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Season 12: Episode 23 - In the Aftermath of the Double Eviction, the Final Five Face the Next HoH Competition and Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Hayden admits his stress level hit the roof when he learned about the double eviction. Britney shed no tears at Matt’s departure, while Ragan notes after learning of Matt’s betrayal, he is not as upset over his eviction as he would have been a week ago. 

Britney reveals she was delighted when Hayden won the HoH during the live show, because this ensured she was staying. Ragan knew it was 100 percent certain he was going on the block, because he knows Hayden and all the other men in the house are working together. Brendon tried to work his friend Hayden right before the nominations, with Hayden admitting it is crazy playing this game on the fly. After he and Brendon are nominated, Ragan knows it is do or die for him in the Veto competition, and is ecstatic after nabbing the Veto. Enzo says Brendon going home was a no brainer, because Brendon proved that he is a tough competitor. Britney couldn’t be happy to see “the Neanderthal” leave the house, but as Brendon’s picture on the memory wall turns black and white, everyone gives Brendon props for being such a fighter. 

With the double eviction over, the gouseguests get a brief break before diving back into the next HoH competition. The lines are pretty clearly drawn, with the Brigade a solid three and Lane aligned with Britney. This leaves perennial outsider Ragan once again fighting for himself. Hayden brings everyone outside where the backyard has been turned into a casino. He explains that the four players will be dealt a hand of blackjack with a face card and an ace. The aim is to use the wooden slide to maneuver a ball into a slot representing the correct card. The player who hits the two correct slots in five or less shots will win the round, eliminating the worst performing player. The winner of the final round is the new HoH.

Lane is up first. Because he is in the Brigade and connected to Britney, he does not want to win this competition so he doesn’t have to make any tough choices when it comes to nominations. It’s unfortunate for him he is so good at the game; despite a weak showing from Enzo, Lane wins the first round with Britney being eliminated. In the second round Lane once again performs well, as does Ragan, but Enzo chokes. This leaves Lane and Ragan playing in the final round. Lane doesn’t perform very well, but when Ragan craps out, Lane gets what he really didn’t want—the Head of Household. 

Lane is delighted to be in the final four, but knows he now has to make a decision about who to nominate. But first things first—Lane gets his first crack at the HoH Suite. For once Britney is excited to see the winner’s pictures and hear their letter from home. But during their time with Lane, the houseguests all learn something about the new HoH. Although he has downplayed it for much of the summer, it is clear Lane comes from a well-off family where he has a cushy job provided by his generous father. Afterwards, Hayden and Britney discuss whom they might vote for when it comes down to the final two. Hayden assumes Britney is a solid vote for Lane, but she tells him she thinks Lane doesn’t need $500,000. Hayden is excited—if he is with Lane in the final two he has a good shot of winning the whole game.

Later Enzo and Hayden talk in the storage room. Enzo is worried about the nominations, and implores Hayden to intervene. They both want Britney on the block with Ragan, but they wonder if Lane will put up his little blonde friend. But before Lance has to worry about nominations, he has another task—deal with this week’s Pandora’s Box! Money doesn’t usually grow on trees, but there is a tree with envelopes of cash waiting in Pandora’s Box for Lane. Of course, there are unseen consequences for everyone (including Lane) if he opens the box. Tempted, Lane goes for it, and gets to pull three envelopes from the money tree, which will unleash three punishments on the house. Lane clearly has bad luck, because after pulling three envelopes, Lane tallies up less than 100 bucks. Lane then heads downstairs and breaks the bad news to the HouseGuests. No one is happy about the punishments, while Hayden wonders if Lane is undervaluing his prize so that no one will get mad at him. The HouseGuests don’t have to wait long for their first punishment—for one week they are stuck with no glasses and no silverware! 

Up in the HoH Suite, Britney learns that Lane is unsure about keeping her safe from nomination, which is a wake up call for her. “What is this friendship?” she asks. Later by the pool, Lane gets lobbied hard by Enzo, who tells the HoH the nominees should be Britney and Ragan. Lane tries to get Hayden to volunteer to be the pawn, but he is not buying.

He may not want to make a decision, but Lane has work to do. To no one’s surprise, Ragan is nominated, but Enzo is chosen as the second nominee. Ragan knows he is alone in the game, so he will have to play crazy hard for the Veto. Enzo is not happy, and calls his nomination ”such a baby move” on Lane’s part. Meanwhile, Lane is not appreciating Enzo’s attitude about the nomination. Since Enzo hasn’t won anything, maybe he should be the one to go this week! Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save either Enzo or Ragan? Find out Wednesday, September 1 at 8PM ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!