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Season 12: Episode 30 - One HouseGuest Walks Away With the $500,000 Prize on the Two-Hour Season Finale of Big Brother
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Enzo, Hayden and Lane congratulate themselves on making the final three, as they all ponder round three of the final Head of Household competition. Lane and Enzo will be going head-to-head for the ultimate HoH, which leaves Enzo in a bit of a funk. While Lane and Hayden hang in the kitchen talking about how well they performed as part of their no-longer secret alliance the Brigade, Enzo plays pool outside by himself. Enzo feels he was the Brigade’s creator, and now he is watching Hayden and Lane set themselves up for the final two. Enzo considers himself the “master godfather” in the house, but now it looks like he made a hit on himself.  

A little later that night, Lane and Enzo discuss how it hasn’t really sunk in how far they have made it in the game. While they are in the final three already, they reaffirm their commitment to making it to the final two. Hayden explains in Diary Room that very early in the game the two of them had agreed to take one another to the finals, but Hayden wonders if Lane will hold up his end of the bargain. Hayden downplays his strong performance in the game, which Lane seems to respond to, but in Diary Room Lane reveals he’s concerned that he can’t beat Hayden.

Meanwhile Enzo tosses and turns in the palm bedroom. “I put all the work into this thing,” he says to himself as he vows to brainwash everyone into giving him the $500,000. The next day Enzo gets cracking. When Hayden comes outside to talk to Enzo, the Meow Meow is pretty mopey, which prompts Hayden to cheer Enzo up by telling him he might still make it to the finals. Enzo notes he would only get second place anyway, and counters Hayden when he suggests Enzo’s social game would make him the winner. Enzo keeps up the routine, which gets Hayden thinking. “I might have a better chance to beat Enzo in the final two,” he says.

Enzo then makes his move on Lane while Hayden showers. Enzo lets it slip that if either of them goes up against Hayden, they will lose unanimously. In Diary Room, Enzo feels he’s done his best in talking to Lane and Hayden, but the decision is ultimately theirs to make.  
 The Bra-what?
At the jury house, Rachel has everyone engaged in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Ragan admits he had a bumpy first night in the jury house after getting hit with various “emotional two-by-fours,” but he is trying to look past Matt’s lie about his wife being sick, and focusing on their friendship. “I’m working on forgiving him,” Ragan explains. “It’s a process.” 

Ragan tells Rachel he does not want to see Britney walk through the door, but Matt reveals in an interview that he assumes the Brigade will remain strong and send her packing. “GRENADE!” Britney yells when she walks into the game! She quickly points out her homemade Brigade t-shirt, and explains the four-person alliance to the stunned jury. Rachel is shocked, because she didn’t think those four dodoes were smart enough to form an alliance. Matt’s latest secret is now out. “Why are you here,” she asks Matt, who explains is relationship with Ragan made him a target. Ragan is floored once again by another of Matt’s lies. Both he and Britney realize they were entirely disposable to their supposed friends in the house.  After Matt and Britney quiz each other on whether or not either of them was the Saboteur (Ragan, of course, says nothing), Matt reveals he lied about his wife being sick. Britney thinks this is awful but it doesn’t surprise her because she always thought Matt was “sneaky.”
 Bitter, Party of Six
 The first six jury members gather to discuss the remaining houseguests and who is most worthy of winning the $500,000. Britney thinks they were all Brigade casualties, but Rachel feels the alliance was more lucky than strategic. Both Ragan and Britney try to explain that with their side alliances, the Brigade basically controlled seven votes in the house, so the HoH never really had the power. Matt wants to know why Enzo should win, and Britney points out his strong social game, which impresses Brendon. Ragan thinks Lane played a clean game, but he’s not sure a nice guy should win the big prize. Matt notes Hayden charmed then with his “flowing locks and golden tan,” but Rachel wonders if he was just told what to do. In contrast, Kathy thinks Hayden was brilliant. Ragan stresses that they should definitely make the final two “squirm” when they get to interrogate them, but Matt jokes with that final three, they should take care to use monosyllabic words! “I want to see them wiggle around a little bit,” he says.
 Round Three!
Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room, which has been turned into a two-person stand for round three of the final Head of Household competition. Julie explains to Lane and Hayden that this competition will judge how well they know the jury members. She will read the beginning of a statement from each member of the jury, and then give them two possible answers to complete the statement. The player that gets the most statements correct wins the third round, and ultimately the final HoH. Both of them correctly guess Rachel said her favorite moment of the season was falling in love with Brendon and Kathy said the most shocking moment in the house was Rachel coming back for 24 hours. After rolling through all the jury members, Julie asks them a tiebreaker—how many times were they slammed into the wall during the Rumble in the Jungle endurance competition? Hayden’s guess is closer to the 200-plus times they got slammed, which makes him the final HoH of the season!

Hayden doesn’t have time to savor his win. Julie quickly sits them all down, and after very brotherly final plea speeches, Hayden votes out Enzo! The final two is Lane and Hayden!

Outside Enzo tells Julie he is not surprised that he got voted out. He notes it stings not winning the money but is excited he formed the greatest alliance in BIG BROTHER history and was perhaps the best social player ever. Enzo admits to Julie the competitions kicked his butt, and he has not yet decided how he will vote as the newest member of the jury.  

The other six jury members are brought in and get their chance to interrogate the two finalists. Lane has trouble giving Britney an example of what he contributed to the Brigade beyond his sense of humor, while he tells Matt he would have been 100 percent loyal to the Brigade over Britney if he had to choose who to take to the final two. Hayden tells Ragan he doesn’t think he said anything too terrible behind other players’ backs, and informs Kathy that he doesn’t think his social game was any worse than Lane’s.  
The jury members then place their keys in the box. Matt boasts he could have beat both of them while Enzo notes he has to choose between someone who needs a haircut and someone who needs a shave.

Julie then brings out the four non-jurors—Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kirsten. Julie shows a clip of some of the “mean girl” things Monet said to Rachel and busts Kristen and Hayden as a secret showmance! Andrew then reveals he is really a podiatrist, and outs Matt’s lie about his wife having a disease to Enzo and the two finalists, which prompts Lane to tell Matt to make up a story about his dog, not his wife.  

Annie says Enzo deserves to be in the final two because he manipulated people so well they didn’t even realize it. Julie reveals that Lane really wanted to bring Britney to the final two, which makes Britney very happy. Rachel then reveals she loves Brendon so much she would give up her current love, Las Vegas, for him!
Julie then asks the HouseGuests who they think was the second secret Saboteur, noting that the America-picked Saboteur won $20,000 for successfully completing two weeks of sabotages. Everyone dances around Enzo, Matt and Kathy as possibilities, but when Ragan stands up, the jury and the two finalists are shocked!

The fun and games are over. Who won the $500,000 prize? Julie pulls out Rachel’s key, which says Lane. Kathy and Matt vote for Hayden, while Brendon and Britney vote Lane. Ragan casts his lot with Hayden, which leaves a tie broken by Brigade member Enzo. Julie pulls the Meow Meow’s key, and Hayden is named the winner of BIG BROTHER! As everyone begins to congratulate Hayden, Julie announces the winner of the $25,000 fan favorite—Britney! 

Here’s to another fantastic season! Tune in next summer for lucky season number thirteen of BIG BROTHER, only on CBS!