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Season 12: Episode 18 - Brendon Opens Pandora’s Box, Bringing a Very Special Former HouseGuest Back into the Game
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Ragan is devastated that he is on the chopping block. Lane has no idea why he has been nominated for eviction, but Head of Household Brendon tells him that he is up as a pawn so Ragan is certain to go home. Brendon also informs Lane if Ragan wins the Power of Veto, he will be nominating prime targets Matt or Britney for eviction. 

After players are picked for the Veto nomination, with everyone playing but Matt and Britney. The next morning a huge green robot, the Zingbot 300, awakes the HouseGuests! “Everything is big in Texas,” Zingbot says to a sleepy Lane, “except your brain.” The HouseGuests quickly learn Zingbot is an automated purveyor of insulting zings! Zingbot leads everyone outside, where the players learn they must solve four jigsaw puzzles that spell out the letters to the word “veto.” The challenge is walking the pieces one at a time across a balance beam to a spinning platform.  The first player to solve the puzzles without falling off the beam or platform wins the PoV.

Matt is annoyed that his fellow secret Brigade alliance members Lane, Hayden and Enzo are once again performing badly. Ragan and Brendon compete hard, while Kathy is eliminated early when she falls off her beam. Ragan wins the Power of Veto, which means he not only stays in the game, but also gets one step closer to his $20,000 prize for being the special two-week secret Saboteur. Brendon isn’t all that upset by Ragan’s win, because he has two other prime targets for elimination this week—Matt and Britney.
 Every Disappointment Also Provides an Opportunity
Brigade members Hayden and Enzo are bummed that a member of their alliance is nominated for eviction, but Enzo points out that if Matt were the replacement nominee and got sent to the Jury House, it might be good for the two of them. Hayden notes Matt has votes for himself on the other side of the house from people Hayden thinks are snakes. “Matt, unfortunately, is the head of the snake,” he says. Hayden tells Enzo if Matt went home this week, things are looking better for them.

Brendon walks into his HoH suite to find he has the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box. He learns that opening the box could release something good and bad on him or the rest of the house. Brendon learns he is being offered a day in paradise, complete with a poolside massage and a feast—how about a trip for two? Brendon thinks this means he will get to spend a romantic day with evicted HouseGuest and showmance Rachel. Brendon eagerly opens the box and is whisked out of the house!

But as Brendon secretly leaves the HoH suite, the doorbell surprises the remaining HouseGuests. Ragan answers the door and finds a familiar face—Rachel! “Ha, ha bitches, I’m back,” Rachel yells as Ragan makes a face. “Someone opened Pandora’s Box.” Rachel reminds them she is still on the jury, so they should all be nice to her. She then runs upstairs to find Brendon, but when he doesn’t answer they all assume he has been locked in the HoH suite for the next 24 hours. Rachel turns her attention back to the other HouseGuests, including Ragan, who is furious she is back. The two of them engage in a marathon session of taunts and insults. Everyone else decides to stay out of it, especially Enzo, who has no desire to engage this way with a jury member. Rachel tells Ragan, “You’re the biggest bitch because you’re gay!” Later in another screaming session, Ragan calls out Rachel for insulting him for being gay, but Rachel yells back, “I love gay people, you suck at it!” But things have already degenerated pretty far after Ragan tells Rachel, “The only thing honest about you are the pimples on your chin.”

Meanwhile at a mansion in Malibu, Brendon wanders around looking for Rachel. He learns from a Pandora’s Box envelope that while he enjoys his vacation here, Rachel is “enjoying” a vacation elsewhere. Brendon makes the best of his alone time with his poolside massage and feast.  

Rachel spends the night in the HoH Suite, but before leaving decides to leave something for Brendon. She opens a bag of pretzels and spells out the phrases “I love you” and “Matt,” hoping Brendon gets the message he should put Matt up as his replacement nominee. Rachel shows Kathy the message as she departs, but Kathy quickly tells Hayden and Enzo that Rachel left directions for Brendon. After Rachel leaves, Brendon comes back into the house through the HoH suite and sees Rachel’s parting words. He notes that she has made his decision a little easier.  

Brendon quickly gets down to work. He calls Britney up to HoH suite and asks her if the deal they talked about a few days ago still stands—Britney had told him that she would do whatever he wants if she stays for the week. Britney once again promises Brendon anything he wants, but reveals in Diary Room that she is saying what Brendon wants to hear and has no intention of holding up her end of the bargain.  

Brendon has a similar conversation with Ragan, who warns Brendon that if he puts Matt up against Lane, then Lane is likely to go home, while Britney going on the block pretty much assures the pawn Lane will be safe from eviction. Brendon admits Ragan’s arguments are solid. So whom does Brendon put up?

During the Veto Ceremony, Ragan (who was able to pull off another successful sabotage the night before) surprises no one when he saves himself from the block. Noting he is still playing as if Rachel were in the game, Brendon makes Matt his replacement nominee. Ragan feels somewhat responsible for Matt’s nomination, while Enzo notes the worst has happened—two Brigade members are on the block. Britney is relieved, while Matt notes he is sitting pretty this week, because he has the secret Diamond Power of Veto, which will not only save him from the block during the live show, but also allows him to pick his replacement on the chopping block. How will the Diamond PoV change the game? Who will be evicted? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 19 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!