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Season 12: Episode 19 - Matt's Secret Diamond Power of Veto power is Revealed, Sending Shock Waves Through the House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Lane is disappointed that he and fellow secret Brigade alliance member Matt are on the block together, while Head of Household Brendon admits he honored the message Rachel left him in pretzels by nominating Matt. But Brendon doesn’t know that Matt is sitting pretty, because he has the secret Diamond Power of Veto, which allows Matt to not only take himself off the block but also put up his replacement!

Ragan is devastated that his house buddy Matt might go home, and is doing his best to cheer Matt up. Ragan is doubly duped, because he is emotional over the fact that Matt won’t be able to help his “sick wife” financially if he gets booted from the house. “If you stay the look on his face would be priceless,” Ragan says to Matt about Brendon. “Wouldn’t it,” Matt answers back. “All the reward in the world.” Just wait, Ragan!
In the storage room, Brigade members Enzo and Brendon tell Matt they won’t blindside him if it looks like he is going home this week. Matt is taking the opportunity to scope out how strongly they will fight for him, and notes if Enzo and Hayden aren’t all that enthusiastic for him to stay, he may have to rethink his alliance. But Matt quickly gets a shock when Hayden reveals that Rachel left a message written in pretzels telling Brendon to target Matt. When Hayden tells Matt that Kathy told him about the message, Matt freaks out—why did Kathy keep that from Matt? He calls this a “total betrayal,” and notes that she is now his prime target for eviction.

Soon after, Lane gets some alone time with Enzo and Hayden. They confirm that they are definitely voting to keep Lane, which means that he only needs one more vote to stay. He thinks his buddy Britney is pretty much in his camp so he feels his fate is sealed. Enzo heads into the Have Not bedroom to schmooze Matt. But Enzo makes a faux pas—he asks Matt if he by chance does go home this week, will he still vote for a Brigade member to win? This raises a huge red flag with Matt, who now knows Enzo is thinking of voting him out this week. Maybe Enzo should go up in his place instead of Kathy, Matt muses, noting “I control all the options.” 
 The Saboteur Strikes for the Last Time!
Ragan picks his final sabotage—hide a note that reads “I know your secret” under Enzo’s pillow! On a quiet afternoon soon after Kathy makes Enzo’s bed, Ragan sneaks into the rust bedroom and successfully makes his drop! Later that night, Enzo discovers the note! He wakes up Kathy, who snoozes in the next bed. She admits making the bed, but truthfully tells him she has no knowledge of the note before she goes back to sleep. Enzo then wakes the rest of the house and calls them into the cabana room. He thinks Kathy is the Saboteur, and made his bed as a ruse! Matt quickly piles on, because now he has a reason to nominate Kathy—he will be the hero for nominating the Saboteur! Ragan can’t believe his good luck. No one has even mentioned his name as a possible suspect, so he has cruised through his two weeks and is certain to score his $20,000 Saboteur prize.
Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and asks Britney and Ragan about Rachel’s surprise visit. Britney says having her back in the house was “surreal,” while Ragan says he stands by everything he screamed at her. Julie then asks for a show of hands for who believes the Saboteur is still in the house—it is a unanimous yes, followed by a unanimous sigh of relief when Julie announces the Saboteur is still in the house, but their reign of terror is officially over.  

Lane and Britney certainly have a flirtatious friendship going on, something that Britney’s mother Theresa has noticed watching the show back in Arkansas. While she readily admits Britney (a former pageant girl!) and Lane have a spark for one another, Theresa thinks Lane will ultimately be loyal to the Brigade. Meanwhile in Texas, Lane’s mom Loretta loves the bond Lane has with Britney, and wouldn’t be surprised if Lane brought her home for a visit. Lane’s brother Gunter can’t believe Lane hasn’t already had a hookup!
 Matt Makes his Revelation
 Back to the game! Matt stands and gives his speech, which begins with a not-so-gentle slam at Brendon for blindly doing Rachel’s bidding. But things take a turn when Matt tells Brendon he is “coming so close to achieving” his goal in getting him out, but has once again missed the mark. Matt then announces he is using the Diamond Power of Veto to save himself! Everyone is stunned as Julie confirms that when Matt opened Pandora’s Box two weeks ago, he got the special power, which allows him to save a nominee from the chopping block and name a replacement. While HoH Brendon and Veto holder Ragan are safe, Matt is free to name anyone else for eviction. Matt apologizes as he nominates Kathy, who remains calm and tells everyone her goal has always been not to “lie, cheat or steal” through the game.  

By a 5-0 vote, instant eviction nominee Kathy is booted from the house. Outside Kathy tells Julie she feels like she didn’t have a chance to fight to stay. Kathy says she is not hurt by the unanimous vote, but is hurt she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to everyone.  

After Kathy leaves, Julie reveals that earlier this week the HouseGuests got a chance to play “BIG BROTHER Says,” a version of the classic kids game Simon Says. BIG BROTHER says howl at the moon, do 12 jumping jacks, toilet paper the HoH suite, join in a group hug and attempt a five-second handstand, which all the HouseGuests attempt with varying degrees of success. Julie then checks in with the HouseGuests, who are told they are playing a true-false game based on what BIG BROTHER said to them. In a tense game of true and false, Enzo and Britney make it to the final two, with Britney, the only woman left in the house, ultimately pulling out her first HoH win of the season.

So whom will Britney nominate for eviction, and what will the fallout be from Matt’s use of the Diamond Power of Veto? Find out Sunday, August 22 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!