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Season 9: Episode 8 - Veto Ceremony Fallout ends with Alex & Amanda Going Home
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the aftermath of the veto ceremony, Joshuah notes it was in his and Sharon's interest to keep the nominations the same since Matt & Natalie and Alex & Amanda are forces to be reckoned with. James is delighted Operation Condor is rolling along as planned. Alex is firm on his plan not to campaign against best bud, Matt, but Matt admits he's going to do what he has to do to stay. "May the best man win," Matt says.
 Amanda Gets Better While everyone is still very into the game, the HouseGuests are protective of Amanda when it comes to her health, reminding her she needs to eat and also monitor her blood sugar after her dramatic collapse. Natalie realizes they all ultimately care about each other in the house.
 Matt and Allison Both Hustle for Votes In a conversation with Adam, Matt works to secure a vote for him and Natalie to stay. "I got you," Matt says. "I need one more vote." Adam tells him to make this happen.

After watching a very buff Matt and Natalie work out, Allison realizes they all have a terrific opportunity to boot a physically strong couple out of the house this week. She runs up to the HoH suite and tells Adam, James and other HouseGuests this is the time that Matty and Natty need to go. Adam defends Matt, mainly because he wants Operation Condor to be a success by having original targets, Amanda and Alex, go home. James, the architect of Operation Condor, is more blase about the change in circumstances. He's perfectly willing to shelve Operation Condor for a week to institute "Operation Bro Down", which would boot Matt and Natalie.

Matt pulls aside Natalie and tells her to work her friends Joshuah and Sharon for that crucial vote. Natalie has a conversation with Sharon in which she basically offers her and Joshuah safety if she and Matt are future Head of Household. Natalie thinks she has a special bond with the gay-straight couple, and hopes that will lead to a vote for her and Matt to stay.

Intra-Couple Conflict? While Allison is on a Matt and Natalie kick, her partner in the game, Ryan, is more worried about Alex and Amanda. In a hammock conversation, Ryan tells Allison they are in a good position now, and that he would be more comfortable if Alex and Amanda left since he doesn't trust them. But Allison is still worried about Matt and Natalie's strength at the end of the game. This could make for a tough vote!
 Julie Chats with the HouseGuests Julie Chen tells Amanda and Allison she is glad they are okay before asking Amanda if the medical emergencies she and Allison experienced impacted relationships in the house. Amanda notes she and Allison "have gotten a lot closer." Julie turns to Sheila and asks her how her relationship with Allison is. Sheila notes this is a game and that she's learned "you have to keep some things to yourself." Julie praises James for his quick and steady thinking during Amanda's emergency. James is modest about what he did and admits he was afraid Amanda might die. "It was scary," he says, "but I just wanted to sleep afterwards for a couple days." Alex notes he had a smile on his face when Amanda came back into the house. After Julie asks Sheila about slop, the happy HouseGuest notes, "Slop is the best diet I've ever been on in my life!"
 Chelsia and James: A Compatible Couple Although they are at first glance very different, James' and Chelsia's friends see why this house couple are a perfect fit. James' friend, Brian, notes, "The first time I met him I thought he was completely off his nut," but he thinks James' goal to bike around the world "is just unbelievably inspiring." Chelsia's friend, Jenny, says James seems like somebody Chelsia would enjoy hanging out with because he's free-spirited. James is impressed Chelsia wants to donate her winnings to charity, while Chelsia tells James she would join him on his journey, with one caveat: "I will follow on my bike, except mine will have a motor!"

Julie Chats with the HoH Couple In a private conversation filmed from the HoH Room, Julie touches base with James and Chelsia on breaking their promise to not nominate Matt and Natalie for eviction. James says he knew Matt and Alex had a thing together. Julie then asks Chelsia if she has regrets. She doesn't, but she admits it makes it "hard for other HouseGuests to trust us." James also notes he finds most of the other HouseGuests "materialistic."
 The HouseGuest Rubber Hits the BB Road It's time for the nominees' last words. Amanda apologizes and asks that they give them a chance for Alex's sake. Natalie feels "blessed," while Matt understands they have a "wicked hard decision" to make.

Time to vote! Julie calls Sheila and Adam in to the Diary Room to vote first. They vote to evict Amanda and Alex. Joshuah and Sharon are next. They, too, vote to evict Alex and Amanda, which seals the couple's fate. Ryan and Allison are the final couple to vote, and they make the vote unanimous.

Julie Reveals the Vote! Julie reveals the vote of 3-0 to evict Alex and Amanda, and Amanda cries. As the evicted couple leaves, Joshuah tells Sharon they had to do that and they have to avenge Amanda. Outside, Julie asks Alex if he takes the blame for eviction since he refused to campaign to stay. "It's a 50/50 deal," he sighs. "Her getting us up and me keeping us down." Julie compliments Amanda on campaigning hard to stay. Amanda says she tried hard, and she was hoping that Alex's pledge to not campaign would win them support. "Obviously your word means nothing," Amanda says of their fellow HouseGuests. Alex has a one-word response: "Wow."
 Words of Love Things move fast in the BIG BROTHER house. This week's HoH competition, Words of Love, centers around the love quotes from famous authors posted prominently around the house. HouseGuests are told to buzz in when they think they know the correct author. The first HouseGuest to buzz in and answer correctly gets to eliminate another HouseGuest from the competition. But if you ring in with the incorrect author, you are eliminated. But instead of playing as couples, the competition is played in two rounds broken up by gender. Ladies play first until there's one woman standing, followed by the men. The last man and last woman then face off.

Sharon gets the first author right and promptly eliminates Allison. Sharon answers correctly again, but this time chooses Sheila for elimination. Pulling off a hat trick, Sharon again scores the right author, winning the women's heat.
 And the Winner Is... The men are up next. Ryan gives the incorrect author in the first question and is eliminated. Joshuah answers correctly and eliminates Matt. By answering "Oscar Wilde" as the author of the phrase, "One always ends by deceiving others," Joshuah repeats Sharon's perfect performance. There is no need for a gender face-off, since Joshuah and Sharon both win, which makes them the new Head of Household couple!

After Julie brings them back to the living room, Joshuah can hardly contain himself. He and Sharon are both looking forward to seeing pictures from home. Julie congratulates Matt on Boston beating New York. Matt is stoked, but notes his buddy "Alex is a great human being. Me and him just clicked. He is going to be greatly missed."

How will the house change with the new HoH couple? Which two couples will be nominated for eviction next week? Tune in to find out on BIG BROTHER on Sunday at 8pm et/pt.