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Season 12: Episode 29 - The Final Three Celebrate Their Big Win and Reminisce About the Biggest Moments of the Season
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Lane, Enzo and Hayden get up from their spots in the living room and congratulate one another on making it to the final three. Their goal for the season has been accomplished—at long last, the remaining three members of the secret Brigade alliance have made it all the way to the end of the game. Lane is ready to take on Hayden in the third and final round of the last Head of Household competition, while Hayden reveals in Diary Room he can already feel the money burning a hole in his pocket. Enzo is well aware he doesn’t control “nuthin’ no more,” but is hoping he can squeeze into the final two.  

The celebration kicks off in earnest when the trio sits down for a luxurious steak and lobster dinner, complete with champagne and cheesecake. “I want to punch it, it looks so good,” Lane says. Hayden marvels at how they have been solid since their second day in the house, which prompts a flashback to the Brigade’s initial formation. Enzo initiates the alliance with secret nicknames for all of them: Lane becomes the Beast, Hayden is named the Animal, Matt is the Brains, and Enzo gives himself his signature Meow Meow moniker. Lane admits in Diary Room he doesn’t know what a Brigade is, but tells Hayden and Enzo at their celebratory dinner he always trusted them completely.

After reminiscing about the first strike from the Saboteur, talk turns to the power romance in the house, otherwise known as “Brenchel.” Lane notes Brendon and Rachel were perfect together, but everyone agrees the most annoying thing about Rachel was her laugh, which Hayden describes as a cross between a “cackling hyena” and a “hog off a farm.”  

This leads to a conversation about their very strong side alliances. Lane starts teasing Hayden about his showmance with Kristen. “You had your side alliance, I have mine,” Hayden says, but Lane reminds him that Hayden ended up kissing his side alliance! Hayden reveals that he is still pissed at “Captain Kosher,” aka Andrew, when he revealed the secret showmance during his live eviction. 

Lane notes that was a big day at the house, because just minutes later Kristen and Rachel got into a huge argument. Hayden describes the two of them going at it as a “knockdown cat fight” and one of the best fights of the season.

After dinner, Enzo, Lane and Hayden get up and check out all the black and white photos on the memory wall. The only person not up there is Zingbot, Enzo says. Lane didn’t like him, but notes that if he had been in the house longer, Zingbot would have been romantically involved with Kathy!

The Brigade goes back to some more side alliance talk, which leads to a discussion of Kristen. By far the most memorable Kristen moment was her devouring the dried carcass of a spider!  

Hayden turns the tables on Lane, and asks about his side alliance with Britney. Was there a crush there? Lane assures them they were just friends, but Enzo and Lane joke that they thought Lane was Britney’s actual fiancé in the house! Lane notes that although Britney was petite when she was sweet, when she got mad she was six feet tall.  

This leads to a trip up to the HoH suite, where the three of them discuss the biggest Pandora’s Box of the season, Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto. Hayden is not impressed, noting that Matt used all that power to send a player like Kathy home. Lane grouses that while Matt got the Diamond POV, he didn’t even get enough money from his Pandora’s Box to fill up his car! 

After moving to the cabana room, Enzo brings up the second Saboteur. Lane and Hayden admit they thought it was Enzo at first, but none of them seem aware it was Ragan who put the “I know your secret” note under Enzo’s pillow. 

They all note even the happiest people in the house had their issues, including Brendon and Rachel, who once fought over Rachel’s love for all things Vegas. Brendon had an issue with Rachel’s incessant discussion of her adopted city, which leads to Rachel’s iconic statement, “I am Vegas.” 

Still, there is no denying that the Brigade was the alliance of the season, the three of them decide. Lane gives props to Britney for making the final four, but they all love the fact that no one knew about the Brigade until they decided to reveal it. Enzo, Lane and Hayden decide to do one more final “Bruh-gade!” handshake before going their own ways in the game. Enzo hopes not winning much of anything the whole season will make him a good final two partner, while Lane looks forward to taking on Hayden one-on-one. Hayden is up for the challenge, but is still unsure what Lane will do if he beats him. So who will be the final two HouseGuests? And who will win the $500,000 prize? Find out Wednesday, September 15 at 9pm ET/PT on the live two-hour season finale of BIG BROTHER on CBS!