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Season 9: Episode 10 - Power of Veto is Used and the House Preps for an Announcement
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Matt is not a happy camper about being on the block, and he warns, "I am not to be messed with." As far as co-Head of Household Joshuah is concerned, there is only one target this week, and that is current nominee Allison. Considering the huge fights she has been getting into with Joshuah over the past few days, Allison is not surprised she and partner Ryan are on the block. Chelsia notes that the whole house is against Allison, but she wants to see Matt and his partner Natalie go this week since they are strong competitors.

Up in the HoH room after the nomination ceremony, Sharon tells Joshuah he did a good job and kept his cool. Joshuah admits everyone in the house thinks he's a hothead or an "atomic bomb" waiting to go off, and that they are probably shocked he was so calm.
 Mouths Shut? Not in the BB House... Matt tells Natalie they're safe this week since the target is Allison, but reminds his partner to keep quiet for the week. Matt razzes Adam for never being put on the block and tells him he and his partner Sheila are being carried. Adam notes it is all about "timing," while Sheila comments that Allison overplays things all the time. "She doesn't know it," Sheila confides, "but she's helped me in this game."

Despite his resistance, Natalie keeps on asking Matt for massages. Matt thinks Natalie is a great girl, but not for him. Natalie doesn't take the hint.

Someone does have their sights on Natalie, but not for romance. Allison thinks Matt and Natalie owe her and Ryan for voting to keep them in the house. "They are here because of us," Allison insists. In a sauna conversation, Allison says she or Natalie have to win the Power of Veto so that Adam and Sheila go up on the block. Allison continues saying they have to promise each other they will vote out Adam and Sheila, ensuring both of them stay. Natalie admits she and Matt owe Allison, but her goal is to win PoV and "flip this whole house around."
 Cupid is as Cupid Does Besides the HoH couple and the two nominated couples, Adam and Sheila are chosen to play for the veto. James hosts. Joshuah tells Matt, "Please win" and that if the HoH couple wins, they will pull Matt and Natalie off the block. Soon after, James comes out sporting a toga and garland, plus a plastic bow and arrow. The HouseGuests go outside to find a cloud-covered backyard! As the guys run across the yard for puzzle pieces, the women are hoisted into the air by a pulley system attached to their partners. The flyer solves "cupid's puzzle" with the pieces her partner retrieves from below. The couple that completes the puzzle and then pierces the red heart with their arrow wins the Power of Veto!

Ryan gets the first piece to Allison, who is yelling lots of encouragement. Matt is a speed demon, moving so fast that Natalie doesn't have time to put the puzzle together. Joshuah says the guys are the workhorses in this challenge with all the running back and forth. Sheila complains that Adam doesn't work with her. Allison figures out that the puzzle is the veto sign and is one piece away from completing the puzzle. She screams for Ryan to bring the last correct piece, but Natalie and Matt get it done first, winning the competition! Matt is so proud his artist partner pulled it off. Natalie beams about Matt being so happy with her.

Sheila knows she and Adam are going up. Chelsia notes she was cheering for Ryan and Allison during the competition and is "pissed" that Matt and Natalie won.

A Happy, Strategic Matty Matt does a very goofy happy dance into the HoH Room, chanting "Matty's off the block, Matty's off the block!" Matt notes he is playing different people in the house in different ways. He appeals to Joshuah's gay side, complete with hugs and goofy kisses. Matt is in such a good mood he says he might give Natalie a massage. With Ryan, he plays up their friendship, while he acts as a shoulder to cry on for Allison. With Sharon, Matt uses his charm, and makes her thinks he cares, "Which I don't," he notes.
 Back to the Bickersons Sheila is mad that Adam always psyches her out during competitions, and the couple once again gets into a spat in the Pink Room. When Sheila notes she might as well be talking to the wall, James, in the Red Room, plays the role of the "wall", joking back and forth with them. James notes that he finds their bickering funny, plus it takes the focus off him. Sheila notes that they have a love-hate relationship, and wonders if they are an "old married couple."
 Who's the "Playa" Now? Matt thinks he's playing Sharon, who he flirts with and finally kisses in a move to get what he wants out of the game. He thinks she has no idea, but Sharon has Matt's number. "If that's part of your game to romance me? Fine, whatever," Sharon says. "I'll play the card like you're trying to play me. Bring it on."

Joshuah comes up to the HoH Room and warns Matt and Sharon that Natalie is on the hunt for him. Natalie arrives, and Matt pretends he had just come up to use the HoH bathroom. Natalie asks for a massage and Matt tells her later. After Matt leaves, Natalie tells Sharon and Joshuah the reason Matt pushes her away is because he's attracted to her. After Natalie leaves, Sharon tells Joshuah how Matt was trying to play her. Joshuah rolls his eyes over Matt's obvious game and tells Sharon she has to "whore herself out" to help their game. Sharon notes she doesn't care how she gets to the end, just that she "gets there."

Love is Sometimes Unrequited A frustrated Natalie is tired of the cold shoulder she's been getting from Matt, who tells James and the other guys he needs to talk to his partner and set the record straight. In a tense conversation, Matt lets Natalie know they are from different places and admits they did hook up, but she took it the wrong way. Natalie says he is always mean to her and makes her feel like "scum on the ground." Matt tells her, "You're my boy." Natalie shoots back she's not a boy. Matt says he means "friend," but Natalie says he doesn't act like a friend. An increasingly angry Natalie says she wants to know more about Matt, and suggests they were put in the house to get to know each other. Matt says he now knows Natalie wants to be his friend and he will work on that with her. Natalie, however, thinks that Matt could "definitely" be her soul mate, even if Matt doesn't realize it yet.
 Allison Struggles to Understand Per Matt's advice, Allison tries to figure out why Joshuah is so against her. Joshuah keeps it calm, but tells her he doesn't like all her talking, lying and conniving, and that he is happy to see her go to the jury house. Allison reminds him he doesn't run the game, but Joshuah is having none of it.

A Twist in the Game The HouseGuests come into the house after a lockdown to find an envelope on the table. After everyone nervously assembles in the living room, Sharon reads the card and tells them at some point in the game they will hear the distinctive sound of a very ominous siren, which means they will immediately have to gather in the living room and be prepared. Sharon also notes the siren could ring at any time. As the HouseGuests conjecture what the siren could possibly mean, Allison hopes the siren "does something to help me. I'm between a Josh and a hard place," she muses. Ryan says the siren could be his "Hail Mary," while Allison confides to Natalie, "I feel something really different coming on."
 Time for the Veto Ceremony Natalie and Matt call the HouseGuests in for the veto meeting. To the surprise of no one, the strong couple uses the veto to save themselves. Joshuah says he and Sharon have thought long and hard about this, and they think it is best to nominate Adam and Sheila for eviction. Adam feels that if Joshuah truly wants Allison out, this is the right move, but if he ends up going home, he will "freak out." Sheila notes she is "sick to her stomach" thinking about walking out the door. Allison notes that she is a "survivor."

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