Season 11: Episode 24 - Kevin Opens Pandora's Box
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“In my eyes, Kevin is a snake,” Jeff says, after he finds out that he has been nominated for eviction, despite Head of Household Kevin’s promises to the contrary. Kevin will be happy if either Jeff or fellow nominee Michele goes home this week. Immediately after the nomination ceremony, Natalie and Kevin head to the storage room to tell Jeff that he is safe. Of course, this is a complete fabrication. “We were lying straight to his face,” Natalie says, explaining that Jeff is, in fact, their prime target.  

Meanwhile, Michele and Jordan commiserate in the splish splash room. Jordan is upset that her BFF, Jeff, is on the block, and knows that she is a likely target next week. Michele knows that, as the lone wolf in the house, she is on her and the only way for her to secure her safety is to win the Veto. Jordan says that the game is getting to her nerves, but Michele reveals that she is not nervous any more. “I had to face reality,” she explains.

Jordan says that having Jeff on the block is the worst feeling ever, and blames herself for not winning HoH this week. “I feel like I let you down,” Jordan tells Jeff. “I gotta win, not you,” Jeff tells her, referring to the Veto. Jordan says that the best scenario involves her winning the Veto, so that Kevin will be forced to nominate Natalie. “Try your hardest,” Jeff tells her. “You know I am,” she replies.
 Pandora’s BoxKevin comes up to the HoH Suite to find a huge gold question mark on a secret door! “Oh my God,” he yells, as he opens a big envelope. Kevin reads that behind the door is “Pandora’s Box,” which can release something good or bad for himself or the entire house. The monitor shows Kevin what’s behind the door—A huge box and a sign that says “To release $10,000 put your hand in the hole.”

After some hemming and hawing, Kevin makes a decision. “I’m a greedy bitch,” he says. When he opens the door, Kevin finds a whole room, which excites and scares him. Kevin carefully sticks his hand in the box, but encounters something startling, and Kevin screams!

Kevin finds he has been LOCKED INTO the box! “I knew it!” he yells, confessing that he is half laughing and half totally distressed. On a monitor next to the box, Kevin sees the back yard, where money has started to rain down on the remainder of the surprised house guests! Everyone scrambles to collect the bills as Natalie giddily explains that she has wanted it to rain money her whole life. Michele grabs a bucket to gather her cash, while Jeff shoves bills anywhere he can, even down his undies! Up in the HoH Suite, Kevin reads that there is a key hidden in the house that will unlock him. He screams for help from Natalie but, instead of helping Kevin, she runs back outside for more cash. Kevin now knows Natalie’s true colors when it comes to their partnership. “I bet if this was Jessie bent over a box you’d be quick to open it up,” he says sarcastically. “Thanks!”

As the money harvest continues, Jeff is worried there is some sort of catch. Kevin realizes that he is going to have to entice the house guests to unlock him. Kevin lies to Jeff that the only way they can keep the money is to get him out of the box! “Greedy asses,” Kevin grouses. Jeff finds a key in the living room but, instead of releasing Kevin, he goes outside for more cash! While the other house guests rack up thousands of dollars, Kevin is still trapped. Natalie finally comes upstairs and Kevin tries the lie on her. Natalie gets Jeff to come upstairs and finally use the key, which gives Kevin a chance to rustle up some money.

Kevin has a major revelation after he gets just a few hundred bucks compared to everyone else’s thousands. “This is an individual game,” he says. “People are out for themselves. Pandora’s Box made me realize I need to focus on winning for myself.”
 Martians are From Mars, House Guests are From VetoKevin rounds everyone up for this week’s Veto competition, and tells them to get suited up in astronaut suits before sequestering themselves in separate rooms of the house. Kevin comes outside first and finds himself on an otherworldly moonscape complete with space ships and aliens! The object of this week’s Veto competition is to correctly guess the two house guests whose faces make up the mashed up “aliens” that show up on different screens. The player who guesses all of the house guests correctly in the shortest amount of time will not only win the Veto, but also a home entertainment system from Vizio!

Kevin sees his first alien. He recognizes Casey right away, but it takes him some time to figure out that the other house guest is himself! The second mash up is a combination of Lydia and Ronnie, while the third is a mix of Jeff and Jordan. Kevin thinks that the fourth alien includes Chima because of all the hair, but it turns out to be Natalie and Michele. Jessie and Laura make up the fifth alien, while Braden and Russell make up the sixth. Kevin thinks he’s done a good enough job to take the Veto.

Natalie comes out next. She feels confident about the week, but knows that, on the off chance that Jordan wins, she’d be going up on the chopping block. Natalie hustles through the competition, swearing that she and Michele and Jessie and Laura make the worst looking aliens.

Jordan is next. When she completes the competition, she doesn’t think that she did great, but hopes that Jeff pulls through. Michele feels that, if she doesn’t win this, she’s out the door, so she charges through the competition as quickly as possible and thinks that she gave it a good hustle. Like Michele, Jeff also feels the pressure. Jeff feels like an idiot when he doesn’t recognize himself and Jordan as an alien. “Obviously I need to spend more time looking in the mirror,” he says.
 And the Veto Winner is…Everyone assembles outside to find out who completed the competition in the shortest amount of time. Kevin clocks in at 3:05, while Natalie comes in at 2:55, taking the lead. Jordan is devastated with her 5:09, while Michele is more than happy with her 1:52. But did Jeff beat Michele? Jeff comes in at 3:05, which means that Michele has won the Veto and the Vizio home entertainment system!

While Jeff and Jordan mope in the splish splash room, Natalie and Kevin decide that their next target once Jeff is gone has to be Michele. “I want to send her home,” Natalie says, which Kevin finds rich. “Natalie keeps saying she is going to win next week,” an exasperated Kevin says in the diary room. “She hasn’t won anything.”

Later, Michele talks to Jeff outside. She wonders if she can convince Kevin to keep Jeff and lose Jordan. Michele thinks that she needs Jeff at her side, and wants to give it a shot. Jeff is for it, and wishes Michele luck. Jeff leaves Michele to talk to Kevin and finds a weepy Jordan in the recycle room. “I don’t care if you throw me under the bus,” Jordan says. “Stop it,” Jeff shoots back. “I’m not going to ask anybody for a vote,” Jordan tells him. “That’s nice,” Jeff says. “That’s why I like you, Jordan, you’re a good person.”

In the meantime, Michele has a meeting with Kevin out by the hot tub. She gives Kevin a strong pitch, reminding him that Natalie has a lot of friends in the jury house and that she will discard Kevin the first minute she can so she is in the final two with the much weaker Jordan. Michele points out that Jeff can do the dirty work of getting rid of Natalie, but only if he stays. Kevin admits that Michele has some good points, especially after what he discovered about Natalie’s selfish tendencies during the Pandora’s Box debacle.
 The Veto CeremonyJeff says that, right now, he’s feeling a little bitter over trusting Kevin, but has no one to blame but himself for the loss of the Veto. To no one’s surprise, Michele removes herself from the block, and Kevin quickly replaces her with Jordan. Michele is happy that she turned it all around for herself, and is sure that, next week, her target is Kevin. Natalie is happy that Jeff and Jordan get to feel the wrath of being on the block together, while Jordan says that she will do everything to make sure Jeff stays this week. Jeff admits that this is his worst case scenario, but it’s not over until it’s over. So who will be the next house guest to face eviction? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, September 3 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!