memorable Episode of the Season!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

With her nominations behind her, the current Head of Household, Michele, admits that she really likes eviction nominee Chima as a person but insists, “I’m in the house to win money. I don’t think my friendship with Chima is worth $500,000.” Immediately after the eviction nominations, Chima points out that she has been nothing but kind to Michele in the game. Up in the HoH Suite, Jordan, Jeff and Russell congratulate Michele on her nominations. “One of them needed to go,” Jordan says of the two nominees, Chima and Lydia. Jeff nods and mutters that Chima “is a nightmare.”

Downstairs, Chima says that she wants to quit the game. Kevin pleads with her to reconsider because, if she goes, she will destroy his and Natalie and Lydia’s game. “I kept her off the block when she came to me,” Chima says of Michele. “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out of this house.”
 The Tale of the MicrophoneKevin explains that, occasionally, BIG BROTHER gives the House Guests a chance to practice elements of an upcoming competition and, tonight, BIG BROTHER has set up a miniature golf green complete with jumbo-sized clubs and a huge golf ball out in the backyard. Natalie tells Kevin to wake up Chima so that she can practice for the upcoming crucial Veto competition. Chima pulls herself out of bed and goes outside, where Natalie and Lydia are practicing. BIG BROTHER repeatedly tells Chima to put on her microphone, but Chima ignores the command. Natalie even instructs Lydia to get Chima’s microphone for her. “No, don’t, seriously,” Chima says, as she is asked to put it on again.

Jordan watches from across the backyard. “She’s a diva,” Jordan says, “breaking rules from day one.” Jordan’s statement segues into a montage of Chima’s numerous infractions over the last several weeks, which range from refusing to go into the diary room when called to covering cameras with blankets to threatening to act inappropriately during the live show. Kevin confirms that one of the BIG BROTHER ground rules states that House Guests must always wear a microphone. Chima’s friends decide to go get Chima’s microphone for her so she can focus on practicing for the Veto Competition. When Natalie hands her the microphone, Chima takes it, turns around, and tosses it right into the hot tub! “Nooo!” Natalie, Lydia and Kevin yell, knowing that Chima has crossed a BIG BROTHER line. “I was mortified,” Lydia says later in the diary room. “That’s a big no-no.” As Lydia and Natalie fish the microphone out of the hot tub, Natalie tries to convince herself that the microphone simply fell out of Chima’s hand. “Yeah, it fell,” Lydia says sarcastically. Natalie warns Chima that she could owe BIG BROTHER for the cost of replacing the expensive piece of equipment. “Yeah, whatever,” Chima says.

When BIG BROTHER asks Chima to exchange her microphone for a replacement from the storage room, Chima refuses. Kevin goes to get it, but Chima warns him that his efforts are futile. “I’m not going to wear the new one,” she says.
Chima and her allies later relocate to the red room, where Chima says that she is just defeated. Natalie tries to encourage her but the conversation is interrupted by BIG BROTHER, requesting that Chima go the diary room.  Chima refuses.  Chima threatens to cause havoc all week and demands that the producers come into the House and talk to her face-to-face. Allison Grodner, the Executive Producer of BIG BROTHER, is suddenly heard over the House intercom telling Chima that she needs to come to the diary room. After a moment’s resistance, Chima gets up and walks into the diary room. Chima enters and finds BIG BROTHER staffers waiting for her. “No need to sit down,” one staffer says, as Chima is escorted through the diary room.
 The Game is Always ChangingBack in the red room, Kevin tells Natalie and Lydia that he thinks that Chima is not coming back. “My gut is telling me things,” he says. Natalie and Lydia continue to insist that Chima dropped the microphone, but Kevin cuts them off. “They’re not stupid,” he says, reminding them of all the cameras. Allison Grodner then comes back over the intercom and calls the House Guests into the living room. After everyone sits down, Allison announces that “it was very clear that Chima did not want to follow the rules of the game,” and that she destroyed production equipment. “She needed to be expelled,” Allison explains. Everyone is in shock. “This is stupid,” Kevin says. After Lydia asks if they should pack her stuff up, Allison announces that they will all find out how the week will play out tomorrow afternoon.

Immediately after the announcement, Kevin cries in the recycle room. “I totally tried to tell her,” he says to himself as he paces and sobs. Outside, Jeff is less sympathetic. “She was a nuisance and a menace,” he says. “We’re playing a game.” Russell says that some people are ungrateful while Michele points out that Chima willfully did bad things. In the red room, Natalie blames Michele for Chima’s bad behavior. Lydia tells Natalie that now is not the time and reminds her that Chima didn’t want to listen. “I could have reasoned with her,” Natalie says. “Chima made this choice,” Lydia responds. Natalie says that the only reason she is staying is for vindication. Lydia and Kevin warn her that the more she thinks about it, the crazier it will make her. As things get more heated, Lydia tells Natalie that they have to get the people that screwed them all in the game.
 Expect the UnexpectedThe next afternoon, Michele comes out of the diary room and asks everyone to assemble. She explains that, since one of her nominees was evicted for rule nominations, her duties as HoH are over. She tells Natalie to take a seat on the couch, because she is no longer a nominee. She then explains that the House Guests must get ready for the next HoH Competition now. Michele notes that her HoH experience “was a little different,” but that she wanted Chima out of the House, and that happened. “I had two good days of being HoH,” Michele says.

Kevin feels that this is the best-case scenario, because a new HoH is “a great way to reset everything.” When the House Guests go outside, they find the back yard transformed into a Country Club! Michele welcomes them to the first HoH invitational golf tournament, in which players must use a giant golf putter to putt an oversized golf ball around a giant snail, aiming for the hole in one on the other side. If they miss, their shot goes into a giant windmill, where they are assigned various point values. Just like a game of real golf, the lowest score will be the winning score. One player is eliminated in each round, but gets to choose a gift, one of which is the HoH key. The trick is, eliminated players can keep the gift they choose or may steal the gift of any previously eliminated House Guest.  The final golfer can choose from any of the gifts, including the coveted HoH key.

