Season 11: Episode 21 - Jeff Shakes Up the Game
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Head of Household, Jeff, says that he is happy with his nominations, but he’s definitely leaving open the possibility of back dooring his final four ally, Russell. Despite being nominated, Kevin says that he “feels amped” because he is going to make strong choices this week to make sure he stays. Now that she has been on the block four times in a row, Natalie tells everyone that she’s used to being nominated. Jeff and Jordan have told her that she and Kevin are pawns but, all she can do right now is hope that the two of them make it through the week.

Russell is surprised that he didn’t get nominated but he knows full well that the Power of Veto could quickly change his fortunes. Outside, he tells Jeff that he appreciates what he did and that he definitely owes him one. Russell also lets Jeff know that he would never vote to evict Jeff or put him up. Jeff, however, is not sure that Russell can be trusted, because of his vote after the Coup d’etat. Jeff took Russell off the block and put up his chosen target, Jessie, but then Russell turned around and voted to evict Natalie. “You can’t trust a word this guy says,” Jeff says. “He’s stayed long enough.”

Inside, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin sit down for a meal. Kevin works to convince Jordan of their loyalty and honesty, while Natalie suggests that they should all three be in the final four, along with Jeff. Later, in the diary room, Jordan reveals that, right now, she trusts Natalie and Kevin more than Russell, but she also knows that nothing is certain until the Veto has been won.

Soon after her meal, Jordan recaps her conversation with Natalie and Kevin for Jeff. On the HoH Suite monitor, they watch Michele study the memory wall. This prompts Jeff to lean on Jordan about stepping up her game and mentally preparing for competitions. It’s clear that Jeff is irritated, and Jordan quickly gets the message. This starts some bickering between them, with Jeff telling her to pull her weight and Jordan informing Jeff that she hates it when he raises his voice. The stress of the game is clearly taking it’s toll.
 Still ParanoidOutside, Russell tells Michele that he feels like Jeff is getting intimidated and is shutting Russell out. Michele simply shrugs and says that Jeff doesn’t talk to her either. Even though Jeff didn’t nominate him, Russell thinks that Jeff is going out of his way to make Russell and Michele feel neurotic. “I hope he’s not trying to back door us,” Russell says. It’s clear to both Michele and Russell that their fate in the game is going to be determined by the upcoming Veto competition.
 Kevin’s StoryIn a moment of non-game tenderness, Jordan and Russell ask Kevin about his sexuality. Jordan shares with the group that, if she had a child who was gay or lesbian, she would want them to feel comfortable being open about it. Kevin says that he thought his sexuality was going to be a problem in the House because it’s been such a problem in his real life, but the BIG BROTHER environment is so supportive that he wishes the whole world was like the BB House.
 Jeff Grows Tired of Jordan Being Cute and RightWhen she goes up to the HoH Suite, Michele talks elimination strategy with Jeff and Jordan. She says that Kevin should go, even if Natalie is more annoying. Michele admits, in the diary room, that she tries to spend a lot of time with Jeff and Jordan but, when it comes to their final four agreement, Michele is not feeling it from them. After Michele leaves, Jeff complains to Jordan that he has trouble talking to Michele.  Then, he berates Jordan for being such a passive presence in his talk with Michele. This reignites Jeff’s squabble with Jordan. Jordan sulks about Jeff getting snappy. “I don’t like this Jeff,” she complains. Jeff grouses that he has all of the blood on his hands when they are supposed to be a team. Michele walks in unannounced and runs up to give Jordan a hug for Jeff yelling at her. This ticks off Jeff. “Why do people always assume Jordan is cute and right?” he asks. Michele realizes that she’s walked into the wrong fight! Things calm down, but Jeff warns Michele that she is not safe if she aligns herself too closely with Russell. Talk about not feeling it!

