Season 11: Episode 19 - Lydia is Evicted After a Live Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Lydia is very irritated to be on the chopping block for a “fourth fricking time.” Natalie tells Jordan that there are no hard feelings over being nominated, but as she walks past Michele, she says, “When I win the Veto, Michele has to watch out.”

“Nice job, Natalie,” Michele says sarcastically. She points out that this has only encouraged her to play harder for the Power of Veto so that she can keep Jordan’s nominations the same. Jeff sees the nominations as a “clean up operation” that helps rid the House of Jessie’s influence. In the recycle room, Jordan tells Natalie that she is just the pawn but, in the diary room, she reveals that she reserves the right to change her mind at any time. It’s good to be the HoH. Later, in the red room, Kevin tries to console Lydia, who is hiding under her blanket. No matter what Kevin says about competing and the Veto, Lydia isn’t buying it and says that she is going home this week. Kevin reveals his frustrations about Lydia in the diary room. Besides not listening to Kevin, Lydia is “making enemies left and right.” It seems unthinkable but Kevin admits that, if he wins PoV, he may use the Veto on Natalie instead of his House bestie Lydia!

Russell and Michele chill out together in the pool bedroom, where Russell tells Michele that they are both “lone wolves” in the house and that if he ever got the Veto, he would use it to save her if she was on the chopping block. Russell admits that he needs Michele, because she’s as big of a villain as he is. “Thanks, Russell,” Michele says of the backhanded compliment! Russell wonders when Jeff is going to make a move against him and, as if on cue, Jeff walks in the door! It’s all smiles and sunshine to each other’s faces, but Russell thinks that, if Jordan and Jeff really wanted to make a strong move, they would have taken out him or Michele this week.
 The Truth About JessieIt’s late night in the red room and as Natalie, Lydia and Kevin get ready for bed, Natalie asks Lydia how many times she hooked up with Jessie! Lydia is shocked by the question, but Natalie pesters her, arguing that she already knows how many times Lydia and Jessie hooked up, but wants to hear it from Lydia. Kevin clarifies in the diary room that Natalie is all talk—she says that she knows everything, but Kevin knows that she doesn’t have any idea what Lydia and Jessie were up to. As it turns out, they were up to a lot! Lydia reveals that she and Jessie would make a tent out of a blanket on the HoH Suite bed and spent quality time there together. Natalie thinks that this is disgusting. Kevin has had enough of their bickering, and tells them that Jessie was playing both of them. “You were plan A,” Kevin tells Natalie, “and Lydia, you were plan B.” It finally dawns on Lydia that Jessie was quite the operator. When Lydia asks Natalie if she ever talked to Jessie about her, Natalie cops to the fact that she told Jessie that he could choose better. “So nice!” Lydia snaps, but Natalie points out that she thought Lydia was a bitch when Jessie was still in the House. Kevin has really had enough of their bickering, and tells them to go into the recycle room and have it out. After talking some more, Natalie and Lydia decide that they no longer like Jessie. Lydia takes comfort in the idea that this has brought them together, while Natalie says that Lydia needs to be HBIC, our “head bitch in charge.” But can they survive another week together? “I hope,” Natalie tells Lydia.
 A Lie is BornThe next day, Kevin comes into the red room and tells Natalie and Lydia that they have to do something if they all want to stay in the House this week. Natalie suggests that they make up a lie about Russell and tell it to Jeff so that he and Jordan will be suspicious. They hope that Jeff and Jordan get so suspicious that they use the Veto to vote Russell out. “If this works, I’m a genius,” Natalie says.

Kevin is chosen to tell the lie, which makes him nervous because he’s not good at telling tales. Kevin gets Jeff alone out on the patio, and spins his tale.  Almost immediately, Jeff believes it! It turns out that Jeff is already suspicious of Russell, so the lie is something he wants to hear. “Oh my god, he’s actually buying this,” an incredulous Kevin says. “I was thinking, Jeff, you’re an idiot if you go for this.”

Jeff goes right up to the HoH Suite and tells Jordan what he heard. Jordan wants to know if the plan is to still get out Natalie this week, but Jeff suggests that they consider backdooring Russell this week. Jordan worries that if they send Russell packing, the numbers could be out of their favor in the House. Ironically, the one thing they are certain of is Kevin! “Kevin wouldn’t lie, you think,” Jeff asks. “No!” Jordan says, as Kevin, Lydia and Natalie do a happy dance in the red room!
 Taking the Temperature of the HouseHost Julie Chen asks Jeff if he had any regrets about using the Coup d’etat, but Jeff says that he feels it was “great game play.” Julie wonders if Kevin felt guilty about what happened to Chima last week, and Kevin says that he did feel he could have talked Chima down, even though she was “like Hiroshima, because she went nuclear!” Lydia tells Julie that, if she goes to the jury house this week, Jessie will be dealing with “one angry pink-haired lady.”
 Phone HomeAs part of last week’s HoH competition, Natalie won a phone call home. She hopes it is either from her dad or her boyfriend, Jason, so she is very excited and emotional when she hears her dad on the line. The usually tough Natalie chokes up as she talks to her dad, George, who tells her that he and Jason watch every show together. Natalie sobs that this has been her worst week in the House, and her dad says that he carries her pain with him. All too soon, the call is over. Natalie tells Kevin and Lydia how good it was to talk to her dad, because she and her dad only have one another and Natalie is comforted with the knowledge that her boyfriend is looking after her dad in her absence. “It feels really, really good,” Natalie says.
 Before or AfterTime for the Veto competition. Out in the backyard, Jordan, the two nominees, Jeff, Michele and Kevin play for the Veto. Russell sits out. Julie explains that they are playing “Before or After,” which requires them to guess if an event happened before or after a second event took place. An incorrect answer gets you booted. The final player wins the Power of Veto.

Everyone gets the first question right, while Natalie, Lydia and Jeff are eliminated on the second question. Kevin is eliminated next, which leaves Jordan and Michele. After both of them get the next four questions correct, Julie announces a tiebreaker question, which requires them to guess the number of truffles that were in the mud pit in the Veto Competition, “When Pigs Fly.” Jordan guesses 60, while Michele guesses 50. The correct answer is 104, which hands Jordan the PoV!

Everyone hustles inside for the live Veto Ceremony. Jordan quickly decides not to use the Power of Veto, which leads the House Guests right into the eviction vote. Natalie says that, even though she has had a tough week and lost two of her closest allies, she wants to be here. Lydia tells them to vote for the person who will get them farthest in the game.  
 The Second Jury MemberBy a vote of 3-1 (with Kevin the one dissenter), the House Guests vote Lydia out of the BIG BROTHER house. Outside with Julie, Lydia reveals that it was tough pretending to bond with Natalie all week. “I got a kid sister I really didn’t want,” she says, pointing out that she was fine leaving this week because she was over the Unitard. “I got a best friend and an experience of a lifetime,” Lydia notes, perfectly happy with her place in the game. “What more could I ask for?” Lydia does reveal that she was disappointed with the way that Chima went out, because it really threw off her game. She also tells Julie to bring cameras to the Jury House because, when Lydia sees Jessie again, there will be fireworks.

After Captain Unitard flies away, Julie turns to the remaining House Guests, who have assembled outside. Julie explains that they are playing the game “Can Do,” which requires them to drop aluminum cans down recycling tubes from a ledge. The first House Guest to stack 24 cans is the new HoH. So who ended up dropping 24 cans? And whom will the new Head of Household nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 23 at 8 pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!