Season 11: Episode 25 - The End of a Summer Romance
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“This veto meeting went perfect,” says Head of Household Kevin. When Michele used the Power of Veto on herself, Kevin put Jordan on the chopping block, ensuring that he and Natalie would be able to orchestrate Jeff’s exit from the house. If everything goes as planned, it’s “adios, Jeff” in Kevin’s mind. This scenario is what Jeff feared most. “Me and Michele tried to cut a deal with Kevin, but he’s not listening to reason right now,” Jeff says. Jordan never imagined that she and Jeff would be in the two green chairs together, except as the final two. She says that she feels like she is going through a tough breakup. Happiest of all is Natalie, who loves that Kevin has all the blood on his hands.
 Jeff Gets Got“I like our chances next week,” Natalie tells Kevin in a post-ceremony chat in the red bedroom. She feels (despite having never won any competition this entire season) that she and Kevin can easily overpower multiple competition winners Michele and Jordan. Kevin says that if they can’t pull off a win then they don’t deserve the money. “Jeff going to jury house is my present to Jessie,” Natalie gloats.

Outside on the patio, Jordan cries as Jeff tells her that there are better days ahead for him. “I’m mad,” Jordan fumes. “Why?” Jeff asks. “We got got? Look how far we got.” Jeff’s goal now is to keep Jordan’s spirits up so that she will continue to be a competitor in the game. Jeff then gives her some smart advice; he tells her to stick with Michele and to stick with Natalie and to play both sides. If Michele wins, Jeff explains that she would never take Natalie to the final two. “You’re the only one who deserves the money,” Jordan tells him. “You’re the only one to play the game.”  Jeff and Jordan then lighten things up by talking about their goodbye kiss that they’ve planned. “Maybe we can kiss it out before then,” he says with a smile.

Jeff knows that he has Michele’s vote but, if he can get Natalie on his side, he could actually pull out a win this week. Since Jordan has said she’s fine with being evicted if it means saving Jeff, he goes to Natalie in the kitchen and makes a pitch to stay. Natalie tells him that she can’t change the vote, but Jeff slowly works on her and offers up his allegiance for the week. Meanwhile, Kevin watches the conversation from his monitor in the HoH Suite. “What would Natalie do?” Kevin asks himself. He knows that his fate is in Natalie’s hands, which makes Kevin uneasy. He is having trouble trusting her after Natalie chose to go for cash instead of unlocking Kevin during the Pandora’s Box event. “Um, I saw ya on your hands and knees digging for ones,” Kevin says with a snap. For now, Natalie is wary of Jeff’s deal. If Jeff wants her to turn on her biggest ally, he will have to offer her a much sweeter deal, Natalie says.
 Late Night SnugglesJeff and Jordan cuddle in the splish splash bedroom during a very flirty conversation. Since it is their last week in the house together, Jeff is taking every opportunity to make out with Jordan. Jordan wants their final kiss on the live show to be very dramatic. Jeff tells her that they should practice, and the two share a kiss.

The next day, Jeff and Michele talk outside. They discuss the fact that they are offering Natalie the best deal ever offered to anyone in the history of the game. “She is sitting in the prettiest position,” Michele says. “If she doesn’t take that deal, she’s an idiot,” Jeff adds.

