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Season 12: Episode 22 - Two Houseguests are Eliminated in a Special Double Eviction Episode
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Matt was counting on his secret alliance the Brigade to help save him from the chopping block, but when Brendon used the Power of Veto to save himself, Head of Household Britney nominated him instead of going for Matt’s chosen target, Ragan. Matt’s plan backfired, because when Britney saw Matt throwing his bestie Ragan under the bus, it showed her “there is no low for him.” After the veto ceremony Ragan retreats to the Cabana room, where Britney follows to console him. “I know it’s a game, but I never would have done that to him,” he says. Matt tries to come in and talk to Ragan, but gets the cold shoulder. Ragan admits Matt’s betrayal “did wake me up like a bucket of cold water in the face,” and from now on it is time for him to just play the game.  

In the kitchen, Matt asks Britney why Ragan won’t talk to him. Britney stumbles around an explanation, because she doesn’t want Matt knowing she was the one that ratted him out to Ragan. Matt picks up on Britney’s skittishness, and realizes Ragan is mad at him because she told Ragan what Matt was up to. He also realizes that the one solid vote he had to stay is in jeopardy. When Ragan comes into the kitchen Matt is there to intercept him. Matt decides his best bet is to play dumb, and tells him that he was just concerned about how much lobbying Ragan did for him to stay last week, and how that made them both targets. Ragan immediately goes outside and tells the rest of the HouseGuests that he wasn’t aggressively lobbying for Matt last week, but was just trying to be supportive of a friend. Everyone is sympathetic, particularly Enzo, who looks resplendent in his penguin costume. Enzo then notes last week he and Hayden were so torn having Lane and Matt on the block together that they were going to split their votes so Kathy would be the one to decide who was going home.

A stunned Ragan says nothing. “This was a big a-ha moment for me,” Ragan explains in Diary Room. When Enzo admitted he and Hayden were going to split their votes, Ragan realizes the two of them plus Matt and Lane must be in some sort of alliance. A little later Ragan gets Matt for some hammock time. Ragan tells his buddy he’s figured out the four-way alliance, which Matt immediately denies. “There is more going on than just a friendship,” Ragan replies. At first Matt thinks this is a horrible development, but he realizes he can spin Ragan’s revelation into an opportunity. Matt goes to Hayden and Lane, and tells them Ragan has figured them out. Both of them say Ragan needs to be their target. Matt then drops a little suggestion—if he stays for the week, he can convince Ragan to keep his new prime targets Hayden and Lane off the block. But without Matt, Hayden and Lane will be dealing with a wild card. Hayden is realizing it may be in his best interest to keep Matt, but can he really trust him?
 Let the Games Begin!
Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and announces tonight’s live show is a double eviction, and informs everyone it is time for the first eviction. Nominee Enzo notes, “It is what it is,” while fellow nominee Matt says it is the “gremlin vs. the penguin” on the block. With a unanimous 4-0 vote, Matt is evicted. Outside with Julie he says he has no hard feelings toward Ragan for voting against him, but blames Britney for his eviction. Julie wants to know why Matt threw Ragan under the bus. Matt admits of all the things he did in the house, he feels most guilty about betraying his “showmance.”

It’s time for the HoH competition, “Delivering the Goods,” where players are asked a question where the answer is two Houseguests’ names. Players need to run across the yard and find the names in a vat of packing peanuts. Whoever gets the two correct names back to their podium first is the new HoH. So what’s the question? “Which two HG’s have held the title of HOH twice?” After an explosion of packing peanuts fills the yard, Hayden is named the new HoH when he correctly grabs the Rachel and Matt cards. 

Hayden, Lane and Enzo meet in the cabana room, quickly followed by their new BFF Brendon. After a quick conversation, they are all called into the living room, where Hayden nominates Brendon and Ragan for eviction. There is no chance for the nominees to mull their fate, because everyone moves to the back yard for the Veto Competition, where the game is “Before or After.” All six Houseguests must guess if events happened before or after another event that took place in the house. Enzo is eliminated first, followed by nominee Brendon and Britney. It’s down to Hayden, Lane and Ragan. When the remaining Brigade members guess wrong, Ragan wins the Power of Veto!

Almost immediately everyone hustles into the living room. Ragan tells Brendon he respects his game but he has to use the power of veto on himself. Hayden quickly nominates Britney for eviction.

The new nominee gets up and says she loves everyone in the house, while Brendon notes their group dysfunction is a sign they are all a real family. In another unanimous vote, Brendon is the second evicted HouseGuest for the night. Inside the house everyone congratulates one another for making the final five. Outside Julie asks if Ragan hadn’t won the Veto, would Ragan have gone over him? At first Brendon says Ragan would have been out the door, but then he backtracks—Brendon reveals it hasn’t totally registered that he is actually out of the house! When Julie asks Brendon what the future holds for him and Rachel, he says he hopes he can encourage his Vegas girl to relocate to L.A.!

So who will be the next HoH? And whom will the new HoH nominate for eviction among the final five? Find out Sunday, August 29 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!