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Season 12: Episode 26 - The New HoH Nominates Two HouseGuests as the Final Four Tear Apart the House for $10,000
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Britney, Enzo and Hayden go through the very slow and deliberate task of decorating their respective Christmas trees for the Head of Household competition. The object is to work 18 glass ornaments through the chicken wire tree into their allotted slots, and then top the tree with a star. Enzo knows if Britney wins, then one of the secret Brigade alliance members will finally be going home. Outgoing HoH Lane is frustrated sitting on the sidelines, watching “three dodo’s duke it out.”  

Hayden is calm and collected as he works his ornaments into place, but Britney keeps accidentally dropping and crushing the delicate ornaments. “The more I drop the more nervous I get,” she explains. Hayden is already feeling confident now that Ragan has been eliminated, while Britney is feeling the loss now that her most recent house bestie is on his way to join the rest of the jury.

Enzo is amused that they are competing amidst a Winter Wonderland scene while it is 90 degrees outside, but doesn’t appreciate the heavy snow, which is making the task at hand more complicated. Hayden notes playing baseball has taught him about using “soft hands,” so it is helping him stay focused and consistent. Britney admits she’s been called a ball buster before, but all the broken ornaments in front of her proves it. “Who knew I was that good at it,” she says.   

Hayden expertly places the last ornament and secures his star in place, which makes him the new HoH. Enzo is glad Britney didn’t win, but is frustrated that he has once again choked during an HoH competition. Lane is not happy Britney lost, because his plan is to have her sitting next to him in the final three, and right now she is the prime target to go home. 

Losing has sent Britney into a bit of depression. She cries in Diary Room, noting that she has become the “outsider weird person who naps all day on their own.”  Britney snaps out of it long enough to look enthused for Hayden’s HoH suite reveal, where Hayden gets some encouragement from his letter from home.  

Hayden keeps the game playing going when he tries to make final two deals with both Enzo and Lane. With so many wins under his belt, Hayden knows he is not a very attractive final two partner, so he is going to have to work to make sure he makes to the end. Lane listens politely to Hayden’s pitch, but notes in Diary Room he is going to tell Hayden whatever he needs to hear.
Here Little Piggy!

The HouseGuests go outside where they find an oversized piggy bank and four gold coins emblazoned with their names. Hayden explains they are playing a luxury competition called “BIG BROTHER Hide and Seek,” where each of them will have a chance to hide their coin somewhere in the house. Once all the coins are hidden, the HouseGuests enter the house and tear the place apart looking for each other’s coins. When someone finds another Houseguest’s coin, they put it in the piggy bank, eliminating them from the competition. The last player standing wins the $10,000.

Enzo finds Hayden’s coin tucked in what looks like an unopened cereal box. “Gotta do better than that!”  Enzo yells as he knocks Hayden out of the running. Britney then finds Enzo’s coin hidden in the dining room wall decoration. Everyone is tired out as the house is further torn apart. Where are the final two coins? Lane thinks he has found a good spot in the recycle bin, but Britney finally sniffs Lane’s coin out, which means she wins the $10,000. Britney’s strategy of hiding her coin under a mound of filthy garbage paid off to the tune of ten grand. Enzo is not impressed, noting Britney has “just won a vacation to the jury house—see ya!”

Britney is definitely getting a little stir crazy, especially with everyone napping around all the time. To shake things up she instigates a very playful yet spirited pillow fight, choosing Hayden as a prime target! Despite the fun, Britney is concerned about how being in the house so long is impacting her engagement with her boyfriend Nick. Lane is not impressed with what he knows about Nick, and notes he would be a much better fiancé, despite the fact that he doesn’t go for the mushy stuff—like compliments, flowers, and cards—that Britney loves.   

Hayden and Enzo are still on their quest to get Britney out, but wonder if they have to, should they vote out Lane? Hayden loves his buddy, but worries that Lane is smarter than he sometimes gives him credit for. Either way, nominations are secondary to the Power of Veto, which makes the winner the sole vote going into evictions.

It’s time for nominations. With only one key coming out of the box, Hayden quickly reveals that Enzo is safe this week. Britney is already gearing herself up for the PoV competition, while Lane notes he is going to play to win so he can help secure himself and Britney for the final two. So who will win the final Veto competition of the season? And who will be the next houseguest evicted? Find out on a special eviction episode on Wednesday, September 8th at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!