Season 11: Episode 30 - The Winner is Crowned in a Special Two Hour Finale of BIG BROTHER
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 02:30pm

“Yay! I did it,” Jordan yells after winning part two of the final HoH competition. “I didn’t want to rub it in Natalie’s face, but I was screaming on the inside.” Kevin thinks that Jordan’s win is perfect for his game. “Now Natalie is no longer in the equation,” he says, noting that he feels confident that Jordan will take him to the final two if she wins the final HoH. Even though he has been aligned with Natalie, Kevin is worried about all of Natalie’s friends on the jury and doesn’t think that they’ll vote for him to win if he is in the final two with Natalie.

“I want to take one of those balls and hurl it right now,” a frustrated Natalie says after realizing she is now out of the running for the final HoH. Her only focus now is trying to get on Kevin and Jordan’s good sides so that they’ll both opt to take her to the final two. “I have to be their best friends and hope I get chosen,” Natalie says.
 Making DealsNatalie shuffles a deck of cards in the red room when Kevin enters. “I hope if you win you stick with the deal and take me,” she says. Kevin has something to tell Natalie: “If the bitch wins she’s taking you,” he says, deflecting her concern. “I know it’s going to be hard, but I think we should just enjoy the fact that we have made it to the end.” Kevin notes that Natalie is correct to be worried about making it to the final two if he wins HoH. “Jordan doesn’t have a ton of friends in the jury like Natalie does,” he explains in the diary room. Meanwhile, back in the red room, Natalie makes another pitch to Kevin. “I hope I can trust you,” she says repeatedly. Hope is all you have, Natalie!

When Natalie gets called into diary room, Kevin takes the opportunity to have a private conversation with Jordan. Kevin asks her if she is totally on board for final two, which Jordan scoffs at. “You’re making me nervous when you say that,” she tells him, noting that his paranoia is almost scaring her. Kevin tells Jordan  “1000 percent” he is keeping her if he wins HoH. Jordan wants to know why Kevin is even thinking about this, and Kevin expresses his concern that Natalie will convince Jordan to keep her. “Don’t be paranoid,” Jordan tells him.

It turns out that Kevin is right to feel antsy. In the diary room, Jordan says that, although she keeps telling Kevin what he wants to hear, she is really going to keep Natalie if she wins HoH! “Kevin has won more than me,” Jordan reasons. “I know I’m not going to get $500,000 against Kevin.” Jordan helps smooth things over by telling Kevin that it’s only fair to have the two of them in the final two. Kevin is still not sure about Jordan. “Is she lying to me or is she not?” Kevin asks himself. “I don’t know.”
 Kevin’s DilemmaWhen Kevin decides that he needs some alone time in the hammock, Natalie makes a play for Jordan. Natalie tells Jordan that, despite whatever happens, she hopes that they can remain in contact after getting out of the house. “You’re just like one of my girlfriends back at home,” Natalie says. Jordan agrees, and promises Natalie that if Kevin takes Natalie, she will go out to the jury and tell them to vote Natalie! Jordan reveals in the diary room that her final two deal with Natalie is genuine. “I really have to win this final third round in the HoH competition so I can take Natalie and then have a shot at $500,000.”

“Whoever the other one is we get each other’s vote,” Natalie ultimately tells Jordan. Could this be the final two?

