Season 11: Episode 27 - Michele’s Eviction and the Beginning of the End
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“My target this week is Michele,” Natalie says, after nominating Kevin and Michele for eviction. “Kevin is simply a ploy to throw the girls off.” Kevin knows that Natalie is playing a ruse on Michele and Jordan with her nominations but what Natalie doesn’t know is that Kevin is about to play a ruse on her. “Ultimately, I’m looking to get Natalie out,” he confides in the diary room. Jordan sees the tension between Kevin and Natalie, which she thinks is good for her game. “But maybe it’s too good to be true,” Jordan says. “You don’t know in the BIG BROTHER house!” Up in the HoH Suite, Natalie congratulates herself as she prances around in her robe and crown. “I think that went good,” she says. “Job well done, Natalie.”

Later that night, Natalie warms up to Jordan outside by the hot tub so that she can find out who Jordan would send home. Jordan says that Kevin’s game is getting stronger, but Natalie immediately strikes that idea down and works on convincing Jordan that Michele is the bigger threat. Jordan picks up on this urgency, and finds it “a little weird how Natalie was talking about Kevin being her main target when all the sudden she says, ‘go after Michele.’” Jordan isn’t sure what to believe, but keeps falling back on Jeff’s last piece of advice: stick with Michele.

It’s bedtime in the splish splash room and Michele makes a late-night pact with Jordan. Michele tells Jordan that she knows that she can trust her 100 percent, while Jordan swears to God that she is not going to backstab Michele. Michele says that they have come this far, and they can’t go home when they are so close to the final three. Meanwhile, Natalie has a similar conversation with Kevin in the red bedroom. Natalie tells Kevin that he has to win the Veto tomorrow, but then notices that he seems down. Kevin reveals that this is an important competition, and his whole game is on the line. He wins, and he’s in the final three; he loses, and he’s going home. When he says that it is two against one in the Veto competition, Natalie says that, with Jordan in the mix, it is more like one and a half against one.
 Ain’t No Party Like a Veto Block PartyKevin, Natalie and Michele come outside for the Veto competition, while Natalie stays up in the HoH Suite. Natalie doesn’t get to play because she gave up that right when she chose to visit with her boyfriend inside Pandora’s Box. Kevin explains that, in celebration of the last Veto competition, BIG BROTHER is throwing them a “block party.” Each of their individual stations has twenty clues, lined up ten by ten. Their goal is to take ten blocks with the house guests’ names on them and match them correctly with the clues. The first player to stack the blocks so that they correctly answer all of the clues wins the final, crucial Power of Veto.

Kevin sees the first row clues are “the fifth evicted house guest” and “replaced Kevin on the block.” Kevin knows that the answer is Jessie for the first clue, but is not sure who replaced him because he’s had a “brain fart.” Jordan complains that she is stumped as well, which gets her “flustered and nervous.” Michele explains that her strategy is to lay out all the blocks and then put them in a stack when she has them all figured out, but she too is confused about the first set of clues. Once Michele gets it, Kevin can hear her stacking up all her blocks! “Oh my God, Michele is kicking my butt right now,” Kevin frets. Jordan feels like a yo-yo because she still can’t get the first answer.

