Season 11: Episode 20 - Jeff Takes Control of the House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“It’s nerve-wracking sitting on the sidelines,” Jordan says, as the rest of the House Guests play the HoH competition. The first player to drop 24 cans down their recycle tubes will win the coveted HoH key. It’s no surprise who Jordan wants to see win this week—Jeff. “He is the only person in the House I trust right now,” she says. Kevin knows the win is important for him this week, too, since Natalie is his only remaining ally. Russell also sees this win as a “deciding point” in his game, because a win gives him the best chance of getting to the final four. But the HoH competition is not the only thing on Kevin’s mind. He is sad that his House bestie, Lydia, has been evicted. Natalie had been trying to orchestrate Russell’s departure but, with Lydia gone, this means that she now has to align with people she wouldn’t otherwise want to be in business with. Jordan and Russell are both delighted to see drama queen Lydia gone, while Jeff continues to consider the possibility of sending Russell home. Initially, Kevin and Michele are tied with four cans each, followed by Jeff with three, Russell with two and Natalie with one can. Things get more complicated when a sliding board intermittently blocks the cans from being dropped into the tubes below. Jeff concentrates on his “precision,” which is difficult to pull off with Russell next to him. With all his stomping and shaking, Russell makes it harder for Jeff to aim and drop his cans. Even with this handicap, Jeff catches up to Kevin and ties his score with eight cans. Drop ‘em Like They’re Hot Jordan has an announcement: the two House Guests with the least amount of cans in their tubes at the end of the competition will become the Have-Nots for the week! That puts a fire under Kevin’s feet, and soon he is in the lead over his closest competitors, Russell and Jeff. Jordan has another announcement: each House Guest has a shelf containing six gold cans and, if they drop one into their tube successfully, they can pause one of their competitors for sixty seconds. Michele decides not to use them because she doesn’t want to make herself a target, but Russell sees the cans as an opportunity. He uses one to stop Kevin. Kevin hopes to use the time to “take a little breather and then still take this home.” Jeff uses the 60 seconds that Kevin is paused to really get into the groove, which only increases when Kevin uses a gold can to stop Russell. With the lack of shaking from Russell, Jeff cruises into the lead. Suddenly, Jeff and Kevin are tied and need only one more can to win the game. Jeff drops his final can and wins Head of Household for the week! Once the cans are tallied, Russell and Michele find out that they are the Have-Nots for the week. Jeff and Jordan are excited, while Kevin and Natalie are worried. Russell admits that he should be happy, but he knows he’s a target because he is such a strong competitor. Russell has reason to worry. In the diary room, Jeff reveals that it just may be time for an unexpected move in the game. Later, in the red room, Natalie and Kevin go over just how close Kevin was to winning the HoH Competition. Natalie thinks it sucks for Kevin, but she loves the fact she was able to beat Russell. Kevin says that, if he won, he would be nominating Russell. Natalie suggests that they go to Jeff and Jordan and try to hammer out a final four deal. Natalie says that she and Kevin can sell themselves as loyal as opposed to the sketchy Michele and Russell. Can they pull off such a tight turnaround? Jeff’s HoH Suite When everyone finally sees Jeff’s suite for the week, most of the House Guests are stunned by his childhood bowl haircuts. Jordan does not think it’s a good look, and says that he looks like a character out of the movie Dumb and Dumber. Kevin thinks it is cool to see Jeff at various stages of his hotness. Jeff reads a letter from his parents, and tells the House Guests that he is not scared to be emotional about his mother and father. Jordan likes how close Jeff is to his family, just like she is. “We’re like two peas in a pod,” she says. Later that night, Jeff, Jordan and Michele chill on the patio. Jordan brings up the trip to Hawaii that Jeff won in a recent HoH competition, and not so subtly hints she should be his guest. “If I’m there for seven nights I’m not just gonna make out,” Jeff warns Jordan, who has resisted most of his romantic advances thus far. Michele tells Jordan that she’s a tease, while Jordan retorts that she just prefers to