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Season 12: Episode 27 - The Brigade Outs Itself to Britney on a Special Eviction Tuesday
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Head of Household Hayden’s target for the week is nominee Britney, who is the only houseguest left that is not in the secret Brigade alliance. Britney knows she has to compete hard in the upcoming veto competition. Besides Britney, the other person who is hoping she succeeds is Lane, who wants her to win, then take herself off the block and send Enzo home. This would accomplish Lane’s objective for the week and allow him to go to the final three with no blood on his hands.

Later that night the Brigade hangs out on the patio. Enzo knows tomorrow’s veto competition is a big deal. “I feel like a Spartan going to war,” he says. Lane jokes about not wanting to go inside for a shower, because he doesn’t want Hayden and Enzo talking with him not there. Lane finally leaves, and sure enough Enzo and Hayden start talking about him. They both hope Lane is more loyal to the Brigade than his pal Britney. Enzo notes that Lane is in a win-win position, because no matter who wins the Veto he is getting to the final three. But Enzo feels he is in the worst position—he knows Britney will come after him if she wins, but would Lane also go after him?

Enzo is right to worry. Britney goes to Hayden in the HoH suite and warns him that if Enzo makes it to the final two, the master of the social game is likely to get a unanimous vote for the $500,000, while the reviled Britney would be lucky to muster more than one or two votes. In Diary Room Britney admits she is going to do anything she can to talk down Enzo in hopes of making it through this week.
 Stay for the Double Bill
It’s time for the veto competition. The houseguests come outside and go to their separate sections of the backyard. Each of them get two rows of eight clues about past events, while on the ground in front of them are posters with images of two evicted houseguests. The goal is to be the first HouseGuest who correctly aligns the posters with the clues. Enzo decides to move fast and make corrections later, while Britney decides to spread out the posters in front of her before putting them up. Neither strategy proves successful when Hayden plows through the posters and quickly wins the competition.  

Post competition, a victorious Hayden wonders if they should tell Britney about the Brigade. Lane has no interest in this, but knows if he doesn’t go along Hayden and Enzo could get suspicious and vote him out this week.

Later up in the HoH suite, Enzo starts toying with Britney, asking her about alliances in the house. Britney thinks the only partnerships were Brenchel plus Matt and Ragan, but Enzo admits he was in an alliance, finally revealing the entire four-person Brigade! Lane adds they made their alliance on day two!

Hayden enters the room and Enzo lets him know they told Britney the truth. Hayden apologizes and tells her he is glad she won $10,000 in the last luxury competition. Hayden then announces he is not using the veto this week, which means she is certain to go home. Britney finally loses it, and asks them how would they feel if they had given up three months of their lives for nothing. Enzo tries to soften the blow by telling her she is an awesome player, but Britney quickly retreats to the Diary Room. “Lane was lying to me the whole time,” she says. “Lane’s not my friend. Lane doesn’t care if I live or die. All I am is just another idiot who is part of his bigger scheme.”

Lane wants to go talk to her, but Enzo tells him to leave her alone. Lane admits in Diary Room he genuinely wanted to take her to the final two, and seeing her so upset makes him think of how he would feel if his dog died. Lane finally goes into the rust bedroom, where Britney tells him it doesn’t matter and reminds him this is a game. “I never lied to you,” he says. “I never played you.” Britney asks Lane to go, which leaves her completely alone.

As part of the special Wednesday eviction show, hose Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and explains this week the Veto ceremony will be conducted live. Hayden stands and announces he is not going to use the veto, and will leave his nominations the same. With the veto ceremony done, the houseuests go right into the eviction. Lane and Britney both give heartfelt speeches, but the sole voter Enzo decides to stick with the Brigade. He regretfully casts his vote to evict Britney.

Outside Julie asks Britney if she forgives Lane for what he did. “I do,” Britney replies, noting she thinks Lane’s intentions were good. She then explains that Lane wanted her to go to the final two with him and he wanted her to win the HoH competition this past week.

In the meantime Lane, Enzo and Hayden move to the backyard, which has been transformed into a misty rainforest. All three get to play in the first part of the final three-part HoH competition. The rules of the “Rumble in the BIG BROTHER Jungle” are simple; whoever stays on their rope the longest automatically goes on to the third part of the final HoH competition. Things get tough when the roles start swinging, causing the houseguests to smash into padded walls. So who will win the first part of the final HoH competition? Find out Thursday, September 9 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!