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Season 9: Episode 4 - Matt and Natalie Win POV: Nominations Stay the Same
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the aftermath of the nomination ceremony, Jen notes this is "the worst possible situation," since she and her partner in the house, Parker, are nominated along with her real-life boyfriend, Ryan, and his house partner, Allison. Being a good boyfriend, Ryan hugs a teary Jen and tells her to stay strong. Allison does not feel sorry for Jen in "any regard," while Ryan tells Allison that he is committed to staying this week and winning with her, even if he feels "so freakin' bad" for Jen. "I'm a competitor," he insists. Head of Household Amanda consoles Jen and Parker in the sauna room, and says they need to get Ryan out this week. Parker notes they have to win the Power of Veto competition.
 Young Love Blossoms Parker admits "me and Amanda have a little chemistry," and that he trusts her more than his partner, Jen. They tenderly hug post-nomination ceremony, with Amanda saying that she likes Parker and finds him to be a "phenomenal person."
 An Unexpected Return Joshuah explains that his partner in the house, Neil, is leaving the game for an urgent personal matter. Since BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART is all about playing as a team, Joshuah is allowed to choose a new partner from one of the two HouseGuests already evicted, Sharon and Jacob. Since Jacob was widely disliked and viewed as untrustworthy, Joshuah says it was a "no-brainer" going with Sharon. He also notes this means he is "now a straight man in the house with my hot wife."

Sharon comes back into the living room with cheers from the HouseGuests, but is soon floored by the news that Jen and Ryan are a real-life couple. Sharon is outwardly one cool cucumber when Parker asks for forgiveness for voting her and Jacob out of the house, but Sharon admits she won't forget the action. Joshuah and Sharon pledge to work together and not make deals behind each other's backs.
 When Love Blossoms, So Does Jealousy Parker's budding relationship with Amanda does not go over well with Alex, who is disappointed his supposed soul mate is not interested in him. When Amanda and Parker engage in tender massages, Alex is peeved and admits seeing his partner in the sauna with Parker "hurt [him]." He also fears Parker is taking Amanda's head out of the game.
 A Late Night Tryst Now that Jen and Ryan's secret is out of the bag, the pair is totally free to engage in major PDAs. Jen admits they are "very cuddly" and that two weeks without sex is a long time for them. A bathroom love-seat snuggle fest quickly turns amorous when Ryan admits he's "horny." After talking about it, the pair decides to engage in a tryst in the bathroom, with Ryan telling her it has to be "real quick." As fate would have it, Parker comes up to use the toilet, but quickly hears what's going on inside. Doubled over with laughter, Parker loses it even more when Ryan says they will be just "a minute" or "15 seconds, actually." Parker finds the whole scene "a little disturbing."

Another Couple? Sheila and Allison agree they should keep up the lie that they are a lesbian couple outside the house since it may be good for their game. Previously, they had told Chelsia they were a couple, and Chelsia tells her partner, James. This gets his wheels spinning. James has observed a wood block puzzle in the guinea pig cage that has four colors. He thinks this means there are four secret couples in the house: Jacob and Sharon, Ryan and Jen, Sheila and Allison and one other. But who could it be?

Later out in the yard, James tells Alex he thinks there's another secret couple, and he tells Alex to look around. Alex sees Amanda, bouncing on Parker's feet, and starts to think that Amanda and Parker may have known each other before coming into the house. Alex takes this suspicion and tells it to Matt, who is getting his haircut from Jen in the bathroom. Matt tells Alex he thinks he is over-thinking things. After Alex leaves, Amanda comes in and Matt tells her that Alex thinks she has a relationship with Parker. A steamed Amanda confronts Alex in the HoH Suite and tells him he should be talking to her first about any theories. She thinks he should believe her anyway since she swore on the Bible she didn't know anyone. Alex admits James gave him the idea that she and Parker might be a couple.

Amanda lets Parker know what's being said about them, which leads to a huge row between Parker and James, with a heated Amanda also chiming in. As the three all start screaming, Parker sarcastically notes that there must be "psychics in the house" and "where's Miss Cleo when you need her?"

Alex and Amanda's Disconnect In the aftermath of the altercation, Amanda notes that this whole drama stems from Alex's jealousy, and that her true soul mate would not disrespect her the way Alex does. Alex and Amanda go over their differences, with Alex telling Amanda he doesn't like the way she prances around in her short shorts, which makes Amanda cry. Alex admits he has feelings for her, even if it is not the match he was hoping for.
 In Sickness and in Health Alex and Amanda call everyone to figure out who is playing for veto. Besides the HoH couple and the two nominated couples, a fourth couple is chosen at random to play, with Matt and Natalie winning the honor. Joshuah is chosen to host. Matt tells Parker he will save him if he and Natalie win the Power of Veto, but he reveals later that he says that just to "pacify" Parker.

Time for the PoV competition! The HouseGuests go outside and see four huge revolving hearts. One team member will get onto the heart and put their finger on a panic button. The other partner will then spin the heart. The first couple to spin their heart 300 revolutions without letting up on the panic button wins. Natalie is afraid she will get sick from all the spinning, but finds a good strategy in keeping her eyes closed. Jen harps on Parker the whole competition, calling on him to work harder. Allison and Ryan are the first couple out, followed by Alex and Amanda. Alex is irritated, but Amanda reveals she threw the game since she thought winning would make her and Alex more of a target later. It's a close race, but Matt and Natalie are victorious. An exhausted Parker thinks he's safe, but he doesn't know Matt has other plans...

A Couple's Quarrel In a late night HoH suite conversation, Alex tells Amanda he thinks that if they aren't going to be in a relationship with each other, they shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone else in the house. "I don't want to ruin what I came here for," he says. Amanda gets out of bed, with Alex asking her if she's all right. Amanda says she's mad, and goes downstairs. As Alex watches her on the HoH monitor, Amanda vents to Chelsia in the kitchen, telling her what Alex just said. Chelsia asks Amanda if she thinks Alex is watching, and Amanda says she's sure of it, calling Alex "creepy." Parker comes in and Amanda once again relays Alex's request. Amanda says "he is so jealous," while Parker reiterates that he and Jen are going to need Matt to use the POV and take them off the chopping block.
 Veto Ceremony Matt and Natalie look at the memory wall as they make their final decision, with Natalie noting that their choice will be one that is in their best interests for the game. Matt notes that if Parker wasn't paired with Jen he would definitely pull him off the block, but unfortunately the game is not played that way. Ryan notes that if Parker and Jen get pulled off the block, he and Allison might as well start packing their bags now since it will be a done deal they are going.

Matt and Natalie begin the meeting and start by asking Allison and Ryan why they should use the veto on them. Ryan says he'll respect the decision they make, while Allison asks for the chance for them to redeem themselves. When it is Parker and Jen's turn, Parker says he knows the reason they are up there "is all a trust issue."

Matt and Natalie announce their decision--it is in the best interests of the house that the nominations stay the same. The meeting is adjourned. Matt hopes Parker is not mad, since he's just looking out for "numero uno." Parker fumes that "the game blows." Jen says she is fine with Ryan leaving, as Ryan says he wants to win this himself. Who will be evicted? And which couple will become the new HoH? Find out on BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART on Wednesday, at 8pm et/pt, only on CBS.