That night, Jeff makes a final offer to Natalie. He tells her that, if he stays, he and Michele will roll over during the HoH competition and hand the victory to Natalie, ensuring her a place in the final three. Natalie definitely wants the HoH, but wonders if she can trust Michele. By the end of the conversation, Natalie is torn. The deal sounds enticing. So what will she do?
 Another Side of MicheleMichele is now the lone wolf in the house, so what does her husband think about Michele’s game so far? In nearby Pasadena, California, Michele’s husband, Tim, watches the show with friends. He explains that, when they met in college, Michele was “quite a nerd” who brought books and two roommates on their first date. Tim totally cops to the fact that his wife is clumsy and prone to falls. He also confirms that Michele does have memory issues so, when she tells the other house guests that she can’t remember important conversations, she is not necessarily lying. Tim admits that it is tough seeing Michele cry and take abuse in the house, but he knows that she is doing it to improve their life together. Michele has been on a winning streak the past few competitions, and he feels that she can keep it up because she’s a fighter. “If she wins, nerds across the country will be throwing up their picket protectors,” he says.
 Julie Checks InHost Julie Chen chimes into the house and asks Kevin what it was like to be locked in Pandora’s Box. Kevin complains that the rest of the house guests were greedy for not unlocking him right away. Natalie then gives a lame excuse for why she didn’t unlock Kevin before grabbing more cash for herself. The house guests enjoy watch all the slips and slides from last week’s HoH competition, and everyone cracks up watching footage of Natalie freak out over the dragonfly.
 Bitter, Party of ThreeOut at the jury house, Lydia and Jessie are getting along. Jessie says that they didn’t have a problem with each other, but that everyone else gave Lydia a problem with him. Lydia admits that her crush on Jessie has gotten bigger, but she swears she is not “goo goo, gah gah” over him anymore. They both hope that Jeff will walk through the door to join them but, when Russell starts yelling “Technotronics,” they realize that their former ally has joined them instead.  

Jessie realizes immediately that Jeff back doored Russell out of the house. Jessie is also quick to share Natalie’s secret, which he has already revealed to Lydia. Natalie, he reveals, is really 24, not 18. Lydia doesn’t like that Natalie was so dishonest, and Russell explains that this stunt is hurting Natalie’s cause. Lydia is nauseated after watching Jeff win both the HoH and the Veto competitions last week, but is happy he is now the biggest target. Lydia is surprised to find out that both Russell and Jessie are considering voting for Jeff if he makes it to the finals. “I think people overlook the jury house,” Russell says, noting it is the center of “a lot of power.”
 Jeff’s Last StandJulie checks in with Kevin in the HoH Suite. Does he trust Natalie? Kevin says that it’s no surprise that the word “lie” is in Natalie’s name but, at this stage, he’s got no other options. He also tells Julie that he has to take the fall for Jeff’s eviction because, otherwise, he was going home this week. “I had to do what I had to do,” he says.

In her final speech before the vote, Jordan tells Jeff that she never would have gotten this far without him.  Jeff makes a direct plea to Natalie. He reminds her that she gave her word to him, and also reminds her that, if she keeps him in the house, she will automatically be HoH because Jeff and Michele will give it to her. He also tells Natalie that she doesn’t have the votes if she takes Kevin to the final two and she shouldn’t take her chances with a backstabber. “You know it and I know it,” Jeff tells her.

Natalie votes first. She tells Julie that Jeff put her and Jessie on the block, so she is voting to evict Jeff. Michele votes to evict Jordan, which forces a tie that Kevin must break. With an apology, Kevin evicts Jeff. Jeff gives Jordan a very platonic kiss and is out the door. When Julie asks Jeff why he aligned with Kevin and Natalie, Jeff says that he still stands by his belief that Russell was a bigger threat, and his big failure in the game was failing to win this week’s PoV.
 Fact or FictionNatalie, Jordan and Michele get to compete in this week’s HoH competition while outgoing HoH, Kevin, looks on. Julie explains that the game is Fact or Fiction, which requires the players to step back if a statement is fact, and forward if it is fiction. Jordan is the only one to answer “fact” correctly when Julie states that Casey is selling banana-themed merchandise online. After all answering the second question correctly, Natalie and Jordan both correctly guess it is fiction that Lydia and Jessie are not speaking to each other in the jury house. After five more questions, there is a three-way tie. Julie then asks each of the ladies to write down the total number of cans that they all had in their tubes at the end of the can HoH competition. Michele almost wins, but crosses out her first answer, handing the HoH to first-time winner Natalie!

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