Season 11: Episode 26 - Natalie Opens Pandora’s Box to Find a Very Special Prize, But Not Without Consequences for Herself and the House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“Ever since Jeff used the Coup d’etat to evict Jessie, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to evict Jeff,” Natalie explains after the past week’s eviction. “I took full advantage of it, and it felt great.” Predictably, Jordan is absolutely devastated. Through tears she reveals she is all alone now in the House. “It sucks,” she says. As everyone stands in front of the memory wall waiting for Jeff’s photo to go black and white, Kevin tells the rest of the house guests if Jeff had approached him he might have voted to keep him. Michele knows that she is now the main target for the week because she is the strongest player left. “I have to win or I’m leaving,” she says of the Head of Household competition.

Unfortunately for Michele, Natalie wins. “I cannot explain how great I feel,” Natalie says. She jumps around the back yard yelling “final three” as she congratulates herself, a move that annoys Kevin. “She’s celebrating as if she won an eight-hour competition,” he grouses. “She acts like she is a strong competitor. She really hasn’t won anything in this game, and in this one she lucked out. She can celebrate all she wants as long as I know I’m not the target this week.”

Poor Michele. The person she wanted to win the least is now calling the shots for the week. “I lost to an 18-year-old,” Michele says. “I’m pretty sure I’m the target this week.” Jordan desperately wanted to avenge Jeff’s eviction by sending Kevin home, and she’s kicking herself for just missing the opportunity to do so. “I should have won that,” she says. “Now I’ve just screwed myself.” As she cries in the recycle room, Jordan notes she is over it. “Right now all I want to do is keep my distance with everyone,” she says. “I don’t want to be a part of any scheming. I just want to be left alone.”

In the red room Kevin points out that Jordan is hanging in there, while Natalie notes Jordan was neck and neck with her in the HoH. Natalie then makes a statement that shocks Kevin: “You gotta go up,” she tells him. “Did I just her that correctly, biz-snatch?” Kevin asks. “You said you were going to put me on the block?”

Natalie quickly explains this is only in case a strengthening Jordan wins Veto. She also tells Kevin she will talk to Jordan and try to convince her she wants to get rid of him this week and that Jordan is not smart enough to figure out the lie. “It’s been five minutes and 25 seconds and Natalie is already suffering from HOH-itis,” Kevin says. “The power has gone to her head. Do I have to slap the biz-snatch?”
 Welcome the new HoH
Natalie announces it is time to see her HoH Suite, which has Jordan excited to see Natalie’s boyfriend. They like the shots of Jason, her dad and especially a “dork-a-licious” shout of Natalie in all her gawky early-teen glory. Jordan notes that Jason looks much older than the “18-year-old” Natalie. (Note to Jordan: get it together, girl!)

Later that night, Jordan drinks a glass of white wine when Natalie comes down and starts spinning her lie. Natalie tells Jordan she’s friends with Kevin, but that doesn’t mean she won’t put him up. Jordan can’t believe it at first, but she and Michele eagerly drink Natalie’s Kool-Aid when Natalie lies about only having a final four deal with Kevin. “I definitely think Michele and Jordan are pretty gullible,” Natalie says. “Whatever I sell, they are buying.” Michele misguidedly offers a cheers to the girls, while Jordan says, “you’re speaking the truth.”
 The Big Brother Boutique
Natalie comes out of Diary Room to announce it is time for a luxury competition! Michele and Jordan make one team, while Kevin and Natalie make another. The house guests go outside to find the back yard transformed into two boutiques fill of mannequins and big racks with drapes over them. Natalie explains the teams must work in pairs to find the matching item in each of the two boutiques. Once they think they have a match, they must strike a pose in their respective mirrors. The catch is the team members cannot see each other, and must rely on their communications skills to make a match. The faster the house guests make five matches, the more time they will have for a shopping spree once they go inside the house!

Jordan and Michele are first. Kevin is annoyed they are taking forever, but eventually they correctly match a pair of striped socks. Kevin and Natalie are up next. Kevin grouses that Natalie is difficult to work with, because she knows two kinds of clothing—basketball shorts and sweaters. Kevin does love the posing part of the competition, however! Michele and Jordan quickly match a yellow shirt, while Kevin and Natalie are fast when it comes to finding matching camouflage tees. After both teams snag hats, its time to go into the house to see how much time they have at their shopping spree.

