Season 11: Episode 23 - Kevin Becomes the New HoH and Struggles to Decide Where his Loyalties Lie
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

Natalie, Jordan, Michele and Kevin continue to play the HoH competition, which has them using metal cups to fill up huge glass orbs with “hot chocolate.” The goal is to fill their individual orb so that they can grab the small “marshmallow” which is trapped inside. The first player to get their marshmallow wins HoH for the week. Kevin complains that the “graham cracker” that they have to walk across is very slippery, and almost immediately, Kevin takes a big spill as he tries to maneuver himself to the orb. Jeff, who is not participating in the competition as the outgoing HoH, laughs hysterically when Kevin falls. “Shut up Jeff!” Kevin yells. “I’m scared now.”

Natalie realizes that there is a hole in the bottom of the cups, and instructs Kevin to hold his cup so that he doesn’t lose too much hot chocolate. Natalie and Kevin have told Jeff that he is safe for the week if either of them wins, but they secretly have other plans. Natalie is delighted that Jeff did their dirty work for them by getting Russell out of the house, but Michele has mixed emotions about Russell’s departure. While Russell was the source of so much drama, he also had her back. Jeff says that, while he is glad that such a strong competitor is out of the game, he has more respect for Russell after seeing him leave the house with class. Jordan, however, was not impressed by Russell’s friendly departure. She’s glad he’s gone, and calls Russell “an awful person.”
 S’more and s’more game play
With everyone slipping and sliding across the graham cracker, Kevin realizes that the key to the competition lies in consistency and rhythm. By the quarter mark in the competition, Kevin is in the lead with Michele and Jordan close behind. Natalie struggles in fourth place, but is resting a little easy knowing that Kevin is in the pole position. She decides to take it easy, because she has no desire to show anyone how strong she really is. Jeff notices Natalie pulling back, and loses a little respect for her. Kevin also notices, and is not happy. “I thought this was life or death for both of us and apparently its not and I’m upset about it,” he says of Natalie’s game play.

The game continues with Michele experiencing a series of tough falls that cause her progress to suffer as Kevin pulls out into a comfortable lead. Focusing on remaining light on his feet, Kevin continues to fill up his orb until it is overflowing with hot chocolate. He fiddles with his orb before the marshmallow finally pops up to the top—he reaches down and grabs the marshmallow with his mouth and, with that, Kevin wins his first HoH! Besides Kevin, Natalie is the happiest person in the house. Michele puts on a nice smile but admits later that she wanted to bawl. Kevin loves his new power position. In his mind, Kevin has placed Michele, Jordan and Jeff on notice. “They may think that they’re safe, but none of them are safe,” he says.
 Who Should be the Target?
Celebrating Kevin’s victory in the red room, Natalie asks him what his thoughts are about nominations. Kevin thinks that Jeff is a “triple threat” with his success at all kinds of competitions, while Natalie warns that Michele is very smart and that they can expect some brain-teaser competitions in the near future. Kevin realizes that this week’s target should ultimately be either Michele or Jeff.

Meanwhile, in the recycle room, Michele takes a moment for herself. Long a stoic player, Michele breaks down and has a good, long cry. She tried so hard to win the HoH, and yet, she is here all alone with no one to talk to. “It’s just a game, It’s just a game,” she says as she tries to console herself.

Soon, Michele is back on her game, with a happy face for Kevin’s HoH Suite reveal. Everyone is excited to see pictures of Kevin’s partner of nine years, Alfonso, whom they all think looks like Enrique Iglesias. “They were loving on my man,” Kevin says of the house guests. “They better back off!” Kevin then cries when he reads his letter from home, in which Alfonso asks his life partner “to please keep your genuine essence.”
 Home Away From Home
Outside, Jordan talks to Natalie and Jeff about her family, and explains that she would happily live with her mom, sister and brother until she was ready to get married. She also explains how hard it was for all of them when they went through a home foreclosure. “You don’t realize how good you have it when it’s taken away from you,” she says. Jeff is impressed with how close Jordan is to her family, and explains that he tries to spend time with people who share those same values.

