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Season 9: Episode 9 - Allison & Ryan, Matt & Natalie Nominated; Lesbian Lie Makes for an Angry House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As the HouseGuests mill about after Amanda and Alex's eviction, a slightly numb Matt asks for a group hug since he needs "some love." James is relieved Operation Condor, his plan to get out Alex and Amanda, is complete. A very angry Joshuah helps an upset Sharon to pull it together for the upcoming Head of Household competition. Joshuah is enraged because of what went down right before the eviction. He and Sharon were pulled into the storage room by Allison, who announced she and Ryan were voting to evict Alex and Amanda. Joshuah wanted to eliminate Matt and Natalie, but Sharon warned him that if they forced a 2-1 vote, that could make them a target the coming week. An angry Joshuah then stormed into the bathroom and told Allison to stop whispering with Sheila. When Allison told him they weren't saying anything, Joshuah warned her, "I have all the right comments to say to make the right person break down and cry." Allison wanted to know if he meant her, and Joshuah told her that she would see soon enough.

Back in the present, Joshuah says Allison "is the biggest liar" and "cannot be trusted." Joshuah goes back to building up Sharon for the HoH competition, telling her, "You're a Marine, you are strong -- we will destroy her." Ryan gives his own pep talk to Allison. "Psych it up," he tells her. "Get it ready."

Apparently, Joshuah gives a better motivational speech than Ryan, since Sharon and Joshuah sweep the HoH competition. An ecstatic Joshuah yells that winning HoH "is better than sex." Being able to shove it down Allison's throat only makes it better. Allison is hardly pleased, but notes that most of the other HouseGuests didn't exactly jump for joy when Joshuah and Sharon scored HoH for the week.

The Claws Come Out As Allison and Adam do a post mortem on the competition, Joshuah again lays into Allison, getting into her face and telling her he's going to make her life hell. He also says she's an ugly skank and insults her wardrobe: "You're dress is tired." James finally tells him to chill as Joshuah says he was provoked. Ryan wants to know what exactly Allison said, but Joshuah is short on specifics and long on insults. Ryan notes that he finds Joshuah "psychotic."

Joshuah admits what else is bothering him about Allison: the lie she told about her and Sheila being a lesbian couple. "I don't think anyone should lie about being gay," he says, noting it is "really hurtful someone would play my sexuality against me." Hurtful is how Allison feels. After maintaining a strong front, she finally breaks down to Ryan in the bathroom. Ryan tells her they are "not done in this game, whatsoever" and that this is exactly what Joshuah wants. In a post-fight conversation with Natalie and Sheila, Joshuah says he is just playing the game, and that if he doesn't send Allison home, she will send him home.
 HoH Reveal! Not surprisingly, Allison goes to bed instead of seeing Joshuah and Sharon's HoH Room. Sharon is delighted to see photos of her three siblings and her dog, Carolina, but very irritated to discover a picture of her and ex-boyfriend and ex-HouseGuest, Jacob! Joshuah gets a unique goodie in his HoH basket--a princess tiara. Chelsia assumes it's for Sharon, but when Joshuah dances in the tiara, it's apparent it belongs only to him.

Lesbian Lies Joshuah tells Sharon, Sheila and Adam that Allison's lesbian lie was way too elaborate. Sheila says she was just joking, but Allison "took it to another level." Joshuah reveals he was outed by someone to his parents, so he is sensitive about issues of sexuality.

Joshuah then tells a stunned Ryan about Allison's lie. Chelsia tells him the lie went on for eleven days. "They played me totally," she fumes, as Ryan wonders what Allison was thinking. "It put a bullseye on them," Chelsia says. Ryan also realizes this means there's a bullseye on him. Ryan confronts Allison about the lie, but Allison dismisses the affair as a "stupid joke." This response just makes Ryan even angrier at his partner.
 Love is in the Air...Kind Of It's no secret that Natalie likes Matt, but Matt hasn't returned her advances. But as they get ready for bed, some cuddling turns into kissing. Matt puts the brakes on and tells Natalie he doesn't want to hear her say "I love you" or anything like that. Natalie is not used to this kind of rejection.
 Big Asparagus! An overall-clad Joshuah and Sharon announce the start of the food competition, but first the women put on asparagus costumes. Outside is a backyard full of real asparagus. The HoH couple explains the men must guess the weight of their partners and then gather enough asparagus to weigh the same amount. If they get within ten pounds of their partner's weight, the whole house gets two major food groups.

The men start loading crates of asparagus onto wooden flats, while their partners sit on their own flat. The HoH couple then helps them estimate when they have reached their target weight. As the clock winds down, the men run to add more asparagus in the hopes of hitting the right weight. James gets within four pounds of Natalie, and wins the whole house Beverages & Snacks. Adam and Sheila win the house Veggies & Fruits. Matt and Natalie are shooting for Carbs & a Feast, but Matt has underestimated Natalie's weight by 17 pounds. Natalie feels they let the house down. Allison and Ryan's win garners Meats & Cheeses. Finally, after a week of major discord, the house enjoys breaking into a good-natured asparagus fight!
 Vincent Van Natalie? Natalie is a painter outside the house, but not having her paints and paper can't stop her inner artist. Using paper towels and nail polish, Natalie creates a lovely portrait of Joshuah, which includes his signature eyebrow arch. "I love to flatter Joshie, and it's very easy to do," Natalie notes.
 Allison Strikes Back! Allison decides to fight fire with fire as she instigates a fight with Joshuah. Joshuah does not like getting what's happening and goes up the HoH Room for a breather. Sharon tells him he's getting riled up and needs to stop, and she suggests he call a house meeting with everyone but Ryan and Allison. Joshuah gathers everyone and confirms support for his plan to nominate Allison and Ryan for eviction, but Matt confides he doesn't want to be the pawn. Downstairs, Allison thinks she can flip the HoH couple, which Ryan finds unlikely.

Allison's Change of Attitude Allison works her way upstairs, where a reluctant Joshuah tells her he was really offended by the lesbian lie. Allison apologizes and says she didn't mean to hurt him. Allison then tells Joshuah how much she loves him. Joshuah isn't buying it, and says Allison is "basically groveling to the gods right now."
 Time for Nominations Considering how much attention she received this week, Allison is certain she is going on the block. She gives a good effort to work Joshuah, but notes even with manipulation there is "only so much you can do." Adam hopes he and Sheila are not the pawn couple this week. James notes that pulling off what he did last week with Operation Condor could make him and Chelsia a target. Besides Joshuah, the happiest person in the house is arguably Sharon, who is delighted to be in control of the game.

Joshuah and Sharon call the HouseGuests into the dining room for the nomination ceremony. "In this house we are one family, but unfortunately this is a game," Joshuah says before announcing the nominees for this week's eviction.

Sharon announces Adam and Sheila are the first safe couple. After taking their keys, Adam and Sheila reveal the second safe couple is Chelsia and James. This makes Allison & Ryan and Natalie & Matt the two nominated couples for eviction.

Joshuah says nominating couples for eviction is the "worst part of being HoH, but this is a game, and there's only one winner." Matt is pissed he's on the block again, while Ryan blames his predicament on Allison. In order to enact "sweet revenge" and "rub it in Joshuah's face," Allison wants to win Power of Veto and take herself off the block. But Joshuah is already at the point where he "can't wait to pack her bags and send her home." Will Allison save herself with the Power of Veto? Or will Joshuah succeed in thwarting Allison's plans? Find out Tuesday on BIG BROTHER at 9pm et/pt on CBS!