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Season 11: Episode 29 - The Final Three Reminisce
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Finding out all three of us are going to be around until Tuesday is kind of nerve wracking,” Jordan says. “I have to stay focused.” Kevin wanted to find out during the live show who was going to be in the final two, but he realizes that this twist may work in his favor. “If I choose Jordan over Natalie, then Natalie has less time to work over the jury against me.”
 A Look Back The final three are thrilled to find that Big Brother has provided them a feast for the evening - a fabulous steak and shrimp dinner, complete with a bottle of expensive champagne. Jordan toasts them all as the “fab three,” with Kevin pointing out that he is the most fabulous. Jordan remembers their first day in the house, and all of the surprise over the 13th house guest, which turned out to be Jessie. Kevin admits that he didn’t jive with Jessie at all, but Natalie notes that, while she was skeptical of him at first, it came as a surprise that she liked him. Kevin and Jordan are having none of it! Jordan tells Natalie that Jessie was full of himself, and clearly thought of himself as “Mr. Amazing.”

A previously unaired scene of Jessie up in the HoH Suite talking about all of his accomplishments seems to support Jordan’s story. As Natalie and Lydia try to doze off to sleep, Jessie won’t stop talking about himself as an “American bad-ass,” and droning on about the fact that he has accomplished something no one else in America has. His goal, he reveals, is to use his physique for good. Back at the feast, Natalie tells Kevin and Jordan that they missed out, because Jessie was a great guy.
 Banana Man Jordan says that the really good guy in the house was Casey, who she thought was really funny and genial. Of course, Casey is known to them all now and forever as the Man in a Banana Suit. “He was so likeable and hilarious,” Kevin says. “And that’s what he was counting on,” Natalie reminds them.
 Ronnie the Rat Upon first meeting him, Kevin thought that Ronnie was so innocent and adorable, but he decided to play the game too hard and too fast. Jordan notes that Ronnie paid the price for it, especially after Russell made his life a living hell here.” They all remember Russell’s constant tormenting of Ronnie after he was outed as the rat.

Natalie sticks up for Ronnie, who she calls a “nice guy.” She notes that he just played them all, and that is to be expected because this is a game. Kevin warns that, if he could have, Ronnie would have played her too. Natalie reminds Kevin of his and Ronnie’s huge fight in the bathroom. Kevin admits that he doesn’t even remember what that argument was about, but he does remember that he went a little koo-koo crazy on poor Ronnie.
 Was it a Showmance? Natalie wants to know when Jordan went from having Jeff as her BFF to really liking him. Kevin thinks it was day one, but Jordan says, “He grew on me.” Kevin then brings up the very bizarre pairing of Lydia and Jessie. Kevin thinks that they were an odd couple, while Natalie points out they weren’t a couple at all, because Lydia’s feelings for Jessie were clearly unrequited. Kevin agrees, noting that Lydia was a little obsessed with Jessie. Kevin says that the relationship was unstable, to say the least, while Jordan and Jeff’s relationship was too stable if anything. Jordan says that’s because they were BFF’s. “With benefits?” Kevin asks. “I don’t know, Kevin,” Jordan shyly replies. “With accoutrements,” Kevin presses. Jordan is not talking!

As they move over to the memory wall, Natalie says that she will definitely remember Jeff for his use of the Coup d’etat. Kevin wants to know if Jordan knew. Jordan asks if he remembers how shocked she was because her face said it all. After migrating outside, Kevin recalls that, when the mystery power was used, Natalie, Lydia and Chima got really upset. Natalie admits that she shed a few tears, but Kevin thinks that they really did get a little dramatic. Natalie denies this, but a flashback to the boozy, whiny Jessie memorial dinner proves Kevin right!

Kevin looks over to the portable garden, which has shriveled up to almost nothing. He and Jordan agree that the garden has suffered since Jeff left. Jordan and Kevin both remember how much they enjoyed watching Jeff water the garden shirtless! “He can water this fruit any time, any day,” Kevin sighs.

Kevin then takes the opportunity to tease Natalie about her bug phobia, and recalls Natalie’s hysterical freak out over the dragonfly. Natalie, in turn, makes fun of Kevin for not coming to her rescue, and tells him that, when Jessie was in the house, he’d kill bugs for her no problem. “That’s because he loved you,” Jordan giggles.
 Chima’s Infamous Meltdown Before long, everyone gets to talking about Chima and her unforgettable departure from the house. Natalie says that different people let out their frustrations in different ways, and Chima certainly was frustrated after Jessie’s surprise departure and Michele’s betrayal. Kevin says that it’s interesting that Chima’s approach to frustration was throwing a $4,000 microphone into a jacuzzi. Jordan thinks that Chima let her anger get the best of her.

After a full recap of Chima’s dramatic departure, everyone works their way into the splish splash room, where everyone they discuss Michele’s penchant for talking, groaning and even yelling in her sleep! “I think she talked more when she slept than during the day,” Kevin says. In a never-before seen scene, Michele’s sleep talking and spasms are shown in great detail! Besides Michele, Jordan notes the other thing she will remember about the room is all the time she spent there with Jeff. Kevin says that, if there was a celebrity couple name like Brangelina for Jeff and Jordan, it would be Jordeff!

Jeff and Jordan certainly were the cute couple of the summer. In a new scene, Jordan spends much of her time in the house convincing Jeff that he should take her on the trip to Hawaii that he won, but Jeff teases Jordan that she will have to give him more than just a kiss if he takes her to Hawaii! Jordan and he joke back and forth as she notes that there is plenty else to do in Hawaii. All jokes aside, Jeff explains that he wishes everyone was more like Jordan, and that she brings out the best in him.

After moving to the red room, Natalie remembers that this is where Lydia had the mother of all drunken tirades. Jordan says that was the peak point of Lydia’s craziness. A flashback proves Jordan right!
 Looking Forward to Finale Night In the living room, Kevin says that the three of them are making it to the end. Jordan says that the house definitely brings things out in people, like her uncharacteristic shouting match with Russell. “Russell makes one remark and I flip out and go berserk,” she says. “I shouldn’t have let him get to me. But, at the time, it felt like the right thing to do.”

Kevin says that he is happy that he made it to the end with the two of them, while Natalie points out that they each began the game as part of a different high school Clique. “Let’s hug now because later we are going to scratch each other’s eyes out.” Kevin says. Jordan thinks that she deserves the big prize, because she didn’t play a dirty or rude game. Natalie knows that her fate lies in either Jordan or Kevin’s hands, but she feels confident that she has it in the bag. “I’m sorry guys, the half million dollars is mine,” she says. Kevin thinks differently. “Y’all fight over second place,” he quips.

So, who will win part three of the ultimate HoH competition? And who will walk home with the half-million-dollar prize? Find out Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 9pm ET/PT on the special live two-hour season finale of BIG BROTHER on CBS!