The next afternoon, Kevin is outside on the patio talking to himself. “Do I even have a chance to win with both these girls,” he asks himself as Natalie comes outside. “I feel I don’t have a shot at winning between either of you,” Kevin tells Natalie.  He thinks that, because he evicted Jeff, it is certain that Jeff will tell Jordan not to vote for him, killing his chances of a win. Natalie scoffs at this, and tells him that he’s got two guaranteed votes with Michele and Lydia. Kevin tells her that he’s got only Lydia since he thinks that Michele is not a sure thing for him. Natalie then makes the mistake of telling Kevin that if he boots her out of the house, her vote will go to Jordan! Things deteriorate further when Natalie talks about how votes are personal and Kevin notes he’s won more competitions than anyone else currently in the house. “What are you trying to insinuate, that you’re planning on going back on the deal between you and I?” Natalie snaps. “I’m not insinuating,” Kevin snaps back. “I’m talking out loud!” Natalie tells Kevin that he is talking out of his ass when he says he can’t win. “Fine, I won’t tell you what’s going on in my mind anymore,” Kevin says. This ends the conversation for Natalie, who goes inside as she tells Kevin that he has made her upset. Tensions sure are high!
 Nearing the EndHost Julie Chen greets the final three house guests. Julie asks Kevin what BIG BROTHER has taught him about himself. Kevin says that he now has a little more confidence in himself. Julie then asks Natalie what she will miss about the house, and Natalie replies that she will miss living with twelve people. “Really, all twelve?” Julie asks. “Really,” Natalie says. When Julie asks Jordan how this experience has changed her, Jordan says that she now feels like a “grown girl.”
 The Bitter FiveUp at the jury house, Jeff sunbathes poolside. He can’t believe that his first week out of the BIG BROTHER house has been “amazing,” with just the first couple of days being about the other jury members “throwing stones” at him. He confesses that they are all looking forward to the finale. Everyone plays pool as they wait for the fifth jury member to arrive. Russell thinks that Kevin is walking in next, while Jeff thinks that Lydia is going to parrot whatever Jessie says! Jeff admits that he wants to see anyone but Jordan, while Lydia announces that she is sure that Michele will be gracing their presence soon.  That is Russell’s worst-case scenario because he and Michele got very close the last few weeks in the house, and he is crossing his fingers for Michele’s win.

“Guess who didn’t make it in the final three,” Michele sing-songs as she makes her grand entrance. Jeff is devastated, but Jessie is excited. Jeff worries that, with Michele out, Jordan’s chances of advancing are slim. Russell tells Michele that he was rooting for her and Michele proceeds to tell them all about the second Pandora’s Box and Natalie’s engagement. Lydia then blurts out the news about Natalie’s real age to Michele. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to her, since Michele always thought that Natalie’s stories didn’t really add up. Later, Michele reveals that she is pleased that Natalie has been outed as a “dirty little trickster,” but is surprised to find out that the rest of the jury house has such strong negative feelings about Natalie.
 Michele’s Week From HellLydia nearly vomits when she watches Michele’s DVD and witnesses Natalie’s HoH win. Then, when Natalie walks out for the nomination ceremony in her robe, crown and sun glasses, Lydia really goes off. “The wannabe Flavor Flav,” Lydia spits out. Jeff wants to know if Natalie was really fighting with Kevin when she nominated him for eviction, and Michele tells him that it was all a ploy to set her up and give Kevin the chance to win the Veto. “Natalie’s got some balls to call you out as the devil,” Lydia says. “It’s cool, she can be queen of the trailer park, don’t worry about it.” Michele agrees! Jeff announces that he won’t vote for Natalie based solely on her crazy outfit. “Looking at her makes me sick,” he spits. Lydia hopes that Jordan takes Natalie out.

Michele reveals that she wants Kevin and Jordan in the final two, while both Jessie and Lydia tell her that they would have voted for her over Natalie. Lydia is hoping that Kevin will give Natalie a kick in the pants and send her packing, but Michele feels that he doesn’t have the strength to do it. Kevin may be stronger than you think, Michele!
 The Jury DebatesThe five jury members meet for a conversation about their votes. Jessie notes that they have quite a decision ahead and points out that they have three people to chose from: Natalie, Jordan and Kevin. Russell starts by pointing out that the three remaining house guests didn’t win by being strong players at competitions, so they will have to decide on who played people the best. Lydia says that she respects winners and can’t vote for someone who didn’t win any competitions. Jeff notes that all of “the strong people” are sitting here in the jury. When Lydia recalls that Kevin said they always had to think about who is in the jury, Jeff chimes in and notes that Kevin wasn’t always the sweet little guy Lydia remembers. “Your little sweet Jordan wasn’t sweet all the time,” Lydia snaps back, which sets off a bicker-fest between the two of them. “I can’t take it,” Jeff says. “It’s like talking to a road cone. Get in your space ship!”

Jessie thinks that Kevin and Natalie played better than Jordan, while Jeff notes that even though Jordan got nominated multiple times, she’s made it this far. “That’s playing the game,” he says. Russell thinks Jordan was the sweetest person in the house, and notes she made her best move when she attached herself to a stronger player. But he concedes she didn’t make any power play moves in the game, something he thinks is important. “I don’t see anything that really stands out,” Russell says. Lydia recalls that Kevin won four competitions, while Jordan had a win handed to her by Jeff and lucked out when she won HoH. “A win’s a win,” Jeff says. Jeff then reminds her she just pulled a win out in the final HoH. Lydia calls Jeff a puppet master, which sets Jeff off. He tells Lydia that she is Jessie’s puppet, which irritates Jessie. “You won’t say anything negative about Jordan,” Lydia tells Jeff. “No, I won’t,” Jeff says.