Lydia is up first and lands her ball in the windmill, scoring six points. Everyone shoots a better score. Lydia is eliminated and chooses from the various covered platters.  When she reveals her gift, she discovers that it is the HoH key! But Lydia isn’t happy as she knows that another HG will eventually take it from her.  She fumes as she finds the champagne and orange juice waiting for her in the HoH Club House. “Oh, mimosas,” she says before pouring herself one.

In round two, Natalie is eliminated and she chooses a Hawaiian Vacation, which she keeps. She reasons that the HoH key will be taken away from her if she takes it from Lydia, so she might as well pocket the trip. Russell is eliminated in the next round, and he snags a call from home. He trades his prize for Natalie’s vacation. Far from being upset, Natalie is so emotional over the idea of a call from her dad. When Natalie thanks Russell, he tells her that he did it for his parents, not for her. “Keep crying,” he snorts.

Kevin is eliminated next. Jordan hugs him and whispers, “You’re so safe.” Kevin chooses the $5,000 prize and keeps it. It’s down to Jeff and Jordan. Well into the mimosas, Lydia yells at Jordan, “It’s cool, he’ll string you along and dump you at the end.” Jordan tries to ignore Lydia as Jeff asks her if she would like to be the HoH. Jordan says that she wants a letter from home. Jeff then putts his ball out of the field, making Jordan the winner! Jeff picks a spa experience as his gift, but swaps it with Russell’s vacation. Jordan then reveals the last prize. “What in the world?” she says as everyone eyes the spandex outfit and goggles. Jordan explains that her gift is the costume of the newest superhero, “Captain Unitard” which she’ll have to wear for the week! Jordan quickly trades Captain Unitard costume for the HoH key. Lydia is not happy. “Be a puppet, be a puppet, that’s cool,” she says. Jeff wants to know why Lydia has to call people names. Lydia then decides that Jordan is a “ho puppet.”

“I’m not a ho puppet,” Jordan responds. As everyone congratulates Jordan, Lydia staggers off and yells more accusations and insults. “Take it easy, Mrs. Roper,” Jeff yells at Lydia. “You look classy.”
 Days of Wine and Roses?In the recycle room, Michele congratulates Jordan as Lydia walks down the hall and throws open the recycle room door. Michele and Lydia exchange harsh words as Lydia begins pouring Michele’s leftover HoH beers down the drain in the kitchen. “Vote me out, seriously, keep Natalie here” Lydia screams. Jeff is having none of it. “You’re staying,” he says. “Get comfy. You ain’t going nowhere.” Russell laughs as Lydia threatens to throw them out of the House. “How are you going to win when you go out first in every competition we had,” Jeff asks.

Jordan asks Russell why Lydia wants to go. They both agree she wants to go and be with Jessie. “What’s wrong with you, seriously?” Jeff asks Lydia. “Why not make this experience fun?” After Lydia tears into the red room, Jordan approaches her and tries to reason with her, explaining that she and Jeff were almost certainly going to be voted out of the House next.  “No,” Lydia yells. “Michele was the next target!” Overhearing this in the living room, Michele comes into the red room. “I’m going to yell all week until you evict me,” Lydia says, before telling Michele and Jeff to get out of her sight. Then Lydia changes her tune and taunts Michele to come over and “see who is the bigger woman.” Russell wants to know why Lydia is slurring her words. “I’m not slurring my words,” Lydia slurs. Lydia then says that Jeff isn’t man enough to go into the diary room with her. “Man enough for what?” Jeff asks, “speak to a drunk person in the DR?” Lydia runs into the diary room by herself. “I really wish I could talk to Ronnie, Chima and Jessie,” she sobs. Outside, Jeff tells Kevin and Natalie that they have to be Lydia’s friend and talk her off of the ledge when she gets like this. Kevin tells them to give Lydia space, while Natalie explains that they have tried to calm her down, but Jeff is frustrated that he’s the one who has to hold his tongue the whole time.
 Jordan’s HoHA few hours later, Jordan announces that it’s time to see her HoH Suite. Lydia sleeps through the HoH Suite reveal, which is fine with Kevin since she “can’t control herself right now” and would just “sour the mood.” Jordan cries as she reads a letter from her mom, who tells her that they are moving to a new house so that she and her mom won’t have to share a bedroom anymore. Jordan says that she wants to win so that she can buy her mom and brother a brand new house. Jeff is happy, because seeing Jordan happy makes him happy.
 Captain Unitard RevealedLydia comes out of the diary room resplendent in her red unitard, cape, sparkly gold short-shorts and goggles. She’s actually in a good mood about it. “I definitely feel the outfit will help me right the wrongs and correct injustice,” she says. “Evildoers of the night, have fright!”
 NominationsJordan calls everyone in for eviction nominations. Jordan pulls the first key, revealing Michele as safe. Michele pulls Jeff’s key, who pulls Kevin’s key, who pulls Russell’s key. Natalie and Lydia are nominees. “The other day, you said you wanted to leave,” Jordan tells Lydia, explaining that she now has that opportunity. Jordan calls Natalie a strong player and says that there are no hard feelings. “You have the Veto to play,” Jordan says. “And I plan on winning it,” Natalie says.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Who is the next House Guest to be sent packing? And who will be the next HoH? Find out Thursday, August 20 at 8pm ET/PT on a very special, action-packed live episode of BIG BROTHER on CBS!