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Season 12: Episode 25 - Another HouseGuest Departs as the Final Four Celebrate Christmas in September
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Hayden is not happy—this is the second time Head of Household Lane has nominated a member of their secret Brigade alliance instead of putting up Britney. “Not cool, dude,” Hayden fumes in the Diary Room. Lane reveals he couldn’t risk putting Britney up on the block, because she might have proven too tempting of a target for Enzo and Hayden to vote out of the house over the other nominee, Ragan.

Ragan knows he is the obvious target for the week, but he vows not to “roll over and die.” With only two people voting, Ragan doesn’t have a lot of options. He knows Enzo is certain to keep his buddy Hayden in the house, but has a shot of convincing Britney he should stay. That would create a tie, which Lane would then have to break. If Ragan can convince the right two people he needs to stay, he could make it to the final four. 

Ragan reminds Britney that despite her alliance with Lane, it is either Hayden or Enzo who is likely to be the next HoH. If Ragan stays she has someone in her corner, and a potential final two partner who is likely to make her a more attractive choice to jury voters. Britney likes Ragan’s arguments, but notes they are not the ones with the power here—it’s all about Lane as the tie-breaker.

Ragan pulls aside Lane, and starts his pitch with a question: “Are you here to give away a half-million dollars, or to win a half-million?”  Lane answers, “ definitely win,” which sets Ragan up for the kill. Ragan tells Lane that there is no way he can beat either Enzo and Hayden in the final two, and reveals he knows the boys have been in an alliance since the start of the game. “What is your big move?” Ragan asks Lane, arguing that the jury is going to want to see some good game play from anyone they make the winner. Ragan suggests Lane’s big move would be sending Hayden home. Lane is impressed with Ragan’s thinking, and knows now is the time to start making some tough decisions, but is he willing to throw the Brigade under the bus? 

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests, and shows them footage from their Pandora’s Box dancing punishment. Hayden admits that “despite his tan,” he is always “the whitest guy on the dance floor,” while Ragan notes he loved both the mandatory dancing and the sock puppet punishment because they were so goofy. Julie congratulates Enzo on escaping the “curse of the costume” by avoiding eviction despite having to wear his penguin outfit. 
 Four Angry Men & Women
While the remaining houseguests have been dwindling in number, the jury house has been growing by leaps and bounds. Rachel has been enjoying her quiet time and is excited to see who will be joining her. She thinks Matt is coming thanks to the message written in pretzels she left Brendon in the HoH suite, but when Kathy walks in, Rachel knows something crazy happened. Kathy explains Matt’s use of the secret Diamond Power of Veto, which annoys Rachel. “I feel like a victim of a crime,” Kathy reveals. The week goes fast, and Rachel and Kathy start to wonder who will be the next evictee to walk through the door. Rachel hopes it is “Princess Britney and Ragan,” but Matt shocks both of them when he arrives. Kathy says she feels bad for Matt because he was fighting so hard to win for his diseased wife. Matt decides not to tell them it was a double eviction, so when Brendon walks through the door Rachel is shocked. She wants to be excited to see her man, but she can’t go there, because she ultimately wanted him to win the game. 

Things seem to be going well in the jury house, until Matt decides to come clean and tell them his wife is perfectly healthy. Everyone is stunned, but Kathy takes the news the hardest. “That is so wrong,” she says. “That disgusts me.” A cancer survivor, Kathy can’t believe Matt would think that kind of lie was an appropriate strategy in the game. Rachel is also appalled, calling Matt “just the worst person I have ever met in my life.”

Kathy retreats to the kitchen followed closely by Rachel. Matt tries to engage them, but Kathy just gets more upset, telling him she never thought he would be the one to do something like this. Rachel asks him if he has any regrets, and Matt says he regrets it didn’t play out, but he would have made a donation if he had won. Kathy tells Matt he has come awfully close to selling his soul to the devil!
 The Vote
By a unanimous vote, Ragan is evicted from the house. Outside with Julie, Ragan says he thinks the HouseGuests made a very big mistake. Julie congratulates him on winning the $20,000 as the two-week Saboteur and asks him what he will do with his winnings. Ragan reveals he is probably going to spend the money on a car instead of paying off his student loans!

Everyone goes out to the back yard, which has been transformed into a winter wonderland. In the “BIG BROTHER Christmas” HoH competition, the three players must work their hands through their individual chicken wire Christmas tree and place several ornaments in their allotted slots. The first player to finish decorating and place a star on the top of their tree is the new Head of Household.

So who will score the biggest “Christmas” gift of all—this week’s HoH? And who will be nominated for eviction? Find out Sunday, September 5 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!