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Season 12: Episode 21 - The Veto Shakes up Nominations as a Former HouseGuest Returns to "Advise" the HoH
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Enzo notes that Head of Household Britney says she adores him, but she still nominated him for eviction. With no one else to talk to, fellow nominee Brendon huddles in the Have Not bedroom and speaks out loud to Rachel. “It’s so hard when the whole house is against you,” he says on the folding lounge chair that is his bed. Upstairs in the HoH suite, Britney assures Enzo that he is safe this week, but Enzo worries in the Diary Room that Britney can’t be trusted. Last week she promised Brendon that if she got HoH she wouldn’t put him up, and that’s the first thing she did!

Outside Hayden and Lane are convinced if their fellow secret Brigade alliance member Matt stays in the game any longer, he is going to run away with the whole game. Lane notes this is the week to make a powerful move, and decides to pitch Britney the idea of back dooring Matt if the Veto is used this week. Britney is not happy about Lane’s suggestion and tells Lane she wants everyone focused on getting her target out.  

For this week’s veto competition, everyone is chosen to play, except for Ragan, who hosts the “BB Zoo.” Ragan explains each of them will start with 50 points, and have a chance to use their points on ten offers. To accept an offer, players have to be the first to buzz in from their individual cages (where they can’t see what other players are buzzing in for). If they accept a prize, they get points taken away, but their prize won’t be revealed to the other HouseGuests. If they take a punishment, they get points added to their total. Whoever has the most points at the end wins the Power of Veto. Brendon pledges to accept all the punishment he can, and aggressively buzzes in to rack up points. Hayden and Lane both go for prizes, while Enzo buzzes in on punishments in the hopes of getting himself off the block. At the end of all the offers, Ragan tallies up the results. Brendon takes four punishments: a head shaving by Ragan; a dunk in a “chum bath” every hour for 24 hours; being handcuffed to another player for a day; and being on slop for the next three weeks. Enzo gives all his clothes to charity and gets stuck wearing a penguin suit. Lane gets a call from home while Hayden scores $5,000 and a Hawaiian vacation! When the points are tallied, Brendon wins the Power of Veto.  
Britney breaks down in the HoH Suite in front of Ragan and Matt, furious that everyone took the prizes instead of working to defeat Brendon. Meanwhile down in the Have Not bedroom, Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Brendon decide they should lobby Matt as the one to go on the block. Lane admits he got the call, but Hayden says nada when they discuss who won the other two prizes. They all assume it is Matt, which gives them another reason to throw him under the bus.

Lane goes up to the HoH suite where he lobbies to have Matt nominated. Britney shares her frustrations to Lane, but he skillfully manipulates her into considering Matt for the chopping block. Lane tells her what she wants to hear but admits later in Diary Room he is committed to The Brigade (minus Matt).

The next day Britney comes up to the HoH suite and sees the golden question mark on the Pandora’s Box door! Does she open up the box and get a one-hour advice session from a former HouseGuest? Britney goes for it and is shocked when natural bodybuilder Jessie jumps out, tears off his skimpy tank top and screams, “Mr. Pectacular is here!” It turns out she is getting an hour of “work out” advice from Jessie so she can have a body as amazing as his! Meanwhile, the other HouseGuests get a Polynesian-themed party outside, complete with a feast, hula girls and limbo dancing. “Feel the burn, toots,” Jessie says as Britney longingly watches the monitor showing everyone else having a great time.  

Britney’s trials continue when Brendon chooses her as his partner for his daylong handcuffing. To make matters worse, Britney is chained to Brendon as he endures his hourly “chum bath” all night long, which requires him to plunge himself in a thick vat of fish guts!

But the game is never far away. Matt talks to Britney in the HoH suite, where he says he is only playing the game for his wife. He suggests nominating his house bestie Ragan as the replacement nominee, noting in Diary Room this is a good way to prove to the Brigade he is loyal. Matt goes downstairs and tells the rest of the Brigade he has throw up Ragan’s name, and now they should go and do the same. Hayden is thankful for the heads up, but he, Lane and Enzo go upstairs in quick succession and pitch Matt for eviction, pointing out if Matt is so eager to throw Ragan under the bus, he needs to be nominated and evicted now.

Before the veto ceremony, Britney pulls Ragan aside and tells him in the hammock Matt was the ringleader among the many people who were suggesting Ragan for eviction. Ragan is devastated when Britney reaffirms this as they sit and wait for the veto ceremony to begin. Brendon quickly uses the veto on himself, and Britney puts a surprised Matt up on the block. Enzo says Matt is about to hand in his Brigade card, while Ragan notes last week he would have fallen on his sword for Matt, but this week Matt “stabbed him in the back.” So will Matt or Enzo be evicted? Find out on a special double eviction episode of BIG BROTHER on Thursday, August 26 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS!