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Season 9: Episode 1 - Compelling, Conniving Couples: Welcome to Big Brother!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

For the first time ever, BIG BROTHER is serving up a winter edition, which means the house has gotten a luxurious mountain lodge-like makeover for the 16--yes, 16--HouseGuests! Winter is definitely a time when everyone needs a snuggle buddy to keep them warm and happy, and BIG BROTHER: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART is playing cupid. For the first time ever, the house is full of all single people looking for love. What they don’t know is that thanks to a detailed personality assessment, they have been paired to play the game with someone who could be their soul mate. The soul mates will have to compete together, win Head of Household together and face eviction together. Oh, and share a bed. Despite the new look and Valentine’s Day-themed start to the season, the goal remains the same. In the end--love or not--there will be just one HouseGuest who walks home with the half-million dollar prize-money, plus the bragging rights to call themselves the winner of BIG BROTHER: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART. Host Julie Chen first welcomes the ladies to their new Winter Wonderland, and asks four randomly selected female HouseGuests to enter the house. Natalie, Jen, Sheila and Allison squeal as they get their first look at the cutest couple of BIG BROTHER: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART: a pair of house guinea pigs. But when they run for the time-honored house tradition to claim the first beds, the foursome finds the bedroom doors locked. Sharon, Amanda and Chelsia are in next, and are barely through the door when Ohio bartender Jen shows them the romantic quotes posted throughout the house. Wisconsin paralegal Amanda reacts to the Dostoevsky quote “Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared with love in dreams.” Jen starts asking the HouseGuests if they are single, and Sheila tells them they all are.   “SINGLE,” BIG BROTHER STYLE So back to those twists! Host Julie Chen informs us Kansas realtor Sharon recently ended an on-and-off 12-year relationship with her ex, Jacob. While Sharon and Jacob may see this winter as a chance to explore new horizons, the couple is in for a surprise when they find out they will be in the house together. But wait, there’s more… Julie also reveals that Jen isn’t being totally honest when she tells her fellow HouseGuests she’s single. Jen and her live-in boyfriend Ryan will enter the house together, but are playing the game as strangers, in the hopes of staying under the radar and not targeting themselves as a major threat to the other HouseGuests. Next up, the men. Ryan, Adam, Parker, Alex and Joshuah are the first guys in the house. As the introductions commence, Jen keeps asking Ryan what his name is to throw off suspicion. “We played it cool, calm and collective,” Jen says. Matt, James, Neil and Jacob make their entrances, which stuns Sharon. After seeing his ex, Jacob walks out of the living room to regain his composure as Sharon confides in Amanda that her former boyfriend just walked in the house. “I’m like, shaking,” Sharon says. “Oh my God, I have to get rid of him.”   WELL, HELLO THERE After the welcome champagne is poured, the introductions start with Jacob, who mentions he’s 23 and from Atlanta (but leaves out the fun fact he and Sharon used to date). Unemployed Floridian James, who asks to be called “Crazy James,” tells the HouseGuests he is bicycling around the world. He makes an impression on Iowa student Chelsia, who says, “I can totally tell he is a free spirit.” Oregon bikini barista Natalie gets the attention of Boston roofer Matt, who doesn’t drink coffee, but may make an exception for her. Dallas ad man Joshuah says he’s comfortable sitting between all these beautiful ladies, which surprises Amanda since her gaydar is going off big time. Boston-bred Allison does not reveal she is a former professional gambler with an addiction problem, since she wants to keep her game play experience to herself. Former model and centerfold Sheila tells everyone she is turning 46, which shocks many of the HouseGuests, including Matt, who thinks he might be able to teach her a thing or two. The “Hello, my name is” banter comes to a close when Julie tells the HouseGuests they have a perfect match sitting in the living room, maybe right next to them. But what really floors them is their new soul mates are also their partners in the game! New York DJ Alex’s soul mate is pronounced to be--Amanda! Chelsia is paired with Crazy James. Natalie and Matt are paired next. In a twist Jen and Parker are named soul mates, which is tough on Ryan. He notes, “Obviously, there is going to be a little jealousy.” Joshuah is outed when he is paired with L.A.-based realtor Neil, but is thankful he will have a chance at finding true love. Sharon and Jacob look like they are headed to the dentist when Julie names them a pair. Sharon has just not gotten over Jacob cheating on her. “This is going to be a long-ass three months,” Sharon fumes. Jacob pulls Sharon aside and asks her, “Are you really that irritated about it?” Sharon spits out, “Yeah, a little bit.” The last two couples find out they are in sleeping bags on the floor. Ryan and Allison hug as Florida PR manager Adam blurts out, “It’s me and you, ma,” to Sheila, who is appalled with her new partner. “Do not call me Ma,” the single mother shoots back. “That is such a turn off!”   PERHAPS SOUL MATE COUNSELING? It’s hard to imagine, but things deteriorate further as Sheila and Adam get to know one another. After Sheila tells her partner she wanted “tall, dark and handsome,” an insulted Adam makes points by calling Sheila “Ma” again. “Maybe I’m shallow, but I’ve got a type, I’m sorry,” Sheila says, who is even more disappointed when she finds out Adam smokes. “Soul mate, my ass,” Adam grouses, noting that her attitude is a downer and that she’s “vicious” and “mean.” Alex and Amanda try to shore up Sheila, but she is nearly inconsolable. Adam posits that Sheila is mentally unstable, while she sees him as “white and pasty.” THE HONEYMOON Julie chimes in again, this time letting the HouseGuests know the soul mates are playing as teammates immediately. For this competition, one couple is getting a power unprecedented in the BIG BROTHER house. The winning couple will get the power to evict another couple with no vote and no veto. The HouseGuests assemble in the back yard, which has been decorated with eight lovely rose petal-covered beds. One partner is harnessed to scaffolding and is suspended above a bed. The second partner lies on the bed and grabs onto their partner. The pair is then lifted into the air. If someone lets go, they are eliminated. The last couple hanging is named the Power Couple.   ONE HEART = $10K Jacob and Sharon bicker as they decide what positions to take in the competition. Joshuah calls it “a great first date.” Adam is disappointed that Sheila’s breath smells so bad. Ryan sweats profusely, but Allison is not giving up. Not surprisingly, the dysfunctional Adam and Sheila are the first couple out, followed by Neil and Joshuah. Alex implores Amanda to not let go, but she apologizes as she falls to their bed. After Jacob and Sharon drop, the remaining couples are told if they grab the heart pillow on their beds, they will win $10,000 if their team ultimately wins the competition. Jen grabs her heart pillow, while Allison and Ryan are eliminated when Alison tries to snatch hers. Chelsia gets her pillow as well, but falls soon after, eliminating her and Crazy James. This leaves two couples: Matt and Natalie, and Jen and L.A. videographer Parker. Jen and Parker make a deal with Natalie and Matt that they won’t vote them out if they let them win. Natalie and Matt take the deal, making Jen and Parker the Power Couple and $10,000 richer. FALLOUT FROM FALLING Julie reminds Jen and Parker the fate of one couple rests solely in their hands. Adam is certain he and Sheila will be eliminated, since they dropped out of the competition first. Jen agrees, since she sees Adam and Sheila as some major “negative energy” in the house. Ryan thinks he’s “100% safe” with Jen calling the shots, but Parker has his eye on Ryan and Allison, who Parker sees as a “deadly combination” when it comes to the game. Who will Jen and Parker evict? Negative energy? A deadly combination? Whether it’s love, desire, strategy or jealousy that drives their decision, tune in to BIG BROTHER: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 8pm et/pt.