Inside they discover the living room has been transformed into a clothing store with racks of merchandise. Natalie announces they have three minutes and 28 seconds to shop until they drop! Whatever they are wearing by the end of the time limit is theirs! As the girls start pouring it on, Kevin sees a well-dressed mannequin, who he disembodies to steal his outfit. “Gimme the scarf, bitch,” Kevin yells as the last seconds tick away. By the end Kevin is well dressed and the mannequin is in pieces on the floor. “This is like a dream come true,” Kevin says. “Now I can die happy.” Fashion is a dirty business, kids.
 Kevin makes a play
In the HoH Suite, Kevin and Michele have a quick conversation where Kevin makes a pitch for a final two deal. “What if we were to pair up because I don’t think you would win against Natalie,” Kevin tells Michele. He thinks they are strong together, and notes he is willing to sell out Natalie if it means half a million dollars. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jordan have a conversation by the pool. Natalie keeps working the final two angle by telling Jordan she has never lied to her! “The only way we have a shot is together,” Natalie says. “Exactly,” Jordan replies.
 Pandora’s box, Part 2
Natalie comes into the HoH Suite to find the gold question mark on the secret door. She now faces Pandora’s Box! Natalie opens an envelope and reads the rules. For the first time in the game, she will have the chance to spend time with a loved one! When the monitor turns on, it reveals Natalie’s boyfriend Jason! But to spend time with Jason she will lose the chance to play in the Veto! Natalie takes the offer and goes into the Pandora’s Box room, where Jason proposes! Instead of a real ring he gives her a ring fashioned from a twisty tie, which is a family tradition. Natalie eagerly accepts the offer, but then she learns she has another choice to make. She can spend another 15 minutes with Jason, but will unleash something unpleasant on the rest of the house! Natalie eagerly accepts the offer
 What a baby!
Michele and Kevin are sleeping outside when a huge, fat baby comes into the house and starts whining! The baby cries for mommy as he chases after Kevin. Then a little person dressed as a cat comes into the house. When he begins repeating everything Jordan says, she realizes a copycat is tormenting her! She does think he is cute and wants to squeeze him, but “he is annoying the crap out of me,” Jordan says.

In the meantime, Natalie tells her boyfriend she is not going to reveal to the house guests she had something good happen to her because that may hurt her in the game. “I have to make it seem like something bad happened.”

Things get really Kafkaesque when a giant cockroach starts running around to cover them in “bug spray” from a spray bottle. Jordan is particularly peeved because she just did her makeup and hair. After all the annoyances leave, Natalie finally comes out the HoH Suite door. Everyone meets her to see what happened. Kevin sees the Pandora’s Box door and wants to know what’s up. Natalie tells them she got “screwed royally” before spinning a ridiculous and confusing lie about how the winning vote will be reversed. She also tells them she won’t be playing the Veto. Immediately Kevin knows something is up. “Instantly I’m thinking, ‘bitch you’re lying,’” Kevin says. Natalie keeps up the bad lie, which only makes Kevin more suspicious. “No, wench, please,” he says in Diary Room. “Something good came out of this and you got it.”

Outside, Kevin, Jordan and Michele regroup. Kevin tells them Natalie is lying. Natalie then comes outside and announces she will no longer talk about anything dealing with Pandora’s Box. “Don’t ask me about it.” Natalie goes inside, where she is followed by Kevin, who wants to know the truth. In the HoH Suite Kevin notes that if Natalie was really told about the “vote reversal” she would be breaking windows in anger. Natalie realizes she needs to come clean and make it all seem like a fun joke. Natalie then comes downstairs and tries to make it all light and funny, but Michele and Jordan patiently wait for some sort of answer from her. Natalie then swears on her life she got 20 minutes with her boyfriend and she is now engaged. She shows them the twisty tie, which just makes Kevin suspicious. “Are you still getting us?” Kevin asks as Natalie tries to laugh it all off. Michele decides she is living in a bizzaro world while Natalie thinks she ‘s barely gotten herself out of hot water. Kevin is just pissed—how many lies can Natalie possibly tell?
Natalie calls everyone in for the season’s last and shortest nomination ceremony. For some reason, she is dressed in a robe, sunglasses and a plastic crown and carries a plastic stick she uses like a scepter. With only one key, Natalie reveals Jordan is safe, She tells Kevin she nominated him because the game is like chess, and she is thinking three moves ahead of him. She tells Michele she nominated her strictly for personal reasons, calling her a backstabber and a liar. Natalie then reveals Michele’s pitch for a secret deal last week, and notes if she had taken it, she would have made a deal with the devil.

Kevin notes at this point Natalie has shown she’s a liar and doesn’t have his back at all, while Michele notes that in her scenario the devil is not taking Natalie to the final two, and in this case, the devil will win. Who will be evicted from the House? Find out in a very special live episode of BIG BROTHER on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 9pm ET/PT on CBS!