Michele finishes her stack! She rings her bell, but the buzzer sounds, indicating that her answer is incorrect. Michele doesn’t know if she is one block off or ten blocks off but, once Michele has taken apart her blocks, things get disorganized, which gives Kevin a chance to take the lead. Michele is getting nervous as the time ticks away, and she restacks her blocks. Once again, she hears the buzzer-she’s still wrong! Meanwhile, Kevin finishes his stack. He rings his bell, and hears the chime! Kevin yells and cries when he realizes that he’s made it to the final three! Jordan knows that this is bad. Kevin will certainly use the Veto to take himself off the block, with her going up as the replacement nominee. “My destiny is in his hands,” Jordan says, pointing out the fact that Kevin is the sole vote for eviction this week.
 Julie Checks InHost Julie Chen asks Jordan if it’s hard being in the house without Jeff. Jordan admits that it is very hard, especially at night when she is looking for someone to talk to. Julie then asks Natalie if it was a hard decision to open Pandora’s Box. Natalie admits it wasn’t hard at all, because, after she saw that her boyfriend was waiting for her, it was “a rather easy decision.” When asked, Michele says that the most annoying part of the Pandora’s Box consequence was dealing with the big baby, who was not only loud but also smelled!
 Veto AftermathJordan, Michele and Kevin talk about the game in the kitchen when Natalie appears from the HoH Suite. When she finds out that Kevin won, she runs downstairs with congratulatory drinks for herself and Kevin. This behavior has Michele feeling like Natalie is rubbing the win in her and Jordan’s faces. Michele and Jordan console one another in the splish splash room while Kevin and Natalie do a happy dance in the HoH Suite. Natalie swears on her engagement that she is taking Kevin to the final two. Kevin, however, isn’t so sure. “Natalie keeps mentioning final two but, yes, I can’t beat you,” he says. “I have to string Natalie along in order for me to win this game.”
 Michele’s Last StandLater that night, Michele asks Kevin if he and Natalie are partners. Kevin says that they had a final five deal, but that expired when they hit final four. Michele reveals that she never wanted Natalie in the final two, and does not want her to win. Michele says that, with Kevin’s decision, he can win $500,000 or not win $500,000. Kevin says that he is not playing for second place. Michele lays it on the line for Kevin—if he votes her out, she will not vote for Kevin to win and, if he’s up against Natalie, he’s going to need all the votes he can get. Meanwhile, Natalie tells a nervous Jordan that she is 100 percent safe this week. “It’s not a question,” Natalie tells her of Michele’s eviction. But is it? “Whatever I pick, it is a huge decision,” Kevin says. “Anything could happen.”
 Natalie’s SecretsJulie touches base with Natalie in the HoH Suite and asks her if she is really aligned with Kevin. Natalie says “100 percent.” Julie then asks Natalie if lying about her age hurt or helped her game this season. Natalie feels that it “tremendously helped” her game, noting that it made people think she is “young, naïve, and gullible.”

Natalie comes back downstairs for the Veto ceremony. Kevin quickly uses the Veto on himself and Jordan automatically goes up on the block. It’s time for final pleas. Jordan appeals to Kevin as a fairly clean player, and points out that she did not play a dirty game and was not a backstabber. Michele stands up for her speech, but not before putting on a pair of red devil horns. Michele explains that the jury house sees her as the devil, and that voting to keep her guarantees him the $500,000 because she’s burned so many jury members. “I can raise hell against you in jury house, or raise hell together with you in the HoH competitions,” she says.

It’s Kevin’s moment of truth! He admits that this is a difficult decision and he didn’t make it until about 30 minutes ago. Michele is evicted! As she walks out, Michele annoys Kevin when she says, “may the best wom-, player win.” After Michele leaves, Kevin says that he didn’t appreciate her final slap at him and her apparent wish to see a woman win the game. Natalie is just happy that "the devil is finally gone."

Outside with Julie, Michele explains that she thinks that Kevin decided to evict her because he was worried that the jury would consider her a better player. “He couldn’t count on the grudges in the jury house,” she says. Michele also notes that Jeff’s decision to trust Kevin and to boot Russell radically altered her game. “It was a bad move on his part,” Michele says of Jeff. Julie then goes over all of the mean things that people called Michele in the house. Why does Michele bring this out in people? Michele confesses that she was bullied as a child, and doesn’t understand why she elicited such strong reactions.

In the back yard, the remaining house guests get ready for the first part of the special three-part HoH Competition. Because this is the final HoH Competition, Natalie gets to play along with Kevin and Jordan. The game, “Log Jam,” is simple—hold onto your house key for dear life and don’t fall off the rolling log. Who will win the final HoH Competition? And who is guaranteed a spot in the final two? Find out live Thursday, Sept. 10 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!