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Season 12: Episode 20 - Britney Gets Tested as the Brigade Begins to Fracture
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Brendon is royally pissed about the use of the Diamond Power of Veto, and is even more pissed that Matt called him a dummy in his speech on the live show. Hayden is feeling a sense of dread. It turns out two hours before the live eviction he and fellow secret Brigade alliance member Enzo had pulled Matt aside into the Cabana room and broke the news they were planning on voting to keep Lane in the house. “I’m not as important to the Brigade as I thought,” Matt says in Diary Room, noting he was the one who won so many competitions for the Brigade. “Come on, guys, I got you where you are!”

Both Ragan and Britney are ecstatic at the turn of events, while Lane notes the only thing he will miss about the surprise evictee Kathy was the fact that she did his laundry for him. Ragan admits he has been “crying like a 40-year-old woman watching Oprah,” and Matt’s self-save has made him “over the moon happy.”  

Lane is delighted to see Britney win Head of Household for the week, because his best flirty friend in the house would never put him back up on the block. Enzo is not delighted at all—Britney is besties with Lane, Ragan and Matt, so with so few people left in the house, this means he may finally become an eviction nominee. Brendon hopes that he is safe for the week, because when he was HoH he kept Britney safe from the chopping block—she will return the favor like she promised, right?
 Congratulations on Staying in the House (Maybe)
While Enzo worries about his fate, Matt apologizes to Lane and Hayden for not telling them anything about the Diamond Power of Veto. Hayden returns Matt’s apology, saying they felt bad about wanting to vote him out. Matt smiles through the very Brigade moment, but he’s not all that happy about what went down. “Lane and Hayden are acting very excited I’m back,” Matt notes in Diary Room. “Now they are glad I’m staying?”

Britney reveals her HoH Suite, which includes a pageant photo of Britney that Matt finds “bizarre creepy nightmarish,” and “instantly my favorite picture in the house.” Neither Lane nor Hayden is impressed with shots of Britney’s fiance Nick, who Britney has described as a “Greek God.” Lane feels Nick has nothing on him, particularly in the beard department.  
Enzo and Matt have a conversation in the rust bedroom, where Enzo tries to do some damage control. Matt tells him not to sweat it, and once again they both swear their allegiance to the Brigade alliance and pledge to get them all to the final four. The words are there, but the meaning behind them seems cautious, at best.  

Almost immediately after, Matt talks to Britney, and notes that Enzo has never been on the block and maybe “needs a taste” of that experience. Although Brendon is still target No. 1, Matt makes it clear he would be fine seeing Enzo go home this week if it comes down to that.  
 Brendon Takes a Stand
Britney and Brendon have a conversation in the HoH Suite, where Britney reveals she may be putting Brendon up on the lock. He warns her that if he stays he is gunning for HoH next week, and that she would be a prime target. He then drops a bombshell—when he was HoH, her supposed buddies Matt and Ragan came up and threw her under the bus, suggesting she be the one to go home. “Don’t play their game,” he warns her.  Britney notes this “really pisses me off if it is true.”  

The strategy talk is on hold while the Houseguests suit up in their Western wear for the Have-Have Not Competition with the “Lawmen,” Brendon, Enzo and Hayden, competing against the “Outlaws,” Ragan, Matt and Lane. Britney hosts as the teams try to guess which member of the opposing team had to do shots of something gross. The Lawmen try to give their opponents “the face” with every shot, but the Outlaws are better guessers, so Brendon, Enzo and Hayden end up Have Nots for the week.

After the competition, Lane, Enzo and Hayden relax in the hot tub. Enzo feels Matt made a mistake last week spending so much time trying to figure out what they were doing, when he knew full well he was going to save himself. Enzo assumes it will be he and Brendon on the block, but if Brendon wins the Veto competition, what then? They all realize Matt is looking out for himself, and they need to make some choices.  

Upstairs the three of them lobby Britney to put up Matt as the pawn against Brendon, noting Matt is the most likely person to beat the “Neanderthal” in a competition. Britney pulls Matt aside in the storage room, where she suggests he go up as the pawn. He kills that quickly, and notes Enzo is the best bet for nomination.  

Everyone gathers in the dining room, where Britney pulls Hayden’s key. Ragan’s key is next, followed by Lane’s and Matt’s. Enzo and Brendon are the nominees. Matt is relieved-either guy going home is fine by him, while Enzo notes he is going to fight for Veto to get Matt a backdoor nomination. Brendon can’t believe Britney suggested in her nomination speech that he was coming after her. “I didn’t even nominate you last week,” Brendon fumes. “What good is your word?”

So who will win the Power of Veto, and will he or she use to save Brendon or Enzo from eviction? Find out Wednesday, August 25 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!