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Season 9: Episode 6 - The HouseGuests Get their First Taste of Slop; New Nominations are in
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the aftermath of Jen and Parker's eviction, Jen's boyfriend, Ryan, admits staying in the Big Brother house was bittersweet. Ryan asserts he is "in the game by myself and for Jen." On a personal level, Amanda and Alex are both sad to see Parker go, even if Alex thinks Parker was bad for Amanda's game since she had romantic feelings for him. Meanwhile, Ryan's partner, Allison, is excited to grow her relationship with Ryan now that his girlfriend is out of the picture.

New HoH couple James and Chelsia boast that being the top couple in the house means they "can do shady things and get away with it." Most of the HouseGuests seem happy with the new HoH couple, with the notable exception of Amanda, who says she thinks she may have thrown up in her mouth with James and Chelsia's win.

Thanks to the HoH competition, no one is allowed to use cups for 72 hours. Being resourceful, Natalie figures out that the square bowls are suitable to use for drinking.
 Deals and Lies In the Blue room, Matt talks to James and Chelsia and gets the new HoH couple to pledge they won't put him and Natalie on the block this week. Matt jokes, "Camera, you got that? America?"

Joshuah tells his new partner, Sharon, that Sheila and Allison are a lesbian couple. Of course, Joshuah does not realize that Sheila and Allison are telling him a very tall tale. Sharon says it makes sense in terms of the game. Still, Joshuah is worn down by all the drama. "Everyone tells me their secrets," Joshuah sighs. "It's so exhausting."

More Deals, and Maybe More Lies? In their HoH room reveal, Chelsia and James relish their big bed and their pictures from home (including a shot of Chelsia's kitty). Matt admits this brings on some homesickness, while a tearful Sheila says it makes her smile to see Chelsia enjoying pictures of her family and cat.

Soon after James and Chelsia move into their new digs, Natalie comes to the HoH to celebrate. The HoH couple tells Natalie about their previous conversation with Matt and let her know she and her partner are safe this week.
 Operation Bullfinch Just Doesn't Have the Same Ring In a late night strategy session, James reveals his secret plan to Ryan and Adam: Operation Condor! James says he wants the entire top row of the Memory Wall to be eliminated, which means Alex and Amanda have to go next. James admits that for the plan to work, another couple has to go up as a pawn. Adam and Ryan are both unenthusiastic about that detail of the plan, even if they enjoy James's condor "ka-kaw!" call.

Amanda pulls aside Joshuah to talk through their screaming match from earlier in the week, in which Joshuah called her a "horse face," among other things. Amanda says she forgives him, while Joshuah apologizes. Amanda takes the reconciliation further when she suggests they form a secret alliance. Joshuah doesn't exactly say no, but Amanda's more enthusiastic about the alliance than he is.

Natalie tells Amanda she has a crush on her partner, Matt, noting when she is around him, she gets "butterflies." Later, when she takes a bath up in the HoH room, Natalie asks Matt, who is sitting out in the bedroom, to get her soap from the shower. At first, Matt dismisses her request, but then he gets up and announces to Natalie they are not going to have sex. This amuses Natalie, since she never agreed to have sex with Matt in the first place. After teasing her, Matt finally brings his partner the soap, along with giving her a playful almost-kiss!

Allison goes to Sheila and says they should tell Chelsia and James the truth. Allison thinks the lie might spread, and the whole story could get out of control. Sheila thinks Joshuah could turn on them and assume everything they say is a lie, but Allison says they should end this now.
 What a Catch! The HouseGuests come outside for their first food competition to find the back yard transformed into a marina, complete with two fishing vessels and a bay full of big, smelly, rotten fish. The first ship, "Sea-duction", is for the yellow team: Joshuah, Sharon, Ryan, Allison, Matt and Natalie; while the second ship, "Dev-ocean", is for the green team: Adam, Sheila, James, Chelsia, Alex and Amanda. The object of the competition is to fill the opposing team's nets with so much stinky fish that the team has to drop the nets. "Sea-duction" chooses Joshuah, Ryan and Matt to hold the nets up with ropes, while Sharon, Allison and Natalie take on the task of filling the "Dev-Ocean" nets. Adam, James and Amanda hold the nets for "Dev-ocean" while Sheila, Chelsia and Alex decide they will fill the "Sea-duction" nets.

The green team focuses on Ryan first, filling his net quickly. He is soon the first player to drop his net. The yellow team decides to fill James and Amanda's nets concurrently, which causes both of them to let their nets go. Green then sets its sights on Matt, who is the fourth to drop. This leaves Adam for yellow and Joshuah for green. As the green team piles on the fish for Adam, Joshuah is able to hold on tight. Adam finally lets go, making "Sea-duction," the yellow team, the winner!

The HouseGuests come back into the house and get their first taste of BIG BROTHER slop. Adam, Sheila, Alex and Amanda are on the concoction for seven days, while the HoH couple James and Chelsia is exempt. Adam quickly resigns himself to it, but Amanda says the food restriction is another sign her bad week is getting worse.

Bueno! Amanda's signature word, "bueno!" is sort of her own personal "aloha," much to the other HouseGuests' amusement and occasional irritation, particularly Matt, who notes "bueno" means good in Spanish, not hello. Soon everyone is saying "bueno," whether they realize it or not.
 Showmance Blossoms? In their first night in the HoH Suite, James tells Chelsia he likes her a lot. "I sort of have romantic feelings," James admits, "kind of like a kid thing." Chelsia isn't sure how she feels, even though James is growing on her. In a very sweet moment, James climbs into bed and asks Chelsia if she's going to join him. Chelsia climbs in, and the pair share a lovely good night kiss.
 Lesbians No More Downstairs in the bathroom, Allison and Sheila finally come clean to Chelsia about making up the lesbian story. Sheila says "we feel horrible" as Chelsia lets the information sink in. James walks in and they break the news to him. In the storage room, Allison tells Joshuah they made the lesbian story up so that if she had been evicted the first week, she would have left the house with a bang. Chelsia, Joshuah and James convene up in the loft and agree they don't know what to believe. An angry Chelsia and James hint Sheila and Allison could go both go up on the block for this.

James admits he needs a strong pawn for eliminations this week, and he knows who that strong pawn is. In a conversation with Matt in the HoH suite, James says he told Alex straight up he was gunning for him. Matt pointedly brings up the promise James made to him earlier about Matt and Natalie being safe. James tells him "Don't worry, that's all I have to say," which Matt thinks this is a good sign.
 It's Nomination Time! James and Chelsia come down with the dreaded key box. A shocked Sheila can't believe she and Adam are the first safe couple. Joshuah and Sharon are the second safe couple, followed by Ryan and Allison. This leaves our two nominated couples, Matt and Natalie, plus Alex and Amanda. James says the reason Matt and Natalie are nominated is solely because they can win the PoV. James stresses he wants to ensure a "certain couple" goes out, obviously Alex and Amanda. Chelsia adds that Amanda's behavior put them on the block. Alex says he's not going to give up on Amanda. While Natalie takes the nomination as a compliment to her and her partner's strength in competitions, Matt fumes that he was double-crossed by James. He notes you should never trust anyone with "pink hair." Will Natalie and Matt pull off another veto competition win, or will Alex and Amanda use their anger over nomination to grab it for themselves? Is Operation Condor complete? Find out Tuesday on BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART at 9pm et/pt, only on CBS.