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Season 9: Episode 7 - The Power of Veto is Awarded: Later, Amanda & Allison have Medical Scares!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

James and Chelsia's nominations continue to reverberate in the BIG BROTHER House. When Amanda tries to come up and talk to her soul mate and co-nominee, Alex, he gives her a terse, "Don't jump around near me!" Nominee Matt rues that he "made a deal with the devil, and the devil double crossed me," referring to James' promise before the nominations that he would not put Matt and his partner, Natalie, up on the block. James feels just fine about putting up Matt, and playfully tells Chelsia not to worry about it.
 Amanda Opens Sheila's Eyes Amanda again tries to talk to Alex, who sends her away in fear of lashing out at her. "It was Amanda," Alex fumes, blaming her for their nomination. Allison is breathing easy since she and her partner, Ryan, are not up for elimination, a point Amanda then drives home with Sheila, Allison's closest confidant. Thanks to Amanda's prodding, Sheila gets irritated with Allison, who no longer appears to be hanging out with Sheila now that she's safe. "I'm seeing things I don't like," Sheila sighs.
 The Nominees Hang with James Matt talks to James about nominations, and James reminds Matt this is a game. Alex comes out and has a similar conversation, noting he and Matt are nominated for their partners--or are they really? James notes they are a powerful pair in the house, and he needs to break them up. Both Matt and Alex are gunning for the Power of Veto, with Alex pledging that if he survives the week, it is "revenge."

Sheila and Allison: No Longer BFFs? Sheila pulls aside Allison in the Pink Room, telling her she feels "a really weird vibe." After Allison came off the block, Sheila says she felt Allison wasn't her friend anymore. A stunned Allison says she is putting her energies toward getting to know Ryan better and promises she is not mad at Sheila.
 Veto Players are Chosen Chelsia and James come out of the Diary Room to announce eight people will play in the veto competition: the two HoHs, the two nominated couples and a couple chosen at random. James picks Joshuah and Sharon's chip from the bag. Adam is picked to host. In a storage room chat, Matt and Alex talk about how one of them has to win the veto. Matt makes it personal, noting he doesn't care if he loses anymore, as long as he sends James and Chelsia home. Matt says this just as James walks in and interrupts! Matt asks him what's up, and James retorts, "Nothing much, losers!" They engage in some jokey yet tense banter that shows the veto competition will be hard fought.
 Communication Breakdown! Adam calls everyone outside for the veto competition. Adam announces that for the past 15 days, they have been cut off from the outside world, but the couple that solves the veto competition puzzle first can restore contact. In the storage area, packed among thousands of peanuts in barrels labeled "Jericho", are electrical cables. Each team must choose the right sized cables to connect their four electrical poles to their individual generator. When they are done, team members have to hit a red button on their generator. If the red light goes on, they have solved the puzzle.

Once the competition starts, Amanda and Alex dump their barrels of peanuts to find their cables. Amanda starts connecting the cables to the poles, but Alex quickly realizes the cables are all different lengths and the poles are all various distances from one another. Sharon notes it is more of a mental than physical challenge. Natalie and Matt don't take this into account, and just start attaching cables to poles. While the other teams struggle, Joshuah and Sharon plow ahead. They are about to ring their bell, but Sharon realizes they are missing one cable. Amanda and Alex are hot on their tails, but after searching their peanut barrels one more time, Joshuah and Sharon make their last connection and hit the button--the red light glows, and they are pronounced the winners! Alex admits "a couple seconds cost us the veto."
 News from the Outside Thanks to a jumbo digital ticker tape screen, the HouseGuests learn about Sen. John McCain's primary victories, which excites Amanda. She is also excited by Sen. Barack Obama's victories, causing confusion with Adam. Joshuah is happy to get his Britney Spears gossip fix, but everyone is confused by the headline, "The Hudson River Virus is threatening those cut off from the outside world." James thinks it is a clue to something else in the game.
 Sheila Amps it Up with Allison Fed up with her former house buddy spending time with everybody else but her, Sheila complains to Natalie and then Matt about Allison. Sharon overhears Sheila and Matt's conversation and makes a beeline for Allison to tell her. Allison decides to confront Sheila in the Pink Room, and the sparks fly! Sheila tells Allison she owes her for getting Allison off the block. An enraged Sheila also tells Allison she has turned on her as Allison tries to figure out why Sheila is so mad. Ryan and Sheila's partner, Adam, come in to defend Allison, upping the emotion. The other HouseGuests listen from outside as voices get louder, but none are happier than Alex and Amanda, who think this altercation may just save them from eviction.

Health Emergencies Abound! Allison jogs in the back yard to burn off steam as she talks to Sharon about what just went down with Sheila. Suddenly, Allison rushes to the Diary Room, complaining of an allergic reaction that appears to be closing her throat. As Allison sees a nurse, Amanda tells Natalie in the kitchen she needs "sugar really bad" because she is hypoglycemic. As the two women walk to the bedrooms, Amanda collapses! Natalie gets help from the hot tubbers outside before Amanda starts shaking uncontrollably. The nurse that had been helping Allison rushes into the house to help Amanda. After the nurse gets her to drink some water, Amanda regains consciousness as paramedics rush in through the storage room. Throughout the ordeal, James holds up Amanda and then tenderly explains to her she passed out. Amanda is put in a neck brace and taken out of the house on a stretcher. "I just need some sugar," she cries.
 Medical Aftermath Adam gives props to James for helping Amanda as the stunned HouseGuests deal with the fact that two people have left for medical reasons. Joshuah feels particularly bad, since he was the one who had personally attacked Amanda earlier. Alex says this kind of experience "makes you think." Matt says, "I'm very proud of my friend, James." Sheila feels horrible and says if something happens to Allison, she could never forgive herself.

Amanda comes into the house quietly and heads to the Boat Room. Joshuah and Sharon hug her and bring her out to the kitchen, where everyone wishes her well. Both Matt and Alex tell her that James was the hero of the day, and Amanda then goes and thanks a modest James, who says he just wanted to help her out. Amanda says she is definitely happy to be in the house, and that her fellow HouseGuests definitely care for her.

As the HouseGuests explain to Amanda that she was not the only medical emergency, Allison returns and gets a similarly warm welcome. Allison notes that she is glad this happened while she was in the BIG BROTHER house, since she is not sure she would have gotten the same treatment so quickly on the outside.

Amanda and Allison share an emotional moment in the Boat Room, with Amanda saying she realized when she was being wheeled out she is not being herself inside the house. Allison says they all have to change the way they act towards each other, just as Sheila comes in and apologizes through tears. "We are not robots," Sheila tearfully says. "Sometimes you have to say to yourself, that it's just a game."
 Game Faces Back On As life returns to normal in the house, Amanda says she realizes how much she wants to stay in the game and she is "definitely here to win." With the fireworks from the day before over, Joshuah and Sharon come out to the back yard and announce the veto meeting. Matt admits he is nervous, even though everyone is saying they want Alex and Amanda out. Joshuah says he and Sharon love both the nominated couples, but Sharon says they will not use the Power of Veto. Who will be evicted from the house? Which couple will be the new HoH? Find out Wednesday on BIG BROTHER live at 8pm et/pt, only on CBS!