Jordan makes her way downstairs to the red room for another conversation with Natalie and Kevin. They all talk about how things are looking good for a back door eviction of Russell and an ongoing relationship between them but, in the diary room, Kevin reveals that he and Natalie will tell Jordan whatever she needs to hear. “The first chance we get, we are going to stab them in the back,” Kevin warns ominously.
 OTEV Returns!The house guests go outside for the Veto competition and find themselves in the middle of a steamy jungle complete with vines, snakes, tons of bananas and a huge ape idol on top of a slippery slope. When Jeff sees all of the bananas, he wonders if Casey is going to be around. When the ape speaks, they hear Casey! He explains that he is in the belly of the ape and, for this week’s Veto competition, they will have to listen to a rap by Casey that is a riddle about an evicted house guest. Once they figure out which evictee the riddle is about, they need to find a banana with the evictee’s name on it. The last player to get to the top of the slippery slope with a banana bearing the correct name will be eliminated. The final player wins the PoV.

The first rap mentions a “princess from space,” so everyone quickly figures out that the answer is Ronnie. After all the players scramble down the ramp to find a banana bearing Ronnie’s name and then climb back up the slope, Jordan finds that she is the last one back. After she is eliminated, Jordan knows she’s going to hear it from Jeff later.

Casey delivers the next rap: “He was cut like a diamond but fell like a tree, but he couldn’t spell the word continuously.” Another mad dash for bananas ensues, with everyone looking for Jessie bananas. Natalie is eliminated when she is the last one to offer her tribute to OTEV. Natalie is frustrated and tells Jordan that she can’t win anything.

The third riddle has the remaining players looking for Laura bananas, with Kevin and Russell competing for the last place at the top of the slippery slope. Russell finds himself eliminated, which is a relief to Kevin. On the sidelines, Natalie wants to know if this means Russell is going up, but Jordan says nothing. Kevin is eliminated in the next round, which leaves Jeff and Michele fighting for the Veto. Casey gives the final rap: “Walking ‘round the house in no shirt, leather coat, this dude was evicted on a tie-breaker vote.” Braden! Jeff rushes for his banana and, while Michele hustles, Jeff manages to throw her off her game by psyching her out while she hunts for the banana.  In the end, she is too flustered to find it and Jeff wins the Power of Veto! “After winning this Veto, all options are on the table,” he says. “I can do whatever I want.”
 Congratulations all AroundIn the storage room, Kevin tells Jeff that he did a good job today before asking about his safety. When Kevin says that he’d like to come down off of the block, Jeff tells him that his dream might come true. Michele comes in and also gives Jeff props for having such a kick-ass week.

Later, in the HoH Suite, Jordan tells Jeff that this is an opportunity to break up Russell and Michele. “We got to get rid of them,” she says, while Jeff points out that he has a couple of days to think about it. Jeff goes outside to talk to Natalie and Kevin, who both swear their loyalty to him while Natalie stresses that, if she wins HoH this week, she would never put him up. Jeff realizes that he’s being presented with a lot of options but, meanwhile, Kevin is hoping that Jeff takes the bait that he and Natalie are offering him.

With Jeff continually blowing him off, Russell is getting more and more worried. He warns Michele that, if Jeff does put one of them up after using the Veto, Russell will not make life easy for him.
 The Veto MeetingJeff likes having all of the power, but regrets that, sometimes, you have to break a couple of hearts. Kevin knows that Russell is stronger than he and Natalie combined so, if Russell goes on the block, this will be huge for him. Jeff calls everyone into the living room, where Natalie and Kevin deliver their pleas for Jeff to use the Veto on them. After they finish, Jeff announces that he is using the Veto on Kevin. “Come get your prize, Bro,” Jeff says, before telling Russell that he’s on the block. Jeff tells Russell that he couldn’t get past the vote that Russell cast to keep Jessie, and also tells him that he was nervous about Russell’s relationship with Michele. “It’s going to be a weird couple of days,” Jeff says, as he adjourns the meeting. Kevin can’t believe that their plan worked, while Russell warns that, if he leaves the House, Jeff will become the prime target and will go home the next week. Will Russell go off on Jeff? And who will be the next evicted house guest? Find out live Thursday, August 27 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!