Russell says that he almost fell for Natalie’s little sister shtick, but now feels that Natalie came up with her strategy of aligning herself to different strong players after she realized that she couldn’t win competitions. Michele concedes that this was a smart move. Jeff thinks that Natalie doesn’t deserve to be in the final three at all. He then tells Jessie he was the strongest player. “Thank you,” Jessie says as he flexes. “Take it easy,” Jeff tells him. “This room doesn’t fit your head, and we’re outside.” Jeff then says that it doesn’t matter how old Natalie told everyone she is because, either way, she acted like she was 12 the whole time! Michele thinks that Kevin did a lot of work manipulating people in the game and working certain players out of the house. Jessie says when he saw Jeff’s face when he entered the jury house that was the most beautiful thing all season. “You should have seen your face during the coup d’etat,” Jeff snaps back. Lydia reminds everyone that, when they get to the Q&A with the final two, they need to be prepared for answers that are all flattery and complimentary. Jeff says they all have a lot to think about, because they don’t even know who the final two are! “Coup d’etat to that,” Jeff says.
 The Final HoH is…Julie announces that it is time for Kevin and Jordan to duke it out in part three of the final HoH. Julie tells them the object of part three is to guess the ending of statements made by the jury members. There are two possible endings, and they will need to pick between A and B. Jessie’s statement is up first. Jessie said that the best thing about being in the house was A, the ladies oh yeah! Or B, time to work on my amazing calves. The answer is A. Kevin gets a point. Lydia said the moment in the house that irritated her the most was  A, Natalie interrupting my time with Jessie, or B, when Jeff got the coup d’etat. Jordan gets a point when she answers B. Russell said if I could go back in time in this game I would change A, how much I told Michele, or B, some of the things I said to Chima. The answer is A. Jordan gets a second point! Jeff said the fatal error I made was A, not winning the last PoV, or B, getting rid of Russell too soon. The correct answer is A—Kevin gets a point. Final question! Michele said the house guest I think needs a reality check most is A, Chima, or B, Jessie. When Michele answers Jessie, both get a point. Time for a tiebreaker! Julie asks them to come up with a number: including tiebreaker votes, how many total votes to evict have been cast so far this season? Jordan writes 50, while Kevin votes 80. Julie reveals the answer is 52, making Jordan the final HoH!

Jordan has a big decision to make. Natalie and Kevin make their speeches, but it is ultimately Jordan’s big decision. Jordan says she hates stuff like this, but after some rambling, decides to evict Kevin. As he leaves the house he tells Jordan she made a good decision and congratulates both of the girls.

Outside in the studio, Julie asks Kevin what happened. “She actually made a smarter move,” Kevin says. “She might have a chance, I don’t know.” Julie then asks if he is mad. “I can’t be mad,” he answers. “I’m not angry or bitter or anything.” Julie brings up that Kevin decided to boot Michele and to use Jordan to win. Was that the right choice?
“Julie, why you asking me that,” he yells. “I don’t know!” Even still, Kevin goes out on a high note, explaining this has been a dream for a guy who has been applying to be on BIG BROTHER since season one.

Julie sends Kevin offstage as she brings in the five jury members. When she asks them who the final jury member will be, Lydia says that she hopes to see Natalie. When Kevin walks out, Lydia exclaims that there are now two bitches in the final two. With a full jury, it’s time for the Q&A. Russell asks Jordan what her strategy was before she entered the house, and how it changed over time. Jordan says that she wanted to lay low and not trust anyone, but when she entered the house and found out everyone was so nice, she trusted everyone. That changed with all the fighting in the second week but, at that point, she thought she would just be her goofy, funny self and see how far that got her. Jeff asks Jordan what her best move in the game was, besides aligning with him. Jordan says that she just made it when she evicted Kevin. Russell asks Natalie why she deserves to win. Natalie says that she came in with a strategy to align with strong players, and she did. She also notes that she was always true to her alliance.

It’s time for the last set of speeches of the season! Jordan rambles on a bit, but points out “I’m very proud of myself if I win or not.” Natalie stresses that she was true to her alliance of Jessie, Chima and Ronnie, but can’t res