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Season 12: Episode 24 - The Power of Veto Competition Gets Physical as the Eviction Nominees Fight for Survival
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Hayden thinks Lane’s eviction nominations has put their secret Brigade alliance “right on schedule” for the final four. Enzo is irritated with his nomination. He thinks Head of Household Lane could have easily nominated Britney for eviction, but the fact that she is safe this week could mean she and Lane have “an alliance I don’t know about.” Ragan knows he is the target this week, and with the remaining boys in an obvious alliance and Britney aligned with Lane, he is completely by himself.

Enzo joins Ragan in the Rust bedroom, where the secret Brigade member tries to commiserate with his fellow nominee. “It is very telling Enzo is on the block,” Ragan says in Diary Room. “It shows me who is the most expendable person in the boys alliance.” Could Ragan make some sort of arrangement with Enzo if they both make it through this week?

He may have been nominated, but Enzo is finally getting to ditch his penguin costume, a punishment left over from a last week’s competition. Everyone gathers outside as Enzo officially “shuns” the penguin suit. Hayden is proud of Enzo, because he has ”broken the curse” of the costume, where the wearer has traditionally been voted out of the house the same week they are forced to don something ridiculous (think Kristen in the Hippietard). “Enzo beat the system,” Hayden says.
 The Great and Powerful OTEV
Lane calls everyone out for the Veto Competition, where the houseguests are faced with a giant talking mussel. “I am OTEV the Broadway clam,” he bellows, noting that he will sing songs about two evicted houseguests. Scattered around the yard are hundreds of CD’s, which have hybrid names of the two houseguests. The last player to bring back the correct CD to OTEV will be eliminated from each round,
with the final HouseGuest remaining in the competition scoring the Power of Veto.

Ragan knows his butt is on the line, while Britney is motivated to play hard because if someone else comes down from the block, it is slim pickings on who goes up. “There’s only two people to choose from, myself included,” she says. In the first round, Ragan is the last one up the ramp with his CD, but is spared when Lane is eliminated for choosing the CD with the wrong hybrid name. OTEV launches the second round, where Hayden gets eliminated. Britney is forced out in the third round, leaving Enzo and Ragan on the block. This is Lane’s worst nightmare, because now it is certain one of the nominees is coming down, which means he has to offer one of his remaining buddies as a replacement nominee.

The final round is tense with Enzo and Ragan amped up for the veto. As soon as OTEV sings his final song, Enzo is on a tear for the CD. Britney provides a blow-by-blow commentary of Enzo’s aggressive move, which basically leaves Ragan in the dust as Enzo wins the final round, and ultimately the Veto. Enzo is loud and victorious as Ragan slumps off. “Please leave me alone right now,” Ragan says as Enzo gloats. After the competition Ragan retreats to the cabana room and cries, while Enzo continues gloating, making some time to ridicule Ragan for being a “sore loser” and a “big baby.”

Britney and Hayden know that one of them is now destined for the chopping block. Britney works her way up to the HoH suite, and warns Lane it would be stupid to evict her, because she is much more likely to take him to the final two than Ragan. Lane isn’t all that engaging, which leads Britney to announce she is done talking to him. Hayden is playing it all relaxed with Britney, but he reveals in Diary Room it would be a huge deal to go on the block, because he knows the pawn often goes home.

The houseguests have some unfinished business to sort through before the Veto ceremony, however. Thanks to Lane opening Pandora’s Box earlier in the week, there are two more punishments for all of them to endure. First off is wearing individual sock puppets for 12 hours, which they must use every time they speak. But the kicker is the full day of music cues, where they are compelled to dance any time they hear music, even if they are in the shower, the Diary Room, or even sleeping! After seeing everyone’s moves, Ragan notes he doesn’t see a BIG BROTHER
dance troupe in anyone’s future.

Lane is in a pickle. Hayden and Enzo are lobbying him to nominate Britney (so they have the option of back dooring one of Lane’s house allies). Meanwhile, Britney keeps up her arguments for why Hayden should go on the block, pointing out Hayden has more friends in the jury house than Lane, a fact that very much irritates the HoH.

It’s time for the veto ceremony. Enzo removes himself from the block, and Lane has to make a decision—he ultimately decides to nominate fellow Brigade member Hayden! Britney is excited, Hayden is nervous, and Ragan is hopeful he can create a division between the boys. So who is the next evicted houseguest? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out Thursday, Sept. 2 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG