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Season 9: Episode 3 - Jen & Parker and Allison & Ryan Nominated: Jen and Ryan Become a Target
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

We last left off with Alex and Amanda becoming the first Head of Household couple on BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART. Alex realizes quickly that winning comes with responsibility--they will have to put up two couples for eviction.

Chelsia is excited until she realizes Amanda is likely to prance around in her "short shorts" acting as if she is the house princess. Matt is more than happy, because his house buddy Alex should keep him safe. Ryan is nervous for himself and his partner Allison, and he is also nervous for Jen, his girlfriend outside the house. The most unhappy HouseGuest is Parker, who notes he and partner Jen have gone from being "Brad and Angelina" when they were Power Couple to "Kathy Griffin and Pauly Shore" now that they are fighting for survival.
 Jen Opens Her Mouth Everyone is excited to see their pictures on the memory wall except for Amanda, who says she'd rather see a shot of her booty than her face. Jen is ecstatic her picture is the first one on the wall, and she blurts out that she is psyched by it because it means she is going to win the game. Allison is stunned by Jen's comment, along with James, who thinks Jen is the cockiest person in the house. Parker is steamed at his partner, and pulls her aside to tell her that kind of attitude is going to get them evicted. Jen apologizes as James warns her not to ostracize herself.

Allison and Her Alliance Allison is still unhappy that she must play not only for herself and Ryan, but also his girlfriend Jen. In a conversation with Jen's partner, Parker, in the sauna room, Allison admits she doesn't want to play with any "love bugs" here. Parker knows they are both in a tough situation. After a tip from Amanda that Parker and Allison were having a private conversation, Jen barges in on the private talk. Allison warns Jen to be respectful since she is willing to spill Jen and Ryan's secret. Later, Allison tells Ryan she is "not a fan" of Jen. Ryan tells her he is committed to Allison "100 percent," comparing his situation in the house to a cheating husband trying to juggle his wife and mistress.
 An Emotional Reveal The permanently sunny Amanda tells Chelsia, James and Neil that most people think she's dumb because of her voice, but she doesn't care since she's dealt with much harder things in her life. She tells her stunned housemates that her father tragically committed suicide, but instead of making Amanda sad, it drives her to be optimistic. Everyone is moved, particularly Chelsia, who realizes Amanda "has a softer side."
 HoH Room, or Tropical Honeymoon Suite? As the HouseGuests get geared up for the HoH suite reveal, Amanda and Alex are both excited to have a private room and a big bed all to themselves. The tiki-inspired suite definitely makes an impression. Alex shows his special cross, which was made from steel from the World Trade Center. Alex's father died in the 9/11 attacks, so the cross means the world to him. Amanda is visibly moved when she discovers her dad's favorite CD is in her gift basket. "I feel I have another angel watching over me," Amanda admits.

Cornering Allison Jen and Parker catch Allison and ask her if she's going to keep the Ryan/Jen secret. An exasperated Allison is over playing their game and refuses to say if she's going to spill the beans or not. Parker calls Allison childish, who retorts she will do what she needs for her own game.
 Adam's Little Extra Something A mischievous James asks Jen if she knows that Adam's nickname is the "Hooded Warrior". When Jen asks why, Adam tells her he is uncircumcised. A fascinated Jen laughs hysterically since she's never seen an uncircumcised man before. After some convincing, Adam gives Jen a quick glimpse at what makes him special as the rest of the HouseGuests assembled in the Red Room nearly double over in giggle fits. After her inspection, Jen declares it "weird."
 Secrets and Lies Despite her wavering, Allison decides not to tell her secret to Sheila, her closest confidant in the house. But in the fear of being exposed, Parker and Jen decide they need to beat Allison to the punch and tell everyone themselves. First up are Matt and Alex, who are surprised as they wonder why their buddy Parker didn't fill them in sooner. Matt thinks Parker is a hypocrite, since he made such a big deal about a fellow player calling him a snake earlier in the week.

After Parker spills the beans to Matt and Alex, the boys get their respective partners. As they sit them down in the HoH suite, Natalie is curious as Amanda notes that they are making her "want to poop" since she is so nervous. When Parker and Jen let them know that Ryan is Jen's man, Natalie expresses a happy surprise. Amanda? Not so much. "I was livid."

Matt lets fellow Bostonian Allison know the Jen/Ryan secret is out. Allison is peeved Ryan didn't send her a memo on this, and notes she would have kept the secret. Allison and Jen get into a testy exchange, where Jen calls her a liar and Ryan tells his girlfriend to chill out. Sheila has Allison's back when she confirms the secret hadn't been broken, but Jen is anything but impressed.
 Bible Meeting, Big Brother Style! On the defensive from an aggressive Jen, a tearful Allison goes out to the backyard and tells a surprised Neil and Joshuah that Jen and Ryan are together, and that she has been keeping their secret. Joshuah suggests everyone should come clean by swearing on a Bible to ensure there are no other secret couples in the house. The Head of Household couple Amanda and Alex hastily organize a house meeting in the living room, where every HouseGuest eventually holds the Bible and swears they are not in a secret couple. Natalie takes the oath seriously, but James reminds everyone they are still going to all end up lying during the game.
 East Coast Alliance? Matt and Alex quickly make their friendship an alliance, swearing on their fathers they will stay true. They decide to bring Natalie and Amanda into their alliance, promising one another they will win Head of Household and vetoes back to back.
 Ellen, Melissa, Rosie...and Now Sheila and Allison Over a glass of red wine, Sheila and Allison commiserate about their pariah status in the house. Sheila jokingly suggests they pretend to be lesbian lovers. The joke suddenly becomes strategy when they let Joshuah on their "secret," who runs immediately to his partner Neil with the news. Joshuah thinks it makes sense, noting that Sheila's running boots are a definite sign! Chelsia buys it too, and notes strategically this may work in their favor. Allison can't believe it at first, but realizes this silly, impromptu gag "could be a very big power move."

Sheila and Adam Have it Out Sheila has another conversation with a HouseGuest about her disgust for her partner, Adam. In this round, she's cornered Parker in the backyard for a tirade on what she sees as Adam's boorish behavior and crude language, even suggesting that Adam is not really a charity fundraiser. Alex and Matt overhear Sheila and quickly come to Adam's defense. Alex in particular is appalled by Sheila's attitude and lack of respect. Matt calls to Adam, "Come check your woman!" Adam, fed up with the bad mouthing, screams at Sheila, wanting to know why she is always so mean to him. This enrages Sheila, who heads off sobbing for the Pink Room. In the aftermath, Alex tells Ryan this may have helped him stay in the game. Alex suggests that Sheila's out of control behavior is making her and Adam potential targets for eviction.
 Nomination Ceremony At the start of the first nomination ceremony, Adam and Amanda remind everyone they compete, nominate and evict as couples. Troubled couple Adam and Sheila breathe a sigh of relief when their keys are first pulled. James and Chelsia dodge the bullet next. Matt and Natalie get their keys before announcing Neil and Joshuah safe. Ryan & Allison and Jen & Parker are nominated. Amanda sees Ryan and Allison as a threat, while Alex says it's in the best interest of the house that Jen and Parker go up on the block. Allison is doing everything to get Jen out, but Jen says if someone has to go, it's better for Ryan to go home. Alex is looking forward to Jen and Ryan duking it out as they fight to stay in the house. Looking forward to a lover's spat worth half a million dollars? Watch BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART this Tuesday at 9pm et/pt, only on CBS.