In the red room, Natalie insistently tells Jordan that she wants Michele out of the house this week. Natalie admits later this is all strategy so that, when Kevin puts up Jeff, she won’t have blood on her hands. When Natalie is called into the diary room, Jordan whispers to Jeff what Natalie told her. Jordan is worried that Jeff will be nominated, but Jeff assures her that he has a deal with Kevin. “Okay, I could be wrong,” Jordan says. Of course, Jordan could be right!

Despite all the intense game play, the house guests do enjoy some light-hearted moments with each other. Natalie, Jeff and Michele try to help Jordan understand the difference between a nectarine and a peach, while Natalie makes known her intense fear of all insects—especially dragonflies. After Natalie screams like a baby when a dragonfly comes near her, Kevin sighs “this girl needs some serious bug therapy.”

Later, in the kitchen, Kevin tells Michele that he is “in kind of a pickle” when it comes to nominations. Michele says that whatever Kevin decides is okay with her. Natalie interrupts and corrects Michele when she says that she is playing for herself. “It’s us two against you three,” Natalie says of Michele, Jordan and Jeff. “Nobody’s stupid.” Natalie then says that, if Michele had gotten HoH, Natalie and Kevin would have definitely gone on the block. Michele says that they don’t know that for sure. Natalie then admits that she wants Michele to go up on the chopping block this week. However, in the diary room, Natalie admits that berating Michele was all strategy. She wants Jeff and Jordan to see this behavior so that they won’t come after her.

In another red room conversation, Jeff and Kevin agree that Michele can’t be trusted. Kevin says that it is very clear that Michele is not liked and she is a huge threat, so getting her out this week would be an easy choice, plus it would keep him in good favor with Jeff and Jordan. So, will Kevin go with the easy move and get rid of Michele, or will he go after another strong player like Jeff?

The house guests take a brief break from strategy in the red room when Kevin decides to ask Jeff what makes the perfect girl, and how that lines up with Jordan’s look and personality. Jeff likes brunettes and girls aged 25-20 (minus two points for Jordan), a sense of humor (plus one point), girls with accents (plus one), but more foreign accents (minus one). He likes shorter girls (another plus) and usually ends up with outspoken girls (and another!).
 Michele’s Plea
In the HoH Suite, Michele and Kevin discuss game. Michele plays down her alliance with Jeff and Jordan, explaining that her alleged allies never tell her anything. She again reiterates her status as the odd man out in the house. Moments later, Jeff and Jordan make their way to the HoH Suite to plead their case. They throw Michele under the bus, with Jordan warning Kevin that Michele is coming after him next week if she stays. After Jordan leaves, Jeff asks Kevin if their deal is still in place. Kevin tries to break it to him gently that things may have changed. Jeff thinks that Jordan and Michele are going up, with Jeff playing for the Veto hard to make sure that Michele doesn’t get a chance to use it. “I fulfilled my end of the deal,” Jeff tells him, but Kevin reveals that, if Michele wins Veto this week, he is loathe to put Natalie up on the block at all, even as a pawn. Jeff reminds Kevin that he discounted his original final four to work with him and Natalie. After Jeff leaves, Kevin wonders what he will do. “Now I’m second guessing myself,” he says.
 Time for Nominations
For the first time in almost a month, Natalie isn’t worried about going up on the chopping block. Michele knows that she has to be worried, as does Jordan. Jeff feels safe, since Kevin gave him his word. Kevin calls them inside and, once everyone is assembled, pulls Natalie’s key from the block. Natalie then pulls Jordan’s key. Michele and Jeff are nominated!

Kevin says it is “uber-lame” to say it, but it’s the truth; Michele and Jeff are strong competitors and he needs to get them out. Michele is hardly surprised, and knows that she has to depend on herself. Jordan is sad, because she feels that she needs her house BFF to stay if she wants to continue in the game. Jeff feels that Kevin showed his true colors when he broke their deal. So, who will win the all-important Power of Veto? What is the surprise behind the door in the HoH Suite, and will HoH Kevin choose to use it? Find out Tuesday, September 2 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!