wait. “Wait until a Hawaiian trip,” Jeff shoots back. Jordan explains that her mother always told her that men think with their penises and not their heads. She believes this 100 percent. She sees herself kissing and cuddling Jeff on the trip, but that’s it. “Maybe it will be Jordan,” Jeff says of his Hawaii trip mate. “Who knows?” Jeff’s Final Four? A few hours have passed, and Michele and Russell decide to make a pilgrimage up to the HoH Suite to see what Jeff is thinking. Jeff takes the opportunity to ask Russell if he and Michele talked about getting him out. Russell doesn’t know it, but Jeff is still operating under the assumption that what Kevin told him last week is true. Of course, it isn’t, but Jeff doesn’t know that! Russell denies this and asks what would be the advantage of doing that? Jeff says he doesn’t know, which is why he is asking. Michele can only say that they chatted about lots of stuff. Jeff says it’s obvious that everyone is playing the game, while Russell assures him that he is playing straight with them. After they leave, Jordan tells Jeff that she doesn’t trust Russell or Michele at all, and she’s inclined to believe Kevin. They decide to go downstairs and confront Russell and Michele again. “Oh boy,” Jeff says, “here go the fireworks.” Out in the yard, Jeff gives Russell the third degree, and he again defends himself. Russell says that he knows that Jeff is a stud in the game and that Russell doesn’t stand a chance against him in the finals, but he wants the four of them to get to the end so they all have a 25 percent chance. Jeff grouses that he didn’t get the answers he wanted from Russell, and that is definitely going to come into play when he chooses his nominees. The Constant Gardener Besides being HoH, Jeff busies himself by watering the BIG BROTHER garden. Jordan says that she likes to sit back and watch the shirtless Jeff tend the garden, noting that he is her “garden boy.” Kevin enjoys the view as well and claims that, if he needed a gardener, “Jeff would be the type of gardener I’d want mowing my lawn.” After the watering is done, the House Guests come inside to find what foods America has picked for the Have-Nots. A grand display of churros and chitlins greets them in the dining room. While chitlins gross out everyone, Michele is pleased to find the churros, which are pretty good. That night, Jeff, Russell and Natalie play a game of poker. As a poker tourney veteran, Natalie feels that she can school anyone in the house. When Russell wins a game, Natalie complains that he couldn’t play like that for real and win money. This annoys Russell, who says that Natalie always has an excuse ready when she loses something. Russell knows that Natalie is one to easily push his buttons, while this incident is a sign to Natalie that Russell has to go. Checking in Again At Russell’s urging, Michele goes and checks in with Jeff about the final four plan. Jeff tells her that he and Jordan are on board with Michele and Russell. Jeff later confesses that he told Michele what she wanted to hear but, as HoH, he reserves the right to do what is best for his game. “The decision is mine,” he says. Outside, Michele tells Russell what Jeff said, but Russell isn’t buying it. He feels that he could very easily go up this week. Natalie and Kevin Make Their Case Natalie and Kevin make their play for Jeff, telling him that they would be more loyal than the shady Michele and Russell. Natalie and Kevin continue to play up the lie they fabricated about Russell and Michele wanting to get Jeff out of the House as soon as possible, which Jeff continues to buy. Jeff finds the idea of working with Natalie and Kevin intriguing, and tells them that he will put both of them up as pawns to back door Russell. Jeff then makes a beeline to Jordan in the recycle room. He explains what he told Natalie and Kevin, but then wonders if he should just put up Russell and Michele. Jordan says that she wants Russell out now. But can they trust Natalie and Kevin? Time for Nominations Jeff calls everyone into the dining room for the nomination ceremony. He congratulates everyone on making it to the final six before pulling out Russell’s key. Michele’s key is next, followed by Jordan’s. Kevin and Natalie are nominated. Natalie hopes that Russell is walking out the door this week, while Kevin complains that his non-nomination streak has finally come to an end. Russell is excited that he’s escaped yet another nomination, but could that all change with the Veto? Find out Tuesday, August 25 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!