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Season 9: Episode 2 - Exes Jacob and Sharon Evicted By Power Couple: Amanda and Alex Named HoH
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

A groundbreaking season demands a groundbreaking second episode of BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART. Jen and Parker are in the unprecedented position of being the first-ever Power Couple, which means they can evict any couple they want. After some sneaky game play by Jacob, he and Sharon are evicted instead of the still-bickering Sheila and Adam. After a sexy, love-themed Head of Household competition hosted by a very familiar guest couple, Amanda and Alex are named the first HoH.
 It's Good to be the Power Couple Parker says he and Jen "are like Brad and Angelina" as the house's Power Couple, since the fate of one other couple rests solely in their hands. For Jen, the best part of her new Power Couple role is that she knows her boyfriend Ryan, who is paired with Allison, is going to be safe for the first week. "I can keep Ryan and I secret," she explained. Jen also notes that Adam and Sheila, the couple that has been fighting literally the moment since they were paired, are the likeliest candidates for eviction.
 What Not to Say Right after the Power Couple competition, Adam talks to Sheila about his work as a fundraiser for autistic children's services. Adam is making points until he refers to the beneficiaries as "retards". Sheila is momentarily stunned before she spits back, "Don't call them that." Adam thinks he hasn't said anything offensive, which shocks and enrages Sheila even more.

In the bathroom, Sheila tells Chelsia that Adam is creepy, and then shocks Jen, Natalie and Amanda when she repeats what Adam said. Sheila gets increasingly mad as she complains about sharing the same sleeping bag with her soul mate. Later, in the kitchen, she continues talking about Adam, even as he gets a drink out of the fridge. Sheila finally confronts Adam, telling him not to call kids with disabilities retards, since she has friends and family members who have special needs. Adam brushes off Sheila's concerns since he doesn't see what he said as insensitive. "I bust my ass, bro to help these special needs children," he says later. "She's clueless, man."
 Allison is Duped Despite dating Jen, Ryan is working to strengthen his bond with soul mate Allison. Clearly she is developing a thing for Ryan, going so far as to tell him she feels a connection. That flirting, though, is all for naught, since Jen is Ryan's love, which is apparent since any time Ryan and Jen can steal away a moment they are talking and stealing quick kisses. Ryan is not enjoying the sight of Jen and Parker hanging out all over the house, but Jen says, "Ryan knows this is a game."
 Budding Showmance: Amanda and Alex? Alex and Amanda flirt in the yard, a courting dance that gets more playful and touchy. Alex notes, "When Julie announced my soul mate was Amanda, I wanted to give her a big kiss." He admits he would love to find love in the house, and Amanda's "got the looks, she's got the body, the personality."
 Who Said What? Out by the pool table during a late night rant, Jacob grouses that the worst people in the house got to be Power Couple. Jacob also says Parker would be out as soon as he gets HoH, and then turns to Jen and lets her know someone in the house called Parker a snake. Jen walks inside to the bathroom and tells Joshuah about it, and then pulls Parker in and lets him know what is being said. Parker makes a beeline for the pool table and lays into Jacob, wondering why he thought Jen wouldn't tell him people were calling him a snake. Parker asks him point blank: "Who is it?" A defensive Jacob says, "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Some Meetings are Impromptu Parker then rouses the sleeping HouseGuests from bed, and demands to know who called him a snake. Chelsia thinks whoever initially said it should come clean, while Alex tells Jacob he should back up what he said. Jen pleads with Jacob, "You don't care about your partner?" The meeting ends with no resolution.

During pillow talk, a furious Sharon tells Jacob he may have gotten them thrown out. Jacob thinks this will work in their favor, but Sharon thinks her ex-boyfriend and current partner may be in his own alternate universe.
 The Secret is Revealed Up in the loft, Sharon is indirect with Parker, but lets him know who called him a snake: Ryan! Sharon wants to make sure she is not thrown out of the house "for one stupid comment." Parker is ready to go on the warpath, until Jen makes a decision to save her boyfriend: she tells Parker she and Ryan are dating! "I wanted to keep it a secret, but I can't do it anymore," she admits. A shocked Parker yells "Scandalous!" when he finds out, while Jen swears to him she will always have his back in the game and that she is in it to win it. They also decide they have it in the bag.

Ryan can't believe Jen told Parker so quickly. After some thought, he too decides to come clean to his partner, Allison. In a hammock conversation, Allison expresses shock and disappointment, noting that she is "kind of bummed." Concerned that every strategy move she makes is going back to Jen, Allison also believes that Ryan "would be better with someone less jealous and catty." Everything's fine, except Allison doesn't trust Jen, Jen doesn't trust Allison, Ryan doesn't trust Parker, and Parker doesn't trust Ryan! Wow.

The Power Couple Makes a Decision Parker and Jen may be working through their own soul mate dynamics, but there is still work to do. In a brief Power Couple elimination ceremony, Parker and a tearful Jen tell the HouseGuests there is one incident they can't look past, and that the person who was at the center of the incident has put his partner in an unlucky situation. They ask Jacob and Sharon not to take it personally, but they are the first couple evicted from BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART.

After goodbye hugs, Jen sobs as she asks Parker, "Why did she have to be with him?" Definitely not sobbing were Sheila and Adam, who know they dodged a huge bullet.
 Do You Know Your Partner? It's time for the first HoH competition! Everyone goes outside to find the backyard transformed into a dock along a lake with seven little boats, one for each couple. Jen and Parker are playing the game, so this means there needs to be competition hosts. Who better to return than Eric and Jessica from BIG BROTHER 8! The HouseGuests cheer their arrival and are ecstatic to hear the couple is still together.

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The soul mates must answer questions about their partners correctly in order to earn hearts, with the couple scoring the most hearts taking the title of HoH. The women (plus Neil) go inside as the remaining men are asked which traffic sign best describes their first impression of their soul mate: Full Speed Ahead, Turn Back Now, or Bumpy Road Ahead? Most of the women (plus Neil) come out with Full Speed Ahead signs, while Sheila chooses the Turn Back Now sign. Thankfully, Adam gets that one correct.

The next question asks them which physical characteristic they would change about themselves, and the women (plus-oh you know!) come out in a variety of unibrows, horrible false teeth, and unsightly hairy legs. The women are then asked to come out as their partner's ultimate fantasy, which brings out the HouseGuests dressed as sexy nurses, cheerleaders, gymnasts and, in the case of Jen, a dominatrix.

When the men go up, they are asked to come out as what the women (and Neil) would want on a lonely afternoon. All the men opt to be the pool boy. James gets it wrong, since Chelsia announces "this girl likes to eat" and answers pizza boy.

By the sixth question, three couples are in the running for HoH: Alex and Amanda, Matt and Natalie, and Ryan and Allison. The women are asked which of the following celebrity types describe your personality. Alex comes out as the narcissistic athlete, Matt comes out as the rebellious rocker and Ryan comes out as the pretentious royal. Amanda shows her answer--athlete! Allison says she's a rocker, eliminating her and Ryan. It's down to Matt and Natalie, who reveals her answer: "I'm more of an athlete, unfortunately."
 The First HoH couple... Alex and Amanda! Alex warns that everyone should be scared since they are making it to the end. Now that the HoH is finally resolved, new issues must be addressed. Who will be nominated? And now that Allison and Parker know Jen and Ryan are a couple, will Allison's jealousy tear the two teams apart? Find out Sunday, February 16 at 8pm et/pt, only on CBS.