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Season 9: Episode 5 - Jen and Parker are Evicted after One of the Biggest Fights in BB History!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

It's day 14 in the House, and since soul mates Matt and Natalie decided not to use the Power of Veto, couples Parker & Jen and Allison & Ryan remain on the chopping block. However, all the drama over the past few days didn't revolve only around them, as host Julie Chen sets the stage for one of the most intense fights in BIG BROTHER history.
 Gossip Girl Amanda likes to gossip, but her chatter about HouseGuest happenings has ramifications. Joshuah says Amanda's problem is "her big mouth." Chelsia warns it's going to "bite her in the butt," while Natalie posits Amanda does so much gossiping as a "way to get attention." If, as Natalie says, getting attention is Amanda's goal, then she succeeds when her gossiping leads to a blow out of epic proportions. In the sauna, Amanda starts talking to Natalie about who James will put up for eviction if he and soul mate Chelsia become Head of Household. Amanda says she heard James say it would be Amanda and Alex, plus Matt and Natalie. Natalie is sure Amanda made this up. Natalie gives Chelsia the 411, letting her know what Amanda said about what Cheslia's partnership would cause. Chelsia does not like being talked about and gets into Amanda's face about it out in the yard.

Chelsia screams at Amanda as Amanda swears on her father she never said Chelsia's name directly. This detail doesn't impress Chelsia, who screams, "I'm pissed off!" Fellow hot tubber Joshuah decides to put his two cents in and goes for Amanda's jugular. Amid a stream of expletives, he tells Amanda that her partner Alex hates her, the house hates her, she's ugly and has a "horse face." Joshuah also notes she should "get back to the stable" and "giddy up, giddy up." Joshuah admits this is the most fun he's had in the house so far and that he enjoys giving Amanda some "kick-ass Texan attitude." Joshuah goes so far as to splash her as he storms out of the yard. "I think I've turned the whole house against her," he muses. A furious Alex tells Amanda her actions are impacting him.

Joshuah Goes There Joshuah comes back outside and mockingly says they should give Amanda a "halo." Chelsia then says "or a noose," to which Joshuah responds, "like her dad." This is incendiary to many HouseGuests, who are shocked Joshuah would allude to Amanda's father, who hanged himself. Amanda screams that Joshuah's comment is "not funny," while Alex admits that including her father "went too far" and shows that Joshuah is "completely unstable."

The fight takes its toll on Amanda, who is shaken from the verbal smack down. Allison comforts Amanda as both sit on the floor in the kitchen, with Allison noting Joshuah hit "below the belt" by saying the worst possible thing he could. Amanda moves up to the HoH Room, where she cries as she soaks in the bathtub. She notes that she "didn't crack until he said something about my dad." A sympathetic Sharon tells Amanda to ride it out. "If you don't give them what [they] want, they'll quit. Trust me," Sharon says. Parker also tries to console Amanda, who asks him if she looks like a horse. He says no. When she asks if she's "really ugly," Parker jokingly tells her to shut up. Parker feels truly bad for her since she got attacked and "felt alone." Parker gives Amanda a deep, long hug.

Jen Goes There Jen really wants to stay in the house, and her real-life boyfriend, Ryan, isn't going to get in her way. "I will do whatever it takes to stay in this game," she vows. Jen, who is up on the chopping block for elimination with her house partner Parker, wants to make sure she does not get evicted, which means that Ryan and his house partner, Allison, have to be the couple that goes. In a quiet conversation with Sheila in the kitchen, Jen says she has to tell Sheila one thing--that Ryan is a racist.

A stunned Sheila can't believe what she is hearing. Later in the bathroom, Jen mentions Ryan's race issues to Allison and a few other female HouseGuests, noting that Ryan doesn't like that she once dated a black guy.

In a group conversation in the Pink Room, Sheila tells Ryan to just wait until he leaves the house and finds out what Jen was saying about him. "You don't even have a clue, do you?" Sheila asks. Ryan asks what Sheila is talking about. Sheila says a lot has been said and she can tell him after eviction. Ryan demands Sheila tell him so he has a chance to defend himself. "It's only right," he says, with Sheila saying "it's ugly." Sheila finally spills the beans, which just stuns Ryan, who says, "I am not a racist at all."

Ryan goes right to Jen and tells her he has a bone to pick with her. Jen has no idea what Ryan is talking about, and follows him outside, demanding to know what's up. Ryan stews for a bit, but gets Jen to admit freely she mentioned to Sheila that Ryan has a problem with her dating black guys. Ryan heads back to the Pink Room, where he tells Parker he is not a racist and has black friends. Parker is cool with it. Jen comes in to confront Sheila, who stands by what she told Ryan. Parker tells Jen, "Don't you dare," as she gets into it with Sheila. Allison gets into it too, telling Jen she has no clue why she would say that. Ryan tells Jen, "You're messing with my life now, man."

Allison says Jen is a "born liar" and that her behavior is "sad." Ryan finally pulls Jen aside and tells her she is a bad person, and that what she said goes way beyond the house. Jen pleads with him to look at her. She says she "absolutely" did not call him a racist and that she loves him. Ryan just stares back.
 The Votes are In After the nominated couples give their final speeches, Julie Chen gets to the results--by a vote of 3 to 1, Jen and Parker are evicted! For much of the farewell, Ryan and Jen hold each other and kiss. After Jen and Parker get to Julie's couch, Julie asks Jen if there was a better way to take the target off Ryan's back when she was half of the Power Couple. Jen thinks the biggest mistake was Ryan telling Allison, and that she would have still told Parker. Parker says, "It is what it is" when Julie asks if they could have worked harder to get Allison to keep the secret, instead of telling the secret themselves. In her goodbye, Allison tells Jen she doesn't "know how to weigh out risk and reward," while Ryan says he will "definitely fight" for her.

Big Brother Democracy The remaining HouseGuests gather outside for the HoH competition, "Big Brother Democracy", which asks each pair to guess how the majority would respond to six questions. The couple with the most points is crowned the new HoH couple.

The first question asks what the majority would rather go without for 24 hours--hot food or hot water. But before they answer, Julie notes that what the majority chooses will actually happen in the house! The majority says hot water, which everyone gets right except Natalie & Matt and Allison & Ryan. The next question asks what the majority would want the women to wear for 72 hours--a bathing suit or their soul mate's favorite outfit. Everyone answers bathing suits. Question three asks what the majority would rather lose--eating utensils or drinking cups. The majority answers drinking cups, with everyone getting a point except Natalie & Matt and Sheila & Adam. Question four asks what the majority would rather have--a margarita party or an outdoor grill. Everyone goes for margaritas (even though they have no drinking cups)! Question five asks whether the majority would rather have the men serve breakfast in bed or the women cook dinner. The majority says the women cooking dinner, with Sharon and Joshuah plus Natalie and Matt getting it wrong. Question six asks if the majority would rather go two weeks without workout equipment or the washing machine. The majority says washing machine, an answer that gives one couple six correct answers-Chelsia and James!

In the HoH competition afterglow, Chelsia says she's excited to get a real bed while James says their win is "awesome." When Julie asks Allison how Jen being out of the house will impact her game, she says "drastically." So which of the two couples will get put up for the next eviction? Make sure to watch BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART on Sunday, February 24 at 8pm et/pt on CBS to find out!