Season 12: Episode 28 - One Brigade Member Comes out on Top in the First of the Final Three-Part HoH Competition
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Enzo, Lane and Hayden love that it is an all-Brigade alliance finale. Of course, they don’t get too much time to celebrate, thanks to the first part of the three-part ultimate Head of Household competition. The three of them hang on ropes as they get thrown into padded walls. The competition is pretty simple—whoever hangs on the longest wins part one. Enzo thinks this is the “funnest” challenge of the season, but Lane notes he is saying that now. Hayden notes the competition starts fun, but after a few slams it feels like being in a car wreck “without the car.” 

Things get tougher when the Brigade gets a second grenade—a downpour of freezing cold water. Enzo has trouble holding on now that his rope is slippery, but the biggest challenge is staying comfortable on the small wooden seat. He starts having trouble with his “boys downstairs,” and warns if he meets the person who designed his seat, he is giving them a “nice Jersey beat down.” 

Just over 19 minutes into the competition, Enzo takes a wall hard, and drops to the ground. He is out of the competition, which worries him, because he is concerned neither Hayden or Lane will take him to the final two. Enzo cheers himself up pretty quickly after changing out of his wet clothes and making himself soup and pizza. When Enzo comes outside and shows off his hot ham-covered pizza, Lane is not amused, and warns if he could, he would drag his numb body over to Enzo and slap him!

Hayden sees Lane struggling, and figures all he has to do is hold on a little bit longer to win. Lane is digging in for a long night, explaining that pain is a “mental thing,” and that as a man he doesn’t have a pony or dolls. He is set to stay on the rope. But Lane finally succumbs to multiple hits against the walls, and just about two and a half hours into the competition, he falls. Hayden wins round one!
 Forza Enzo!
Enzo cracks everyone up in the BIG BROTHER house, so it is no surprise at home in Bayonne, NJ, Enzo’s wife Joella thinks her husband is the life of the party. “Before him I didn’t have laugh lines,” she says, noting that Enzo is a great partner in life. It turns out the Meow Meow is really a pussycat when it comes to his baby daughter Gia. A self described “Mr. Mom,” Enzo is a great dad and a momma’s boy, according to Joella. Enzo’s mother Teresa notes that he was the “joy of the house” growing up and expects people to laugh at what he says. Joella thinks creating the Brigade is her husband’s biggest accomplishment, besides playing such a good social game that the houseguests don’t even realize they have been manipulated. Not surprisingly, Teresa thinks he can win, and tells her son Buona Fortuna, or good luck in Italian!

Host Julie Chen checks in with the final three in the living room, and explains on tonight’s live show, no one is going home, but instead Enzo and Lane will be playing in round two of the final HoH competition. But Julie also has a couple of Brigade-related questions. She asks Hayden if he’s concerned how the jury will react to the alliance. “Definitely,” Hayden replies. “They are going to hate us!”
 Ragan Joins the Pity Party
Out at the jury house, Kathy explains that for the past week she has secluded herself from the most recent arrival, Matt. The more she thinks about how Matt lied about his wife having a terrible disease, the more upset she gets. Matt does not want to see his buddy Ragan walk through the door, while Rachel would love to see that happen. Rachel gets her wish when Ragan waltzes in. He shows them the DVD of his veto competition and eviction, but Matt quickly pulls him aside so he can tell Ragan about his lie. When Matt drops the bomb, Ragan remains quiet.

Everyone comes outside, and Ragan admits he has his own bomb to drop. He tells them he is not a student, but actually a communications professor. Rachel wants to know what Ragan thinks of her communication skills, and Ragan tells her social game was terrible. While fully admitting he was as emotional as she was, Ragan lets her know he was only mad at her about her behavior. In contrast Rachel made everything that went against her in the game a personal attack. The two go at it as Ragan tells her they don’t share a “common reality” over what went down in the house. The fight continues to build until Rachel tells Ragan “to grab his tiara” and be a “queen” and storms off. Brendon breaks the awkward silence when he welcomes Ragan to the jury house!

It’s time for part two of the final HoH competition. Lane is the first one outside for “It’s Alive,” a game where he must match the correct names with pictures of two HouseGuests morphed into one “Frankenstein” image. Lane has two minutes to match as many names with the morphed images, but Julie notes if he and Enzo tie, the player with the shorter time wins. Lane flies through the competition and places all his names in just over a minute. Enzo comes out for his crack at “It’s Alive.” Enzo races through the competition, but takes about 30 seconds longer than Lane to place his ten names on the five morphed images.

Julie chimes into the living room and announces that both Lane and Enzo correctly identified all five photos, but Lane accomplished the task in less time, which means Lane will compete against Hayden in round three for the final HoH! Lane says he is numb, while Enzo notes “it is what it is.” 

Tune in Sunday, September 12 at 8pm ET/PT for a special “best of” episode, but get ready for the two-hour season finale. Who will make the final two? Which HouseGuest will win fan favorite? And who will win the $500,000? Find on Wednesday, September 15 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!