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Season 11: Episode 28 - Natalie and Jordan Fight for the Chance to Compete in the Final HoH Competition
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the moments following Michele’s eviction from the Big Brother House, Natalie celebrates her departure while Kevin and Jordan prepare themselves for the first part of the final three-part HoH competition. The final three house guests take their places atop a giant spinning log as the first part of the HoH competition, a grueling endurance competition, gets underway.

Kevin, Jordan and Natalie each hold onto their respective keys as the huge log they stand on slowly rolls, forcing them to step carefully in order to maintain their balance. A cloudburst only makes things more difficult. Kevin feels that he has to win, because he thinks that, if Natalie is in the final two, then he has no chance of winning the $500,000. Winning is the only way that he can ensure that Jordan stays in the house and sits next to him in the final two. Jordan realizes that she has to look out for herself and win this for herself. Natalie thanks Kevin for sticking to his word and evicting Michele. Kevin confides that it was a huge decision, but he feels good about keeping Jordan. Natalie is delighted by Michele’s departure. “I seriously have a lot of hatred for her,” she says. “Evil is gone.”
 Natalie needles Jordan
Back on the log, Natalie gloats over Michele’s eviction and tries to distract Jordan by saying that Michele and Jeff will be spending all of their time together in the jury house! Jordan sees through the ploy, because she knows that Michele is happily married. “I have nothing to worry about,” Jordan says, “because he likes me.” Natalie’s scheming almost comes to bite her hard, however—Natalie trips and does a full spin atop the log before regaining her footing! “I totally almost lost it,” she says, noting that was “ a close one.”

Jordan hates it when the wind starts to blow but, when it snows, she really feels it. “Could you torture me any more?” Jordan asks. Just then, the log begins to spin in all different directions, making it more difficult to stand on the log. Natalie says that the hardest part was actually just holding onto the key. Natalie tells them that they gave it a good run, so when are they going to drop? Kevin laughs back at Natalie, indicating that he’s not going anywhere. Natalie points out to Jordan that Kevin’s hand is shaking. In the diary room, Natalie says that she talked to Jordan on the log to make Jordan feel like she could trust Natalie.
 And Then There Were Two
The cold takes its toll on Jordan, who ultimately falls, having allowed herself to be distracted by Kevin’s suggestion that she wiggle around to keep herself warm. When Jordan goes inside, Natalie smiles at Kevin and says that their plan is working perfectly. Kevin says that, if this works, they were able to pull off all the plans they set up over the course of the season! Kevin asks if they should hold for another five minutes, but Natalie tells him that she can hold all night. Kevin is confused because, three days ago, they made a plan that Natalie would give the win to Kevin. Natalie asks Kevin to swear that he will take her to final two, which Kevin does on everyone and everything in his life. Kevin later reveals in the diary room that his word means nothing in the game! He has every intention of booting Natalie the first chance he gets! After telling Kevin over and over that she could really win this, and calling out Kevin in front of all of America, Natalie drops. Kevin wins the first round!
 On the Horizon…
Host Julie Chen says hello to the house guests in the living room and gives them an important announcement. For the first time in BIG BROTHER history, all three of the house guests will make it to finale night on Tuesday. No one is leaving! Julie explains that Natalie and Jordan will compete live tonight for part two, but the winner will face off against Kevin in part three on finale night. The winner will become HoH and decide who sits next to them in the final two. The evicted house guest will then join the jury in the studio audience for the jury Q&A. The shocked house guests are speechless at the news and shake their heads in disbelief.
 Welcome Jeff!
Speaking of the jury, Russell has adjusted to life out of the BIG BROTHER house, but is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fourth jury member. He hopes that it is Jeff, while Lydia would love to see Natalie, whom she can’t stand because of her lies. Jeff arrives and inspires cheers from Jessie and Lydia, who are also delighted to see that he has been evicted. Jeff is prepared for their happiness, because he knows that he basically sent them all packing. “It’s a tough pill to swallow, and I’m swallowing mine right now,” he says. Lydia loves it when Jeff tells them that Kevin stabbed him in the back, but Jeff is surprised to hear how much animosity the rest of the house guests have for Natalie because she lied about her game. There may be hope for Jordan yet! Jeff pops in a DVD which will bring the rest of the jury up to speed on the events that have transpired over the past week, and everyone is furious when they watch the hot chocolate HoH Competition and see how poorly Natalie performed. Jeff thinks that Michele and Jordan will be in the final two, and predicts that Kevin and Natalie coming to the jury house next. The others aren’t so sure. “We’ll see,” Jeff says.
 Return of the Champions
Julie welcomes former BIG BROTHER winners Evel Dick and Mike Boogie plus Season Three’s Danielle and Season Six’s Janelle into the studio to discuss their feelings on the final three. Danielle reluctantly admits that she thinks that Natalie has played the best game. “Don’t hate,” she tells the audience, as she lays out her belief that Natalie has played a strategic game. Janelle says that Jeff getting rid of Russell was one of the worst moves in the game, While Boogie Mike notes that Jeff’s use of the Coup d’etat was one of the best. Evel Dick rags on Chima’s outburst, noting that she should have kept her eyes on the prize. Mike Boogie feels that Kevin is the one to beat, because he has avoided conflict, something Natalie failed to do. Danielle reiterates that she would love to see a woman win.
 Playing Part Two
Natalie goes into the back yard and finds a huge tilted game board with holes at the top numbered one through ten. Julie explains part two of the HoH competition called “Heads Will Roll.” In this competition, the goal is to use balls bearing the names of the season’s past HoH winners and land the ball with correct name into the hole that corresponds with the numerical order in which they reigned. Whoever gets the most answers correct wins. Natalie begins rolling balls and, within the two-minute time limit, she gets five balls into the correct holes. Jordan is up next. Jordan finishes and Julie calls Jordan back into the living room. Julie then announces the scores. While Natalie got five correct answers, Jordan gets nine! Jordan and Kevin will go head to head in the third part of the final HoH competition! “I’m sweating,” Jordan yells as Natalie starts pouting about her loss. How will the Kevin react to Jordan’s new position of power? Find out Sunday, Sept. 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!